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Watch the new Stargate Universe trailer!

Thursday - March 11, 2010
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MGM has unveiled the brand new trailer for Stargate Universe‘s upcoming spring season!  The back half of Season One premieres on Friday, April 2.

“Space” promises to be a huge episode for the young series, bringing action and introducing the show’s first alien species.  The trailer also shows planetary exploration, guest star Rhona Mitra as Kiva, and a stern warning about a new danger to Destiny.

Don’t miss GateWorld’s continuing coverage of SGU‘s new episodes in the weeks ahead! Read more about the second half of Season One in GateWorld’s episode guide.

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  • It didn’t make my jaw drop. However you can consider my mind to be blown. What an absolutely fantastic trailer. I can’t wait for SGU to start again.

  • That is the best trailer I have seen for Stargate ever. Much better than the Sci Fi one, and you get a glimpse of the new aliens, and they are alien! which is brilliant, cause we haven’t really seen a completely different race from our own in a long time.

  • Oh my gooooooooood awesome!!!!!!!! Kinda wish they had saved the alien reveal, though

  • Makes the wait just that much more unbearable! The aliens look like they are gonna be cool, and it looks like Eli is gonna make his move with Chloe too. Can’t wait!

  • That is perhaps the best Stargate trailer I have ever seen. It also did its job– I went from ‘meh’ to the second half of season 1 to excited!

  • @ Cannonfodder
    Normally I would agree that they should have saved the alien reveal, but considering the backlash from the community over the Lucian Alliance info (among other things) I think they needed to put it in the trailer.

    Gives me some hope for the second half, I might even flip back and forth and watch some of the episodes now! =)

  • Aliens check, Space battles check, Action check, Sci-fi elements check, Some exploration check. What else were people complaining the first half lacked again?

    The 2nd half looks fab imo.

  • well say look alot better than the last half, also was that earth under attack?

  • Amazing trailer. I’m very excited. Didn’t the aliens coming through Destiny’s SG remind you of the ones at the end of the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls?

    Looks like Telford might be rid of, but I don’t know how the Hammond is involved. Maybe the ‘bad guys’ gate from the Milky Way to Destiny, which is warned by Telford.

  • Looks very promising.

    I wonder if they’ll ever explain how the new gate gate system works anyway.

  • woah, cool, the aliens from The Second Arrival have gated to the Destiny.

  • I have always liked SGU from the first episode, but I gotta admitt the first half of the season lacked old fashion Stargate action. Hopefully, we are gonna be getting some in the second half.

  • April 2nd can’t come soon enough. Also, best freaking aliens ever.

  • they made the show better!
    i thought this series would be the worse but they finally made it decent :)
    im happy!
    they needed an alien species and to do something more than make Rush look bad

  • Very excellent trailer. I knew sticking with this show would pay off. It looks like I may be right. I’ve had my complaints about the first 10 episodes. The only one I felt I truly liked was light. But The show looks set to do some magical things.

  • Happy a waiting April 2nd, which is taking its sweet time getting here….

  • WOW, the thing that is unbllivable to me is how easly some people are amazed by a simple traler that show the best part of 10 epis, well color me unimpresed. the first half railer got me excited but just like the first half i only shows whe they know most people want not what is acturlly going to be there. But now I can really see why a lot of people like this show, becase most people thing what they saw was action, and when I get an eposode thike this traler then I’ll be happy, but I’ll make you a bet right now, that the space battler u saw on the tralier is about 50% of the actull battler sow the reall battle is probibly goint to take about 20 seconds. The Alins lets see they are going to be a bunch of stupied little idiots that won’t do anything, remeber District 9 alians, that is was we are getting a full epi worth of nthing just liekt aht stupied movie. This show sux and it will keep on sucking untill someone gets themselves a ounce of brain other wise it just sux.

  • OMG this is the first time I’m impressed with SGU. I’m actually genuinely excited to watch it. Those aliens are the %$@*&!!! ^_^ Yay!

  • Looks fantastic. That lone spire on the planet is an awesome sight, as well as the new alien which is great. Looking good for the second half of the season !!!

  • @shaq33

    If your a negative person all you will see is negative in anything you view. Perhaps altering your perception to being slightly positive may improve the trailer for you.

    Otherwise, switch off, no ones forcing you to watch SGU

  • while the new trailer is intriguing, I fear that the action scenes only happen in 2 episodes leaving another 8 episodes that bore me to tears

  • Now this is what we have been waiting for. Didn’t they say they were going to make changes to the second half of the season based on feedback? I hoping that they fins some sort of auto-maintenance/repair system on the Destiny that has broken and just needs repairing. There had to be some way to look after itself being a deep space vessel and she was made self-sufficient in many other respects… Now I am excited, Stargate is back :D

  • Nice! I knew that the second half would beef up, it always felt like the slow part of a good book in the first half, glad to see the action coming!

  • Second half looks awesome, then again I thought the first half was excellent as well. Who cares about likable characters? Likable characters are cartoon characters.

  • I bet the action is from 1-2 Episodes I fear the second half of the season will be as dull as the first

  • You must have been watching something else, It’s a real pleasure to have three dimensional characters for a change.

  • It seems like the only clips where they aren’t violently shaking the camera are the beauty shots of the ship. Someone at CGI didn’t get the memo.

  • @mariosssss (or however many s’ there are)
    Ditto! I really like that music, makes the trailer so much better than it could have been.

    Please spell check, I don’t mind so much the negativity, but I can’t possibly take anything you say seriously when your comment is so hard to read.
    As for the trailer it might only be 2 episodes, but it delivers everything we have been waiting for. It’s not like every episode of SG-1 or Atlantis had space battles and firefights.
    (added with the fact that they only have a certain amount of ammo makes it doubly interesting to see how they will explain firing bullets at everything)


    watching it again I find myself intrigued by some of the stuff.
    A little thing that no one has mentioned yet is Eli kissing Chloe (1:22)
    It’ll be interesting to see where they go with that. if they take it anywhere beyond her refusing him or something.

    What do people think?

  • i am very excited as well. I have loved this series since the beginning. Yeah it’s been slow starting out, but it’s been great. I can’t wait for the second half to begin and for the second season.

  • Eli only imagined kissing Chloe, it didn’t really happen.

  • I predict maximum suckage in season 2. The suit-wearing [mod snip] is in command? Great.

  • @canonfodder i can’t find it ditto. what is the name of the artist?

  • The ship they are fighting in the trailer is the same kind of ship that detached itself from the destiny in “Air part 3”

  • Are we gonna see the aliens having sex? Mallozzi I’m counting on you for that!

  • Funny how I almost feel revulsion at the sight of those faces again. Oh well, perhaps i can cheer for the aliens!

  • those alien like what the asgard used to look like in sg 1 in i thing season 4 when the save that asgard from the gou`ld but it still cool

  • this looks waaaay better that the whole first half of the season! FInaly ALIENS and some fighting – the reals SG stuff :)

  • I just stop watching that trailer! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it! I really can’t wait to the second half of the season.

  • @mariossss
    Oh no, ‘ditto’ as in I also want the name of the music.
    I am looking though.

  • did I just see…bipedal aliens ? I sure hope not, I want to aliens that look actually alien, not a bunch of crappy humanoid star-trek style rubbish.

  • I agree, this trailer does look pretty good, however, again I’ll wait to see how many episodes they spread it out over. Overall though it does look fairly impressive.

    Now if they would only kill Chloe off…

  • Just please, please, pretty please tell me they get rid of those idiotic stones!

    I’m also hoping for less childish teen-drama type scenes. Otherwise, the half-season looks like it has the potential to be really good (although so did the first half).

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