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Universe season finale is ‘Incursion’

Wednesday - September 2, 2009
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SGU Destiny 1While the series won’t make its world premiere for another month, we now know that Stargate Universe will wrap up its freshman season with “Incursion.”

The scripts for the two-part episode were written by consulting producer Joseph Mallozzi (blog).

The story was originally conceived as a single episode, but the producers agreed during the writing stage that it should be expanded to two.  The result is that one late season episode will likely be bumped to Season Two, should the show be renewed — the untitled episode #17.

Meanwhile, filming began this week on “Pain,” formerly slotted as episode #18 and now likely the new #17. This will be followed by filming for “Lost” (tentatively airing as #15) and Paul Mullie’s “Subversion” at #18, which will set-up the two-part finale.  We’ve revised the Season One episode guide to reflect this.

With this announcement, the list of episode titles for Universe‘s first season is complete.

Details about the finale’s plot, of course, are still unknown — but that title opens up some interesting speculation.  Is the Destiny itself invaded by an outside force?  We’ll keep our ear to the ground and report new details as they become available.

Mallozzi did tell fans that the season will end on a “big-time cliffhanger,” calling it “the biggest HOLY #%&@! ending I have ever written.”

Learn more about all 20 episodes of Stargate Universe Season One in GateWorld’s SGU episode guide!  The series premieres October 2 in the U.S. and Canada, and October 6 in the U.K.

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  • Sounds cool Darren and TPTB. Really looking forward to this series, and am still a rabid fan of the franchise after seeing every SG1 and SGA ep!

    Cue SGU pre-haters…. NOW!

  • Let’s hold off on the SGU pre-haters until after this post if that’s okay. ;)

    It does sound like they have got something MASSIVE in-store for the S1 finale and I cannot wait to see it!

    Roll on October and the start of a new chapter in the Stargate franchise! Long may it live!

    Now…by all means…cue SGU pre-haters…NOW!

  • Can we hold off for one more post please.

    Two parter finales always apealed to me because they tend to be less rushed and generally more satisfying.”Incursion” could suggest either an attack on the Destiny or possibly our heroes on the offensive against some new enemy.Either way should have plenty of conflict which always makes for exciting TV.

    SGU looks awesome, counting down the days.

    So…cue SGU pre-haters…NOW!

  • Hold off ONE more post. Yes, this is starting to sound like a broken record, but heh.

    PG15, a few others, and myself suggested and expanded off of the idea that the Destiny enters a new galaxy and once it drops out of ‘FDO’ (the faster-than-light travel), the Destiny is in a middle of a galactic war between two or more species.

    Perhaps the Destiny crew will fire on of the species who may turn out to be the good guys or something. Following this two-parter, season 2 would revolve around the consequences and the crews involvment in this war, trying to survive while in this galaxy.

    Or something like that. :P

    Now, cue…well, you know the drill by now…

  • Guys guys… hold off! I too can’t wait for the series! Under 30 days!

    Is there any doubt an essentially 3 part season ender will be epic? Yeah, Paul Mullie’s script “Subversion” has already been said to lead into that two part finale. The bigger the arc, the better in my opinion.

  • Incursion? Come on SG writers can’t you come up with anything original for a season final? This sounds like the same formula they used for SG-1, SGA, and now SGU. It’s why I stopped watching in the first place.

    “What we going to do for the season final?”

    “I know, let’s have a hostile force attack the ship. We’ve not done that yet – in this series.”

  • @banvard:

    One, we have no plot information released and until we do so, we won’t know what happens.

    Second, I should remind you that nothing is original in science fiction. They are repeated stories told in different scenarios with different people to see how they handle it.

  • I’m cautiously excited for this series. It all sounds great, but then I remembe the same people also made the mediocrity that is Atlantis..but hey, people can and do learn from mistakes!

    Heres hoping Incursion has some really weird abstract aliens in it !

  • @Orion Coran,

    you should read more. Theres plenty of truly original sci-fi out there, its just obscure, hard to find and doesnt appeal to people that want relatable characters ect.

  • Bah Abstract, SG-1 repeated way too many plots already seen in Star Trek. Sci-Fi may have originality, but SG writers haven’t for more than a decade.

  • Second, I should remind you that nothing is original in science fiction. They are repeated stories told in different scenarios with different people to see how they handle it.

    Orion Coran —————————> actually Orion Coran, if you wanna get technical, in ALL TV, everything has been done allready, not just sci-fi.
    So, thats really not saying much. I’m a big atantis fan and a big sg-1 fan, I’m ticked off that Roberts and etc cancelled it! they had to decide which one to do and because of selfish reasons, those 2 wanted to do the new show soooo bad right now that they didn’t care. What really ticks me off is that there is all these different blah blah reason for the show to be cancelled and i believe they done that to escape the real truth of those 2, which is the total reason. When they are asked about it, they ALLWAYS dance and skip around the truth. I’ll watch Universe cause it is stargate but, I’ll never have the respect that i once had for the 2, which is Brad and Robert. TY

  • oh yeah! one more thing. Yes, stargate has done episodes that star trek has done and etc and etc. But, you need to realize that in space there are certain types of dangers that is the same for any space epic. It’s the same with other types of shows. It’s the same in real life as well. The same types of things happen to different people etc just their actions and scenerios are different and thats what the story and plot of something is all about. Atlantis DID do alot of shows that was not like sg-1. You’ll have simialarities is all sci-fi’s. It’s just its nature.

  • please excuse my typing errors,…..i’m extremely tired at the moment and my hands seem to not want to work properly. lol

  • I’m somewhat annoyed that it seems the showrunners are avoiding a fluid concept that they have with previous shows. Usually even when an entirely new story has appeared afterwards, seasons have had a cliffhanger, and then another episode in the next season to resolve them.

    Since they don’t want to in this show feels to me like, when Season 2 airs, we won’t know what the hell is going on!

  • the hints sound like they have a reset button, but from which sci-fi show I don’t know.

  • I can’t wait until this show and I already know I will be buying the boxset next year.

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