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Stargate Atlantis wins two Gemini Awards

Thursday - October 22, 2009
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David Hewlett as Rodney McKay in "The Shrine"

David Hewlett as Rodney McKay in "The Shrine"

Stargate Atlantis picked up two Gemini Awards for its fifth and final season this week.  The 24th annual awards celebrate the best in Canadian television.

Writer and series co-creator Brad Wright earned a trophy in the Best Writing in a Dramatic Series category in the awards, for his episode “The Shrine.”

And the make-up team led by Todd Masters picked up another award, in the Best Achivement in Make-Up category for “Vegas.” The team included Masters, Leah Ehman, Holland Miller, Brad Proctor, and Kyla Rose Tremblay.

Atlantis was recognized with five Gemini nominations this year, including additional nominations in costume design and visual effects.  The major awards for this year’s Geminis will be awarded at a broadcast gala on November 14.

The VFX award went to Amanda Tapping’s Sanctuary, for the first half of the pilot episode “Sanctuary For All.”  (Atlantis‘s “First Contact” and “Enemy At the Gate” were nominated.)  Sanctuary earned six nominations in all for its freshman season, two of which have yet to be announced:  Best Actor (Robin Dunne) and Best Actress (Tapping).

Congratulations to the entire crew and cast!  Visit to see the complete list of winners.  The fifth season of Stargate Atlantis is now available on DVD.

(Thanks to Randy for the tip!)

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  • And yet still they cancelled it… :(

    If they’d have mixed up the writing a bit, got a bit more original in the stories, then Atlantis had at least 2 more seasons in it. Now I fear we will never see the fair city again.

    I so wanna know what happens to the city after its arrival on earth.

  • I’m happy for Atlantis, but I actually came here to read this because I had a feeling they’d be mentioned. I’m real happy for both shows and I can’t wait to see if Amanda and Robin win for best performances. :)

  • I am really enjoying universe. But i am missing atlantis it has at least 1 season more in it.
    But 5 years is a lot :)

  • I’m so happy for SGA and Sanctuary, I love both shows, specially Sanctuary now that htere’s no more SGA :(

    Please please shoot the movies! I am really trying but I can’t get into SGU like I could with SGA-1 and SGA.

  • I know that I have been defending SGU in comments but I still wouldn’t of minded having to wait another year to see it.

    Atlantis did have at least 1 year left in it.

    I do indeed hope that they will work on Atlantis & SG-1 films.

  • Congrats to both shows. Glad Atlantis won some awards for its last season, it was totally worth it!

  • Congratulations! And these were my two favorite episodes. I sure miss that show!!!

  • Great to see Atlantis is still kicking after its end, maybe that will push for a movie or related news sooner? I can only hope.

  • People may not have realized it, but one of the outstanding qualities of Stargate, that contributed to its longevity, was the on screen decency of behavior of all its main characters. The character of Sam was particularly endearing. No parent was ever embarassed to watch the show along with the children.
    The very first episode of Stargate Universe had a long heavy breathing and noisy sexual encounter which was totally gratuitous and completely unnecessary. It has branded the show to be for audiences other than those of Stargate. Add to that characters, which cannot stop demonstrating quirky behavior in every episode – I predict a very short life for it.

  • SGA winning Gemini’s makes me feel like I’m watching Canadian hockey where last years team that improved greatly trades off some older key players so as to get some new unproven young prospects because that holds more promise in the long run. People, people, people, are you listening to yourselves. Most of you praise Atlantis and what fan site has people writing in to say they don’t like it as they are doing in related sites? If you don’t like the show why go to the fan club web site? I would swear these ‘not liking’ people are just new to viewing and if the series continued they would change their minds like we all have at one point or another. The cancellation was of not because of lack of interest but because of lack of kids or younger viewers having access to higher priced cable channels. Usually the parents are the ones who decide if the U.S. ‘SCI-FI’ is paid for. In Canada we have the ‘SPACE CHANNEL’ and it is an easy pick in the Tier1, 2 or 3 package (still higher priced than basic cable but not much). I am talking Shaw cable, I appoligize to satellite subscribers. Canadians have to pay for something called ‘Movie Central’ to get up to date Atlantis season 5 as it was broadcasted. ‘Movie Central’ consists of 3 channels for $9 or $10 a month or $120 a year which consists of 20% of recently big screened movies and some U.S. shows such as Star Gate Atlantis. There was as much as a year to year and half delay between seasons on the ‘Space Channel’ and this tries the patience of the most die hard fans and loses interest in the casual viewers. Year and a half of random repeat episodes also loses the seasons story line and only the die hard fan can follow where to pick up what the show was trying to put down. Strangely enough they only did this exclusive U.S. first for a year ‘thing’ for season 4 and 5 of Atlantis. That is why the big wigs who juggle production numbers are trying to get the interest of older people because they pay the bills and no one else. If successful, then the writers can be again deliteful with their whitty banter (GEMINI) between characters and fast paced science of imagination like they used to. Young minds need to be in a whirl wind of splendid spark and sizzle to be entertained. The SG Universe is full of wonder but by it’s slow pace just seems to drag on and on ie: 2 episodes to find water or 2 more to find power. There also seems to be a lot of loose ends that never seem to tie together ie: what was that thing that came off the ship in the first or second episode or how did the time paradox get resolved when they could not find an antidote to the virus in episode 7 or 8. I appoligize for not really knowing the episode titles or numbers. To be honest I’ll watch the show but I miss the solutions and explainations made by Samatha Carter or Rodney McKay. That really sent your mind away to another universe. In conclusion and if I may be so bold, if the big three such as NBC, CBS or ABC picked up and started producing any of these shows you would see a big viewer fan base like the days of “The Six Million Dollar Man” or dare I say it, “Star Trek-TNG”. Wow, wouldn’t that be sweet!!!!

  • Oh by the way, one more thing about my last comment. This idea probably makes for a good dream episode where the producers wake up in the morning and find Bobby Ewing in the shower.

  • Predictable…..this pause is me trying to find another word to describe the show. The fact that the show is only 10 episodes in and I was able to predict the endings for 3 of (“Light”, ” “Time” and “Justice”) them is embarrassing. I am a huge fan of the Stargate Series and regularly get grief for the amount of it on my TiVo. However, Universe is a huge disappointment and I can’t for the life of me understand why they would discard a show with a strong following, likable characters, and an amazing cast like Atlantis for this “Star Trek Voyager” meets “Battlestar Galactica” meets “Lost” rip off. It pains me that for the sake of the the creators selfish desire to try something “new”, that we have been saddled with something brutally old that has been done to death. Atlantis took a concept from the first series and removed the restrictions of being Earth based. Universe took a concept from 3 shows and made something restrictive and see through. Boo on you Robert C Cooper and Brad Wright! Boo on you! Bring back Ford and Chewy!

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