Propworx Stargate Auctions: Week Twelve

Take a look at ten items up for sale this week through the Propworx Stargate auctions.

propworx_hammondringWeek twelve of the weekly Propworx auctions is upon us! Looking over this week’s selection, we have to admit there are some very impressive pieces. The Hammond wedding ring, worn by the late actor Don S. Davis throughout the series, should fetch a very handsome price.

Likewise with the Vala / Qetesh costume from Continuum! This is one of only two dresses of this kind which were made for the movie.

So let’s stop talking around the items and actually have a look at them!

George Hammond Hero Wedding Ring
Wedding ring worn by actor Don S. Davis as “George Hammond” throughout his eight-season run on Stargate SG-1. Hammond’s wife died of cancer before the inception of the Stargate program, according to Jack O’Neill in Season One’s “Tin Man”.  Production immortalized Mr. Davis’s contributions to the series by naming one of their space ships after his character.

Ori Warrior Helmet
Helmet worn by an Ori warrior from Stargate SG-1 Seasons Nine, Ten and “The Ark of Truth.” The warrior caste served as ground troops for their noncorporeal gods, the Ori, traveling to distant planets and forcing alien cultures into servitude and worship. Their message was always the same: follow the path of Origin or be laid down in the dust.

propworx_qeteshcostumeVala Qetesh Costume – Backup
Costume worn by actress Claudia Black as “Vala Mal Doran” in “Stargate: Continuum”. After altering reality, Baal took Qetesh, in Vala’s body, as his wife. However, he was not prepared for what she had in store for him. This is the backup version of this costume.

Wraith Grenade and Holster

Grenade wielded by a Wraith, used in the production of Stargate Atlantis. Includes holster. Like many Wraith weapons, the grenade was designed to incapacitate humans rather than kill them. Wraith can only feed on their prey while they are still alive.

propworx_zpmconceptartZero Point Module Concept Art
Concept art depicting the Zero Point Module, introduced in the Stargate SG-1 Season Seven finale, “Lost City”. This concept art was the inspiration for the ultimate design of the ZPM. The most powerful energy source known to exist, Zero Point Modules were used by the Ancients during the “golden age” of the race 10,000 years ago.

One Foot Working Wall Light
Working one-foot variant of the block-design Ancient wall decoration, used during the production of Stargate Atlantis. Nicknamed “chicklet” by the Stargate production team, this wall decoration helped to bring the corridors of the lost city of the Ancients to life.

propworx_ancientstunnerLight Up Stunt Ancient Weapon
Light-up weapon used by an Aurora crewmember during the production of the Stargate Atlantis Season Two episode “Aurora”. Several Aurora-class battleships were seen throughout the series, but this was the only episode which featured these weapons. This is a rubber stunt version.

Jack O’Neill Bracelet

Bracelet worn by actor Richard Dean Anderson as “Jack O’Neill” in numerous episodes of Stargate SG-1. O’Neill wore a limited amount of jewelry, and this band represents one of those few pieces. This band was often hid underneath his long-sleeve BDU blouses.

propworx_tealcf302badgeTeal’c F-302 Badge
Badge worn by actor Christopher Judge as “Teal’c” when he pilots an F-302 into orbit over the Alpha Site to release an Asgard satellite. He continues to wear this patch throughout the rest of the episode. The former First Prime of Apophis, Teal’c gave up a life of privilege and honor with his family to fight against the Goa’uld with the SG-1 team.

Jaffa Tattoo Stencil Set
Production created Jaffa System Lord tattoo stencil set, including Anubis, Baal, Apophis, Hathor, Ares, Imhotep, Heru’ur and Yu. Using these stencils, tattoos were makeup-applied to the foreheads of Jaffa actors to distinguish the god whom they were born to serve.

Each week, as always, we take a look at the highs and lows from the previous week’s eBay auctions. So let’s see how last week performed! On the high end, the Ronon Dex blaster sold for $2,750, the Wraith Drone costume sold for $1,325, and the John Sheppard tactical vest sold for $860.00

On the low end, the Stargate Continuum altered reality photo sold for $16.03, the Aiden Ford sandwich bag sold for $16.05, and the Christopher Roop dog tag sold for $18.50.

What other items are available this week? Go find out! Stay with GateWorld each and every week for our run-down of highlights from over one hundred items which Propworx pumps out of their Stargate archive each and every week! Check them out online at

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13 years ago

How many weeks of this is their going to be? Are they going to clear out the whole warehouse?

I gotta say that f-302 patch looks cool.