Propworx Stargate Auctions: Week 18

Take a look at 10 of the 100 Stargate items currently up for auction on eBay!

propworx_weirsurnWe have arrived at week 18 of the Propworx Stargate auctions! The company has published some great items this week, from Dr. Weir’s urn to multiple stianed glass pieces of the city which were used in the gate room for all five seasons of the show.

Propworx has resumed publishing 100 items per week, so we’ve gone back to covering 10 items. Check out our favorites below!

Weir Urn from Before I Sleep
Urn introduced as a gift to Elizabeth Weir from John Sheppard in the Stargate Atlantis Season One episode, “Before I Sleep”. Weir used this urn to convey the ashes of an alternate version of herself to the winds of Lantea. The prop was seen throughout the next two seasons on Weir’s desk.

Wraith Door Mechanism
Wraith door mechanism which functioned as a door opener and as set decoration in several episodes of Stargate Atlantis, including Season Four’s episode “Spoils of War”. The Wraith served as the Atlantis expedition’s chief nemesis during the course of the series.

propworx_gateroomglassGateroom Stained Glass Window

Stained glass window pane used as set dressing in the Stargate Atlantis Gate room throughout all five seasons of the series. This pane was seen on the balcony side of the command tower, overlooking the city of Atlantis.

Daniel Office Artifact – Pharaoh
A pharaoh statue from Daniel Jackson’s office, used as set decoration for Stargate SG-1. Daniel collected numerous artifacts from Earth as well as other worlds during his travels. This item may represent an artifact from a lost civilization.

propworx_ipodcrewgiftiPod Crew Gift
iPod emblazoned with the Atlantis logo on the back side, created as a crew gift for a member of the Stargate Atlantis crew but unused.

Sodan Warrior Outfit – Jolan
A complete Sodan warrior costume worn by actor Jason Winston George’s stunt double as “Jolan” in the Stargate SG-1 Season Nine episode “Babylon” throughout his fight sequence with Colonel Mitchell. The Sodan were a splinter group of Jaffa warriors who separated themselves from the Goa’uld to find freedom, only raiding the strongholds of their enemy when they required Goa’uld symbiotes to survive. The conflict with the Ori eventually lead to their destruction.

propworx_tribalzelenkaTribal Zelenka Artwork
Concept art depicting actor David Nykl transformed by makeup by the children of M7G-677 in the Stargate Atlantis Season Three episode, “Critical Mass”. This concept art was the inspiration for Nykl’s makeup.

Sheppard Clear Playing Cards

Clear playing cards found among John Sheppard’s personal effects, seen in unspecified episodes of Stargate Atlantis. Sheppard discovered his genetic sensitivity to Ancient technology while touring the Antarctic outpost, and was soon roped into the Atlantis expedition by Dr. Elizabeth Weir. For the next five years he led his team into battle in the Pegasus Galaxy against the Wraith, Replicators, and numerous other foes.

propworx_jumperstoolPuddle Jumper Cabin Stool
Stool taken from the rear cabin of the Puddle Jumper set, used throughout Stargate Atlantis. The Puddle Jumper served as a transport craft to use Pegasus Stargates located in space or to traverse vast distances when villages were not located near the gate.

Harmony Costume
Costume worn by actress Jodelle Ferland as the titular character in the Stargate Atlantis Season Four episode, “Harmony”. Ferland previously played a young Adria in Stargate SG-1’s “Flesh and Blood”.

What were the highs and lows from last week’s sales? Carter’s uniform jacket and shirt sold for $690.92, John Sheppard’s uniform sold for $690.00, and a hero Wraith stunner staff sold for $673.61. On the other end, Ellia’s Instinct makeup art sold for $10.50, the city ship window pane art sold for $16.50, and the Ancient laptop art sold for $20.50.

Keep with GateWorld to see our highlights from the auctions each and every week, and don’t forget to check out the Propworx Web site for text and video blogs on their productis!

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13 years ago

Don’t know if it’s still possible to find that out: Was the iPod intended for someone specifically or was this a gift handed out to a certain number of the crew (and this one is a “leftover” piece)?