Propworx Stargate Auctions: Week 13

Take a look at ten spectacular props, costumes and concept art pieces offered through the Propworx Stargate auctions this week!

propworx_argWeek 13 of the Propworx Stargate auctions has arrived! We’re featuring a number of exciting items, including an anti-Replicator gun, Teal’c’s hero tactical vest, and the concept art for the Ancient drone!

Let’s have a look …

Light-up Anti Replicator Gun

Prop Anti Replicator Gun used in the production of Stargate Atlantis Seasons Three to Five. Based on the Anti Replicator weapon developed from Jack O’Neill’s mind on Stargate SG-1, these refined human versions were used by Atlantis expedition personnel as they fought the Pegasus Galaxy Replicators. This is a rubber stunt version with working lights.

Vala Uniform – Double
Uniform worn by actress Claudia Black’s double as “Vala Mal Doran” in Stargate Continuum. Vala joined the SG-1 team in Season Ten to help stop the Ori, who had enlisted her newborn child to be their spiritual leader in the Milky Way Galaxy. In the process she discovered stability, friendship, and self-respect.

propworx_tealcvestTeal’c Tactical Vest – Hero
Tactical vest worn by actor Christopher Judge as “Teal’c” throughout Stargate SG-1. The former First Prime of Apophis, Teal’c gave up a life of privilege and honor with his family to fight against the Goa’uld with the SG-1 team. Following the defeat of his oppressors, Teal’c helped found the free Jaffa nation and rallied his brothers and sisters together under the banner of peace.

Space Gate Art
Concept art depicting the Space Stargate introduced in the Stargate Atlantis pilot, “Rising”. This concept art was the inspiration for the design of the CG gate.

propworx_ancientdroneAncient Drone Weapon Art
Concept art depicting the Ancient Drone weapon, introduced in the Stargate SG-1 Season Seven episode, “Lost City, Part 2”. This piece of concept art was created for the Atlantis pilot, and was the basis for which the physical Wraith drone model was made.

Jack O’Neill Thumb Drive

Thumb drive used by actor Richard Dean Anderson as “Jack O’Neill” in Stargate Continuum. O’Neill plugs this thumb drive into a monitor to display a satellite of the Achilles while the Stargate was active within the hull.

propworx_floracostumeFlora Costume from Harmony

Costume worn by actress Alexis Kellum Creer as “Flora” in the Stargate Atlantis Season Four episode, “Harmony”. Flora was one of two older sisters to Harmony, destined to be queen of their people.

Daniel Artifact – Pharaoh
A pharaoh statue from Daniel Jackson’s office, used as set decoration for Stargate SG-1. Daniel collected numerous artifacts from Earth as well as other worlds during his travels. This item may represent an artifact from a lost civilization.

propworx_oneillribbonbarsJack O’Neill Air Force Ribbon Bars
Ribbon bars created for use on Jack O’Neill’s dress blues, but unused. O’Neill served as the team leader of the first mission to Abydos, then later became commander of Sierra Golf One for eight years. He was then promoted to leader of Stargate Command, a position he filled for a year before transferring to Homeworld Security at the Pentagon.

USAF Moebius Patch

Patch worn by Cheyenne Mountain personnel when SG-1 inadvertently reshaped the future while in Ancient Egypt in the Stargate SG-1 Season Eight two-parter, “Moebius.” Stargate Command ceased to exist, and was replaced by this Air Force organization.

How did last week’s auctions turn out at the closing bell? On the high end, Jack O’Neill’s bracelet sold for $1,009.99, Daniel Jackson’s Ark of Truth uniform sold for $710, and and Vala’s Qetesh costume from Continuum sold for $680.

On the low end, the concept art for Ronon Dex’s scars sold for $5.50, the Allan Lee chair back sold for $15.50, and the concept art for a crashed Wraith dart sold for $20.50.

Stay with GateWorld each and every week for an exclusive look at the props, costumes and production art available through the Propworx Stargate auctions!

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14 years ago

I can’t believe I got the Daniel Jackson costume for that cheap- almost as good as the Vala uniform from a month ago. At this rate, I’ll have a full set of SG-1 costumes! Next step? Fans take control and make the SG-1 sequel!