Propworx Stargate Auctions: Week Eleven

GateWorld examines some special items available in this week's auction line-up exclusively through Propworx!

propworx_rononblasterWeek 11 of the Propworx Stargate auctions is upon us! This week eBay is sporting more than 100 exclusive pieces of Stargate memorabilia from both SG-1 and Atlantis.

Among the items is a complete Wraith Drone costume, Ronon’s blaster, Pete Shanahan’s engagement ring to Sam, and photos from Jack O’Neill’s family album!

Let’s take a closer look …

Ronon Dex Blaster
Ronon Dex’s famous blaster weapon. Includes woven “Wraith hair” around the hand grip, signifying this version as Ronon’s weapon. The Traveler blasters, which were the same design, did not include Wraith hair. This was Ronon’s signature weapon throughout the four seasons he was on the series.

John Sheppard Tactical Vest
Extra tactical vest worn by actor Joe Flanigan as “John Sheppard” throughout Stargate Atlantis. Flanigan wore this vest in addition to another vest. When entering dangerous situations, tactical vests provided protection from weapon blasts as well as supplies for combat.

propworx_wraithdroneWraith Drone Costume
A complete Wraith drone costume seen throughout all five seasons of Stargate Atlantis. Wraith drones were the footsoldiers for the Wraith army, led by the Keeper, queens and commanders. As the series progressed production stopped painting the arms of the actors white and switched to an undergarment for the chest and arms later in the series. This costume reflects this change.

Sheppard Conversion Art
Concept art depicting John Sheppard’s conversion from a human into an Iratus hybrid in the Stargate Atlantis Season Two episode, “Conversion”. Injured by the Wraith Ellia in the previous episode, Sheppard succumbs to her virus and becomes half Iratus bug.

propworx_oneillphotosJack O’Neill Photos
Personal photographs of Jack O’Neill’s family, including Sarah and Charlie. Charlie’s death was key to the storyline in the feature film (though he was then named “Tyler”), and this was carried throughout the series, specifically in the Season One episode “Cold Lazarus”. It is this episode for which these photos were made.

Genii Field Commander Jacket
Black leather jacket worn by a Genii field captain in Stargate Atlantis. This updated Genii uniform became prominent in Seasons Four and Five of the series, replacing the olive blouse and trousers they commonly wore previously.

propworx_carterringSamantha Carter Engagement Ring

Engagement ring worn by actress Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter, worn often from the SG-1 Season Eight episodes “Affinity” to “Threads”. Sam’s engagement to Denver Colorado police officer Pete Shanahan brought a brief period of happiness to her life, until she faced the fact that her heart belonged to someone else.

Genii Radio
Genii radio used in the production of numerous Stargate Atlantis episodes. The Genii were introduced in the first season episode, “Underground,” as a seemingly agrarian society which was actually on the verge of developing functional nuclear weaponry. Their radios and other technology resemble the era of 1940’s Earth.

propworx_laptopPersonnel Laptop
Production made laptop created for the production of Stargate Atlantis as a supplement to the laptops provided by Dell.

SGC and Atlantis Patch Set
A production made Stargate Command and Atlantis patch set, as seen throughout the productions of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. SG team members from both bases wore these patches throughout the run of each series.

How did last week’s auctions do? On the high end, a Zat gun sold for $1,102, John Sheppard’s uniform sold for $850, and a Jaffa staff weapon sold for $810. On the low end, an Atlantis climbing jumpsuit sold for $1.04, a Replicator costume from “Outcast” sold for $2.25, and a Jennifer Keller syringe sold for $10.50.

Stay with GateWorld each and every week for an exclusive look at the Propworx Stargate items currently available! Head on over to the eBay listings now to see what we didn’t cover that you might like!

Wraith Drone Costume

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13 years ago

That is one sad looking laptop prop :( and Pete couldn’t even get Sam a real diamond ring?

13 years ago

$1,325 for Ronons blaster.
Just shows how popular it really was.

Also, I guess it was a good thing that Torri Higginson didn’t have a real laptop to use. Just means that it wasn’t tempting enough to steal off the set, lol.
I wonder which of the SG-1 or SGA cast have stolen props though. Would be interesting if, for example, that David Hewlitt had taken the Lantean Control Chair without anyone noticing, lol.
13 years ago

haha Billz, I can totally imagine that theft! Thanks for the chuckle.