Propworx Stargate Auctions: Week Nine

GateWorld examines ten special items available in this week's Propworx Stargate auctions!

propworx_harmonypendantWeek nine of the Propworx Stargate auctions is on! This week GateWorld takes a close look at memorable items such as a John Sheppard name plate, a Hebridian rifle, Daedalus panel backing, and more!

Here is our complete list of featured picks from this week’s auctions …

Harmony Necklace Pendant
Reddish orange pendant used in the production of the Stargate Atlantis Season Four episode, “Harmony”. While wearing this necklace, the individual became endowed with the Ancient gene and the ability to use Ancient technology. Actress Jodelle Ferland, who had previously played a young Adria in SG-1’s “Flesh and Blood,” returned to Stargate in this episode as the titular character.

Anne Teldy Whispers Uniform
Black Atlantis uniform worn by actress Christina Cox as “Anne Teldy” in the Stargate Atlantis Season Five episode, “Whispers”. Told to “pick the best and the brightest” for her Atlantis expedition team, Major Teldy elected to bring aboard an all-female group of officers.

propworx_sheppardnameplateSheppard Name Plate – Hero

Hero name plate worn by actor Joe Flanigan as “John Sheppard” in the production of Stargate Atlantis. Sheppard was recruited to the Atlantis expedition by General Jack O’Neill, who saw a spark of himself in the young officer.

Michael Shanks Chair Back
Director’s chair-style chair back featuring the Stargate SG-1 logo on one side and actor Michael Shanks’s name on the other. Shanks played “Daniel Jackson” on Stargate SG-1 for nine full seasons and two feature films.

propworx_asgardprerenderAsgard Planet Pre-Render Art
Computer-generated concept art depicting Jack O’Neill’s arrival to the Asgard planet Othalla in the Stargate SG-1 Season Two episode, “The Fifth Race”. This is an early rendering of the wide shot from the episode where O’Neill sees numerous Asgard watching him.

Hebridian Rifle
Rifle wielded by Hebridian and Serrakin officers in the Stargate SG-1 episodes “Forsaken” and “Space Race”. Different classes of officers used Hebridian weapons with different paint jobs. The green rifles were primarily used by prison transport personnel.

propworx_midwaypatchMidway Station Patch
A production made Midway Station patch. While Midway was in operation several officers served at this station, including Samantha Carter and Bill Lee. Midway was destroyed following a Wraith incursion, severing the convenience of getting two and from Atlantis in a day.

Daedalus Light Up Panel Backing
Light up backing from the space ship sets, seen throughout Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis. The space ship set represented nearly a dozen vessels, from Prometheus to the George Hammond.

propworx_oriwallmountOri Wall Mount
Wall mount in the shape of the symbol of Origin, seen on Ori warships throughout Season Ten of Stargate SG-1. The Ori developed the Origin religion thousands of years ago and shaped their societies so that beings beneath them would worship the Ori and provide them with energy. This wall decoration is a symbol of that devotion.

Command Team Uniform
Olive bomber jacket and trousers used in the production of Stargate SG-1. This outfit was commonly seen both at Stargate Command and on missions to other worlds, and is one of the most iconic costumes of the series.

As always, GateWorld takes a look at the items that went for the highest and lowest prices last week. For the high end, the Jaffa armor costume sold for $3,170 — a record-breaker. The Daniel Jackson blue uniform blouse sold for $1,340, and the Rodney McKay uniform variant sold for an even grand.

On the low end, the Steven Caldwell blue uniform blouse sold for $15.50, the Atlantis lab coat sold for $17.50, and the Replicator costume from “Outcast” sold for $26.02.

Stay with GateWorld every week for a rundown of the latest eBay items available through the Propwrox Stargate auctions!

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14 years ago

will they ever auction off any asgard puppets?

Elder Dragon
Elder Dragon
14 years ago

wish i had the cash for this :(

14 years ago

i guess sheppard wont need that name plate again huh?

14 years ago

or maybe it takes 10 dollars to make and it’ll sell for 100 bucks.