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More episode titles revealed for Universe Season Two

Thursday - March 18, 2010

Destiny 2New episode titles continue to pour in for the second season of Stargate Universe, now in production in Vancouver, B.C., thanks to executive producer Joseph Mallozzi (and some clever fans able to quickly solve the missing letter puzzles on his blog).

We now have working titles for nine of the first ten episodes of Season Two, including three new titles:

“Trial and Error” is currently slotted in the sixth position, with a script written by executive producer Paul Mullie. Mallozzi called the script one of the best Mullie has ever written, with “some wonderful exchanges and great, great character moments. And some pretty crazy action.”

It’s the show’s first multiple-word episode title — if it sticks.  Remember, of course, that all of these are working titles and subject to change.

“The Greater Good” is number seven, written by Carl Binder.

“Malice” will be written (and possibly directed) by SGU co-creator Robert C. Cooper.

The still untitled ninth episode is being penned by Remi Aubuchon.

As previously reported, the mid-season finale is titled “Resurgence,” penned by Mallozzi himself.

You’ll always find the latest info on Season Two in GateWorld’s episode guide!  New episodes of Stargate Universe return to Syfy Channel in the U.S. and SPACE in Canada on April 2.

UPDATE: Linda McGibney’s first script is no longer episode #11, according to Mallozzi’s March 17 blog entry. This story has been edited to reflect the change.

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children.

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  • cool. can’t wait to see more. nice to see there gonna be episodes with more than 1 word. lol.

  • im in sci-fi withdrawl! here’s hoping the series goes more than 5 seasons!

  • you will be lucky if it goes another 5 episodes the way the DVD sales are bombing at Amazon at the moment.

  • trial and error is a great title – it sums up the show brilliantly. they tried another direction and made an error

  • I agree with the DVD sales jaffa. This was the first Stargate DVD I refused to buy. Not cuase of the Series as i am enjoying it, but of its price for only 10 episodes. I can only hope they release a complete Seires and not pull a BSG.

  • @Stunner

    Perfectly happy with that, half seasons are just pointless imo.

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