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Robert Carlyle directing SGU episode

Thursday - March 11, 2010
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Robert Carlyle 5Actor Robert CarlyleSGU‘s own Dr. Nicholas Rush — will step behind the camera and make his directorial debut in an upcoming episode of Stargate Universe.

Carlyle is currently directing “Pathogen,” written by Carl Binder, co-star Ming-Na (“Camille Wray”) confirmed via Twitter.

The episode will air fourth when Season Two premieres this fall, but it is the first to film.  Principal photography on the show’s sophomore season began yesterday (story), with cast members reportedly braving the cold and rain for a location shoot to kick off the year.

A native of Glasgow, Scotland, Carlyle’s acting career includes such films as Trainspotting, The Full Monty, and Eragon.

(Thanks to Morjana for the tip!)

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  • Robert Carlyle is great as Rush, but whenever I look at him I still see him as that weasel father/zombie in 28 Days Later. Anyway, gratz to Mr. Carlyle on the directing gig.

  • I like Robert Carlyle’s portrayal as Rush as well. His character is not as squeaky clean as other starring roles on Stargate. Glad to see they agreed to have him direct. Most good actors want to take the helm every now and then.

  • Good for him!
    (I wish they’d have let David Hewlett direct an ep of SGA, that would have been cool too)

  • David is currently knee deep directing something to do with evil snow monkeys in Bulgaria. <3 the dgeek.

  • @sgfan I have been following @dhewlett on Twitter as he talks about his snow monkey movie! That and A Dog’s Breakfast are why I think it would have been fun if they had gotten him to direct an ep of Atlantis. and yup, love that dgeek! :)
    He and Robert C seem to be facing similar conditions, someone tweeted from Vancouver abou the snow and sleet today.

  • If there is a reason for me to care about SGU – it’s Robert Carlyle for sure. Good to hear he’s directing a little bit .

  • Huh. Odd. I thought Mallozzi said something about non-Canadians not being allowed to direct… (this was a couple years ago).

    If Carlyle’s directing, wonder where his character will be (comas are very popular for that) :)

  • Robert Carlyle had his own theatre company post drama school and prior to entering television/movies. He did most of the directing.

  • @universacred – I agree Robert Carlyle is such a great actor. Would love his character to be nice, cuddly and lovable though – since he is so good portraying a baddie/complex character, it’s so easy not to like him in SGU. I’m like that…

  • @prion I remember Mallozzi saying that as well. Something about union regulations against hiring talent that wasn’t Canadian. Could be my faulty memory or more likely, they begged/worked out a deal as a gift to Carlyle to get him NOT to abandon a sinking (star)ship.

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