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Tonight on SGU: ‘Sabotage’

Friday - May 7, 2010
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SGU "Sabotage" (116) - Perry and Rush Tonight’s new episode of Stargate Universe is one not to miss! “Sabotage” promises adventure, emotion, and may even raise some classic science fiction ethical questions.

Tune in at tonight at 9 p.m. (8 Central) on Syfy Channel, and 10 p.m. Eastern time on SPACE in Canada! After the episode, visit us at GateWorld Forum to discuss “Sabotage” with other Stargate fans. And keep it locked on GateWorld all week long for our full coverage of the episode.

Here’s a sneak peek at tonight’s episode! Watch out for SPOILERS below.

From TV Guide:

An expert in hyper drives, who has a past with Dr. Rush, arrives on the Destiny via the communication stones when it seems the ship will run out of power before it reaches its next destination, which would leave the crew adrift.

From Sky1:

With their power reserves running out, Rush is concerned that the Destiny will be set adrift. Help is at hand in the form of brilliant scientist Amanda Perry.

Syfy Trailer:

Teaser Video:

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“Sabotage” should air next Friday on SCI FI Australia, and Tuesday, 18 May on Sky1 in the U.K. Learn more about the final episodes of SGU in GateWorld’s Season One episode guide.

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  • I guess that Rodney and Sam were busy elsewhere… not together, of course.


  • Ahhh, so this is the famous “Gatefail” episode of which I have read!
    Wonder what people will say after it airs and how controversial it will actually turn out to be.

  • I can’t wait till tonight, =D i’m so exited!!

  • controversy you say, but to whom, and for what? Of Whom the What made weary, then the Blimey should giggle undaunted.

  • From what I’ve read (only, haven’t seen it yet), the casting call was more controversial than the actual episode. Now that we’ve seen them use the communication stones so much, I just figured it was implied that when you agree to use them, the other person is granted complete access to use the host body. At least that aspect doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.

  • still skipped 40% of the episode and still saw all the relevant Storyline..

  • It was a good Episode, from the beginning to the End, really good. The open ending with Frnklin, it was awesome. The whole Situation with Amanda Perry was Interesting because Rush was a different person. Thats my POV over Rush, in this Situation.

    Then the Aliens on the Planet, and they´re only saw the Aliens, because Young wants his standard Gate Traveling Protocol.

  • I was utterly disappointed, why on earth could we not have had episodes like this right at the start! I LOVED everything about it, the Amanda Perry character was brilliant (and also very hot lol) the subtle way in which she was written was portrayed was to me, the highlight of the episode, it was handled with so much care and thought, and the actress did an outstanding job of just being so amazed about just moving her hand, I really hope we see more of her in the future.

    The rest of the episode was solid, little disappointed in the robot, when it was first discovered it looked huge, unless I was looking at something else, it was pretty dark, but even then, the fact that the Ancients had things like that is so cool, I always wondered how they made their things, somehow I couldn’t picture them in hard hats and overalls lol

    The ending actually made me go WTF! I was expecting him to be frozen in ice or something, not to be just gone, I smell ascension! Either that or he’s been sucked up into the cieling where all the smoke came from lol

  • Old question, but I just saw Heroes, Pt II yesterday. On the Women in Stargate podcast the ladies were talking about how Sam made a mistake that lead to Janet being killed. I don’t really understand what they are referring to. Can anyone shed a light on the situation?

  • Not sure what to make of this episode would probably say that it’s the weakest of the 2nd half thus far. It wasn’t really established how the ship was sabotaged, the only mention was when Lt James was having weird dreams and suddenly came to the conclusion that she did it & that realisation didn’t get a lot of screen time. Personally would have liked to of seen the sabotage being done even if it was at least in Lt James getting flashes of it.

    I think that the return of Eli, Scott & Chloe was just a little too convenient. I hope there is something more to it since at the moment it looks like if one of the main cast gets stranded they will be back on the Destiny save & sound by the next episode.
    Rush certainly seems to be softening up a bit now and so may be able to work better with other members of the crew, but hopefully not too much. I kinda like his arrogance and hidden motives, in my opinion it makes him an intriguing character.

    I’m not a fan of the communication stones so I didn’t really enjoy the Wray scenes on Earth but I will say that Ming-Na did do a good job with the acting.

    The Franklin thing though could prove to be interesting, I’m curious as to what happened to him. The 2 theories ive heard is that he either managed to Ascend or he integrated with the ship (If the ship does have an AI then Franklin & it could have merged), I’m leaning more towards ascension myself. They may finally be able to gain control of the ships systems because of it.

    They could have been done a little more with this episode. For example there was a battle with the aliens going on but you easily could not have noticed it. They could have cut back on the Wray scenes on Earth a little to show more action when the ship is under attack.

  • From other hints given, I think that ascension and ship AI integration might both be closer than we think. There were hints that the crew on Destiny will come to realize that the ship has a unique mission. I think that quite possibly the ship was one of the early attempts at either ascension or at least of the ancients shedding their corporeal bodies. There just seemed to be something about the way Rush’s dream interface with the chair reminded me of the way the Harcesis or Oma Desala used to speak to Daniel is his dreams. It was very persistent and too directing to be Rush’s subconscious (IMO). I think there’s a chance that they’ve already dealt with an ascended ancient, or one that had his/her consciousness uploaded to the ship’s systems.

  • My husband was in the other room, and he wanted to know if my allergies were acting up again, when he heard me sniffling. But I was quietly crying, because this episode was so awesome. Dr, Perry in a wheel chair feeding herself a tangy fruit for the first time, Wray’s wife (husband) getting late after grocery shopping, and wray panicing. I think the only time my husband panics is if I forget the case of beer I was supposed to pickup from the beer store. The 3 wondering nomads just gating into Destiny was a bit too convenient huh? I think franklin’s life enery was converted to help destiny make the FTL Jump. I would have loved to see Dr. Perry making love to Dr. Rush, because he’s a lonely man with no friends, and she’s a lonely woman with a huge disablity. Maybe that can be Dr. Rush’s reward, having conjugal visits with Dr. Perry. It’s a win/win situation.

    I was ecstatic to see Young protective about TJ and their baby. TJ looks radiant now, that the whole thing is out in the open. Hopefully the baby will be the one to make the first contact with the ship’s AI. Chloe is back with Lt. Scott, and all is well. I really didn’t want that romance to end. Greer’s Bromance with Scott was a bit shocking though. That hug spoke a thousand words.

  • Oops, hit submit too early.

    @Tanith – I can’t speak for you, but me personally, I try not to worry about things like Eli, Scott & Chloe getting back too conveniently. Sure, they threw it away with a couple lines about the ship showing up again on the remote, but the entire episode was also about how the ship dropped back out of FTL while still in range and that it was sabotage and not just a coincidence. BUT I have to think that even SG-1 would not have been as fun if I were to hold it to the scrutiny of things happening coincidentally. Almost every single time the team was in mortal peril before a cliff hanger, suddenly after the break there would be a downed shield, the gate would start dialing again, or someone would show up to save the day. I mean what’s coincidental is that there wasn’t a single holding cell anywhere in the Goa’uld empire that could hold SG-1. Sci-fi (and Stargate specifically) is full of last minute easy fixes to astronomically difficult problems.

    Again, personally, I think that a more old school episode would have had them getting the incoming wormhole – a garbled radio transmission – and the gate address to come pick them up. Then Young would have to go through the gate with a team to fight the aliens on the ground to get Eli, Scott & Chloe back. I think that could have been interesting, but we’ve also seen that before.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong – but I really like the way the show is heading right now. I feel like we are somewhat past the resource of the week, and that the show has really picked up its pace.

  • I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed with this episode. I was hoping to see a little more love triangle drama between Scott, Chloe and Eli. I had not read the synopsis and was under the assumption that Sabotage would have been a story about Eli sabotaging the love between Scott and Chloe and that Scott may have caught on being a military strategist while Chloe would find herself torn between them.

    I thought the scene with Wray on earth with her lover were just what my hunger for emotional impact needed. It was so beautiful I was about to cry. The way her wife stayed by her side throughout the ordeal. It was so powerful and that’s what this show is all about. Personally, I would like to see more stoned episodes. They bring out the true power of drama back on earth.

    I think they made one big mistake and that was not showing Dr Perry making love to Rush. I think that would have been another beautiful moment seeing a woman crippled most of her life getting a chance to make love to a brilliant genius like herself with whom she shared some emotion in the past.

  • “one big mistake and that was not showing Dr Perry making love to Rush. I think that would have been another beautiful moment seeing a woman crippled most of her life getting a chance to make love to a brilliant genius like herself with whom she shared some emotion in the past.”

    Last year people claimed that it would have been rape.

    I for one agree with you, it would have been a good thing for them to get together.

  • @meganlee: SGU HATER GET OF THIS SITE! Its getting really annoying! You and katebeckett. Your probably the same person

  • @Tanith I asked a friend of mine who is an old stargate fan and he said it’s not an ascension chair. He also said they didn’t even know about ascension when that ship was built because it was hundreds of thousands of years before they started studying ascension. He doesn’t understand how anyone could consider what happened to franklin ascension.

    Not that I care much about the science stuff but, if I had to guess, and I’ve been right about everything so far, I personally think he burned up in the chair from frustration and his brain was copied into the computer. That explains all the smoke.

  • @Nikst What’s an sgu hater? And why would I get “of” this site? Are you upset because I corrected some of your mistakes in the last episode?

    There’s no need for hostility. I don’t understand the anger.

  • @Nikst Would suggest using the ‘write to us’ feature to report any comments that are most likely fake. Darren has told me that its not our place to try to publicly out anyone.

  • He’s right though, you’re a troll, and a very clever one at that. And trolls, mind you even very clever ones, belong under bridges, and in imaginations! Certainly not on the internet. Bad troll,bad! Shame on you!

  • @”meganlee”, naturally. QUite loved the episode, it was gripping to the last – just as the previous one.

  • @Jan Vetulani I agree it was a good episode but some elements disappointed me. On the other hand, why are you calling me a troll? I haven’t done anything to you so the only troll here is you for calling me names. Nikst made some errors in the last episode that I corrected, such as Chloe being an archeologist, and he seems to have gotten offended by that. I didn’t mean to offend anyone I was just pointing to obvious facts. If you disagree with my opinions you’re free to skip over them. I love the show for the elements that interest me and the rest is just inconsequential to me. Just because someone else loves the shiny balls and big loud guns shooting and the space effects doesn’t make them better than me or their opinion more valuable and it doesn’t make me a troll.

  • Darren Sumner

    Gang, the discussion needs to stay on the topic of the episode. I don’t want to make a weekly habit of having to close these threads.

    Trolls are free to post if they play by the rules. If you suspect baiting, ignore the post and talk about the episode instead.

  • Pros:
    A still. Every ship lost in space needs a still and Destiny now has one.
    Destiny getting “new” toy robots.
    Rush “getting his soul back”- I have to admit even if hes just doing it for the sake of the crew Rush becoming more “human” is far better than what he had going for him.

    To be honest this new approach to music (namely music with lyrics) just doesn’t seem to fit with the show. Not saying that its bad in general for the franchise but that it just doesn’t seem to fit.
    Dues Ex Machnia salvation of the stranded away team – Frankly there is no reason for this other than the writers writing themselves into a corner in the previous episode.

    I feel that they should have turned Destiny around and get it back into the galaxy it was in. I found the aliens that were perusing Destiny rather interesting in their desire to get the Destiny and the fact that the ship is no longer in their galaxy feels like a missed opportunity and I would have liked to have seen some in ship fighting going on before they got away.

    The doctor that sat in the chair is an interesting twist. I wonder if he ascended or was absorbed by the ship (similar to The guardian in SG-1). In any case this episode has its weak points but I think the second half certainly is stronger than the first one.

    I recall before the series launched though their was some contravery about this episode (namely in the description of the doctors condition) and I think Rush was originally supposed to be intimate (implied at least) but was that changed?

  • Addition:
    Thinking about it, I wonder if Eli and company might have been brainwashed by the aliens and sent back as sleeper agents.

    1. Eli says the ship just appeared on the dialer two days later but we know that destiny was actually further away.
    2. Eli was complaining about sending a Kino to the planet. Granted they were just there but one would think Eli would know the importance of always double checking.
    3. The aliens were RIGHT THERE and I don’t mean just milling about but had gun emplacements aimed at the gate waiting for it to activate.

    Anyway it would certainly be more interesting then they just lucking out and the ship reappearing on the dialer.

  • @meganlee I know you’re not too interested in the science aspect of the show, but if you do want to consult technical aspects of the show, you should ask your ‘friend’ where he is getting his information. We happen to know that the Alterans (that’s what the Ancients used to call themselves) came to the Milky Way galaxy from the Ori galaxy around 50 million years BC. It was between 50 million years BC and 10 million years BC that the Ancients started learning how to ascend. If your ‘friend’ needs reference, he should check out Stargate: The Ark of Truth, and the SG-1 episode Avalon. Granted, not all of the Ancients ascended, but to definitively say that they weren’t even studying ascension when Destiny was built (something we have yet to get a solid timeline on, BTW) is a somewhat bold statement. I think maybe your friend is messing with you by giving you bad information. It’s all in good fun though – I mean, it’s just a show, right?

  • @wganubis Regarding what you said about the aliens being interesting and wanting to go back to the galaxy to see more of them – I’m not sure that will be necessary. I get the impression that these aliens have become somewhat nomadic following after Destiny over a longer course of time. I hope (and dare I say expect) that we will see them in the next galaxy.

  • I do like the theory about Franklin becoming an AI.

  • @RemyMichael, I certainly hope so and that it doesnt become like Voyager in that each new alien race was either a friend or enemy. Not saying that these aliens should be the equal of the ghould or replicators in that they are the primary villian but that they should be an ever present threat.

  • I’m not really sure what I want out of this series as far as having an ongoing big bad, but I would be a little disappointed if this species gave up on Destiny just as they seem to have a window (the humans messing with all the systems). I would like to think that if Destiny can make the gap, these guys could too – and now they (still the aliens) know for sure (based on their last position) that Destiny is leaving the galaxy, and in what direction (though not the exact FTL drop point).

    I agree with the comment about the aliens on Voyager – and I think we will eventually need a more constant enemy even if they somehow lose this current race. I think they will remain a threat until we see a major event take place – some show of force, an alliance with a race sympathetic to the crew’s dilemma, or the solar system creators (or a partially-ascended Franklin, who is slated to return to the show) return to help out Destiny.

  • Should Franklin become an AI, I hope they don’t give him a robot body like in Andromeda. Even without it, it would reminds me too much of Andromeda, especially because three SG1 actors played an AI in that series.

  • @meganlee: Corrected me? Wow, I said archeologist instead of that she had studied allot of the work of an archeologist (Daniel Jackson). Wow, yeah that must be it, I must be upset about a little thing like that.

    Actually I stopped talking to you when I saw that you and katebeckett (who we know is in fact an SGU hater who has the same ip address as an known SGU hater. Coincidence?) started talking the same language. Meaning you started equaling SGU with Cougar, Desperate Housewives and those kinds of shows. The thing that made me positive of that you are an SGU hater is the fact that you posted this

    “I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed with this episode. I was hoping to see a little more love triangle drama between Scott, Chloe and Eli. I had not read the synopsis and was under the assumption that Sabotage would have been a story about Eli sabotaging the love between Scott and Chloe and that Scott may have caught on being a military strategist while Chloe would find herself torn between them.”

    You “thought” that Sabotage meant that Eli was going to sabotage Chloes and Scotts relationship? You and katebeckett pretend to be huge soap opera fans and then pretend to like SGU as a soapopera. Incidentally that was exactly what the SGU hater with the same ip address as katebeckett said that this show was, a soap opera. For all I know you and katebeckett could be the same person. Pretending to give each other support. Thats why I didnt answer your last crap on the other article and thats why Ill stop talking to you now, not worth the effort and headache.

  • BTW what is the reason to plant Stargates with limited Range in aother Galaxy?

  • Please correct me if I’m wrong, but whenthe ancients came to the milky way to leave the Ori, wasn’t it so they could start to work on ascension? Or was that after they came back from the Pegasus galaxy. Also do we know exactly when the destiny was launched? Because all I can remember is that it was launched from earth. So it is plausible that it was an early attempt at acension. If they indeed did come to the milky way to learn to ascend. I like that idea. It keeps in line with what we know about the ancients rather then try to shoe horn something completely new into what we know and try to change them to fit the show. But so far I am loving this show. It has become appointment viewing for me.

  • @arnoldrimmer, it is explained in the first show and throughout the season that Destiny is following other ships that are ahead of it that are planting the stargates and relaying information back to Destiny. The reason for this is that the Ancients had essentially set into motion a series of autopiloted ships to go ahead and put star gates down in other galaxies, followed by the destiny (or mother ship) so that when they finally arrived on the Destiny they would have plenty of worlds ready to explore/colonize.

    When you think about it, for the Ancients at the technological level they were at at the time, it makes far more sense to send autopiloted ships ahead to do the boring stuff for you then to send a ship full of crew which would surely become a generational ship.

    I wonder if this was the same method they employed to first access the Pegasus galaxy and then the city ships like Atlantis simply galaxy jumped.

    On an unrelated note, does anyone else feel that the math in regards to the destiny jumping between galaxies is a bit off? Even though they are still using FTL to go between galaxies it took Earth ships weeks to cross the void between the milky way and Pegasus and they were using an Asgard hyperdrive. Further more, there is that episode in atlantis where the crew finds the ancients traveling back to the milky way using an FTL drive and they had only just made it half way by the time they met up with the Daedalus crew (having left after Atlantis sunk itself). Even if the galaxy it was going to was absurdly close surely it would take years to cross the void using a mere FTL drive, right?

  • @wganubis- I had the same thoughts about travel time between galaxies and also referred back to the SGA ep with that Ancient ship using FTL and STILL being stuck between Milky Way and Pegasus, after 10,000 years. Even though their ship was damaged, they still had a ZPM to power their FTL (which, presumably, they had to Macgyver).

    So I completely agree the math/explanations on this are way way off O_o I could over look it, but my beef is that 95% of the “sci fi” that actually sneaks on to the show has very weak or no explanations to it like we use to get with the fun and wacky McKay and Carter explanations.

    A little OT, but Rush’s comment about how their bones would all have turned to dust by the time they reached the other galaxy made me think of something else: How is it that the chairs, nice bed sheets, etc. are still in one piece on the ship if it’s been flying around so long? O_o

  • @kosh: petroleum based products FTW! perhaps? They either brought that sort of stuff with them or its some sort of synthetic that withstands the test of time really good or perhaps the ship was depressurized in those areas to conserve those systems until life forms were detected and thus that stuff was exposed to space.

    Anyway back to the FTL thing my only thoughts is that perhaps the Destiny is using a very powerful FTL drive, given that most of the backside of the ship seems deticated to the engines it could just be sheer scale grants them their speed. Another thing I am wondering is if they mentioned is how many times faster the speed of light they are going. To borrow a Star Trek anology are they going warp 5, warp 9? In any case I really hope that at least for this sort of stuff the writers are doing some level of fact checking. I mean the whole thing about the Sci Fi genre is that its grounded somewhat in Science to begin with.

  • Darren Sumner

    The Ancient ship in “The Return” that was stuck in the void between galaxies was going sublight speeds. Their hyperdrive had busted, and (IIRC) Rodney said they were traveling at 0.999 times the speed of light.

    F.T.L. appears to be (probably) slower than hyperspace travel, but it’s still … well, Faster Than Light, and probably by a longshot. If the Destiny was intended to one day be manned, clearly the trip between galaxies can’t take thousands of years.

  • “in atlantis where the crew finds the ancients traveling back to the milky way using an FTL drive and they had only just made it half way by the time they met up with the Daedalus crew”

    But they didn´t Fly Faster Than Light, only 99% of Light Speed

  • @Darren Sumner Thanks for clearing that portion up in regards to the Ancient ship in Return but if FTL is still slower then hyperspace unless they are traveling at a factor fast enough to make the journey possible but still slow enough then hyperspace then are we not talking about a amount of time in the months, if not years for them to travel between galaxies? I mean according to this sites own omnipedia, the Pegasus Galaxy is about 3.5 million light years away (and is considered part of the local cluster) and it took the daedalus 18 days to get from Earth to Atlantis one way with an Asgard hyperdrive. Not trying to figure out the math (would welcome someone else doing it though) but unless the Destiny is doing something like warp 10+ (to borrow again from star trek) it would take a long time to cross the void.

  • Maybe it´s one time FTL for each Drive. Destiny have 16 Drives so 16 x FTL Drive. Probably they´re almost at Hyperdrive Speed, and traveling between Galaxy are only a few weeks

  • Whoops, you’re right I shouldn’t have referred to that Ancient ship as using “FTL” since Rodney clearly stated it was only going .9999 the speed of light!

    I just wish some of this stuff was explained in the fun and wacky sci-fi ways we’re use to with Stargate (and other shows). I’ve always loved the imagination behind that part of Sci-Fi and am noticeably missing that element in SGU :(

    I think the point on Destiny’s big huge back side being entirely engines seems logical enough to support the theory of a really powerful FTL system. I just wish little things like that were explained/mentioned in the show, but maybe in Season 2 :)

  • I wonder why they send Perry to the Destiny. I have not heard of her before. I always thought that Carter, McKay and even Zelenka are the primary experts of all kinds of alien technology. So why did they send her? It doesn’t make any sense.

  • Hmmm well i just caught up on this episode, been a busy old weekend lol. Anyway not a bad episode i thought, reminded me more of the swapping stone episodes in the first half which were my fave. I was expecting lots more scenes with Chloe, Eli and Scott stranded, last week i said i thought they cleverly got them apart from Greer so they could make more of Eli’s jealousy and i was disappointed that didnt happen. But to compensate we got to see Rush being romantic again! The story with his wife was really sad so its nice to see he can still show afection to people but that scene this week where he couldnt go through with it with the scientist lady because of memories of his wife almost had me in tears too. Aww!

    Funniest moment this week for me was when Eli was talking to the scientist lady and was like, you had a thing for Rush?!?!?!?! ha ha ha. Oh and now they have booze and a bar on board! Woo! Much more my kind of place now lol. And if theres one thing a good soap needs its sad goodbyes. They really tug on the old heart strings lol. And in this episode we had two, one between Wray and her lover and one between Rush and the scientist. Both great scenes and had me really feeling sad for them.

    And as for the main storyline idea of swapping into a quadrepligic scientist…OMG! I thought it was clever how they tried it with James and she couldnt take it. Thats what i like about these stories, they make you think of yourself in their position, i dont think i’d have coped in that situation either! Its good that we got to see more of Wray and her partner being intimate, like i said before that was my favourite episode in part 1. And well it looks like Scott and Chloe have made up again after all, so not looking too good for the secret Scott 4 TJ romance i still believe was budding or had been in the past, but there was a clue this episode, the notes that Young left! One said matthew, the other said TJ…now i think thats a hint lol…you gotta watch for these things you know. Maybe we will find out when the baby is born and it looks like Scott lol.

  • There was some good parts to this installment. I particularly liked it when Eli refused the advances of that jezebel and stayed a virgin for when he gets married. Having failed in her attempts to seduce a young boy the woman then tried to engage in carnal pleasures with another crew member. All this while in the body of a different person. It is overt displays of sexuality like this that are rotting the moral fibre of the youth of today and I can only conclude that a bad example has been set here. It is no wonder that we now have social issues with teenagers when they believe that this kind of behaviour is the norm.

  • Come on people theres nothing wrong with soaps lol. I gave destiny a chance just to humour my husband when he said i’d like it, i didnt believe him since it was one of his star programs and those usually bore my socks off but he was right after all. Maybe in the same way you should try a few soaps yourself and see if you like them, some are really good telly and if you like destiny you might get on with them, ok there are some really bad ones too i admit lol. But i can suggest some goodens if you want to get you started.

  • The Ship, in an effort to save everyone and itself, tapped into the minds of both the LT Female and the Science Guy, used each of them for a special purpose (one breaking the engine and the other as a brain to help it understand more about it’s guests)… It’s learning by osmosis! Amazing galaxies, and we only see planets for a short time sorta is sad, but to meet aliens (human form) in these galaxies will be cool…

  • I find it disappointing that 6 of the 7 last comments here are poorly disguised troll posts. Trolling used to be an art form, now it seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry who can string two sentiences together thinks they are capable troll posters by coming to a fan site and posting their drivel. Oh well, keep it up. In fact please increase; it will hopefully force this sites hand to implement new measures and hopefully we can look forward to discussions free of such posts next season.

  • @ wganubis

    if you mean me too, and probably you do,i have only explained it to Jeanette that she is wrong with her statement.

  • @altera Nice find noticed that shows like Caprica, Farscape, BSG & Firefly are listed as examples of a Space Opera.

    “Space opera is a subgenre of speculative fiction or science fiction that emphasizes romantic, often melodramatic adventure, set mainly or entirely in space, generally involving conflict between opponents possessing powerful (and sometimes quite fanciful) technologies and abilities.”

    Would say that definition is a lot closer to SGU than a Soap Opera.

  • I have to say I am very torn on how I feel about this episode. There were some very positive aspects to it, but there were also some aspects that almost made me turn it off and give up on this show.

    So let me start with what I liked about it. I think the performance of almost all the actors was very well done in this episode. I especially liked the performance by Ming Na as she truly brings a believable portrayal of someone in love missing their loved one. I agree with another poster that having a still on board now can really help. It provides a social outlet for some for the crew that I think can play into some good scenes. I think the robot was very cool in general and I am liking the extra screen time we are seeing devoted to TJ. She is by far my favorite character.

    What I disliked. First off, the music. Please, please, please get rid of playing songs with lyrics during the show. They do nothing for me and I find them completely distracting. They don’t fit with the show and make me think I am watching Smallville on the CW every time they come on. The was Eli, Chloe and Matt got back on the ship was such a letdown that while watching the show with my friends we all let out a collective sigh of disbelief. I mean they spent two weeks focusing on these people getting stuck on a planet and playing up the fact the Destiny went out of range, to just have them come back with a two sentence explanation is just truly exceptionally bad writing in my opinion. I felt the writers are so concerned about throwing in as much different drama as possible they are getting sloppy on pulling actual plot lines together. EPIC FAIL on the Matt, Chloe and Eli plotline.

    Lt. James sabotaging the engines. Um, how? They don’t have access to critical systems via the computer and isn’t that section part of the damage section of the ship. They made reference in the episode that they had to use a shuttle to get to it, so how did she get to it to sabotage it. Again, very poor writing.

    The alien attack. Pretty much a letdown as well. All this build up and suspense and I felt it was rushed through.

    One of my biggest fears for this show is that they would get so focused on creating “drama” that the actual science fiction and plotlines would suffer as a result. So much time was spent on Rush and Perry and Wray and her lover that some important aspects of the show I feel were overlooked.

    Overall, I give this episode a C- grade. Had such good potential and good acting, but once again focused too heavily on drama and really dropped the ball on some needed plotlines.


  • Huh?! Well i dont know you mean by troll post but if you think my posts are drivel then thats fair enough i guess, but there is no need to be mean to me. Nobody is forcing you to read what i say. I cant speak for others here but if my comments are not welcome maybe i made a mistake coming here :( I might not be your typical star fan but i have watched every episode of destiny so far and have been giving my view on the episodes here every week since my husband showed me this site during the break between part 1 and part 2. I had my trepidations but so far most people have been pretty nice, discussed things with me and explained background i didnt know. I said in my first ever post how thought it was great that they had finally made a sci show that apealed more to people like me but it feels like some fans arent happy to share their show with others. Sorry if i somehow offended people here, i never heard the term space opera before today. Maybe i should just leave. sigh :(

  • @altera, I didnt mean you. Unfortunitely you got your posts in during the time it took me to read the last one and post my comment.

    @Jeanette178, wasnt talking about your post either.

  • And to ephasize what I mean, I yet again forget this sites comments system lacks a edit feature to correct said mistakes or complete a thought. In either case I apologize to you Altera for the misunderstanding.

  • Think we should follow Darren’s advice on page 1 and try to stay on-topic now.

    @jjs I agree with almost everything you said. I seriously do hope there is something more to the Eli, Scott & Chloe plot it was just a little too convenient. Not sure about the James thing either, like I said in my last comment would of liked to off seen the actual sabotage being done itself, maybe seeing James getting flashes of herself doing it.

    The only thing I kinda disagree with you is the music, that sort of music can work but in SGU quite a lot of the time they just didn’t fit the scenes.

  • I should have said ‘in my first comment’ there, hope we do get an edit feature in the future.

  • I like the music in SGU. It fits very good in the situations. We´ve seen it in almost every Episode so far. of course it´s my personal opinion.

  • Sorry wganbis i thought you meant me as 2 of my posts were in the ones before yours. No harm done then :) Now im curious though lol, what did you mean was troll posts?


    Stargate Universe (9pm)
    – 1.391 million viewers
    – 0.9/2 HH
    – 0.6/2 A18-49

    – 1.440 million viewers
    – 0.9/2 HH
    – 0.4/1 A18-49

    Stargate Universe lost 200 thousand viewers in comparison to last week. I think it is also the first time that more people watched Merlin than SGU. Merlin is a UK series, Syfy bought cheaply.

  • SGU´s 18 – 49 Rating is better than Merlins. I think that most of the people had DVR the Show. I can however find nowhere the + 7 Ratings for SGU.

  • Live + 7 days ratings in million viewers:


    That are the live + 7 days ratings from the first episode until the 12. episode “Divided”. “Air, Part 1 and 2” were aired together. I don’t know the ratings of the newer SGU episodes, but they usually go down, too, when the live + same day ratings are going down.

  • By the way David Blue who plays Eli on Stargate Universe said shortly before “Space” (the first episode after the hiatus) was aired:

    “We wanted to bring in more than just 1.6 million fans from Atlantis,…”

    So it is clear, that even 1.6 million viewers are not considered good for SGU.

  • @wganubis
    I find it disappointing that you believe me to be a troll. As a member of the clergy I truly believe that this show sets a bad example for the youth of today. Maybe you find religious bigotry to be a new hip passtime? It was all the rage about 2000 years ago. However, I am able to forgive you and will pray for you today.

  • Alright, ill bite this one time.
    Plum, you are either a troll or a clergymen who takes a holier than thou attitude all too common with the church, either or makes little difference to me. If you are indeed sincere, before you pray for me, I highly recommend you look at your own comments and decide if they are ones that a clergymen who is truly seeking God would make and decide who needs the prayer more, myself or you. In any case I won’t waste my time any further with this until the next show airs at which point I will resume ignoring the trolls.

  • @jjs I agree with you that the Eli, Chloe and Scott storyline was an epic fail but for different reasons. I fully expected them to play out at least one more episode focusing on the love triangle. I would have loved to see Eli deal with his inner struggle for Chloe’s affections while Scott dealt with his demons about being a leader and losing Greer yet retaining Chloe’s unconditional affection. I don’t believe it’s too important how they got back to the ship as it really isn’t relevant much to the dramatic aspect of the show but it does give us some closure.

  • @meganlee: “I don’t believe it’s too important how they got back to the ship as it really isn’t relevant much to the dramatic aspect of the show but it does give us some closure.”

    Seriously? You seriously think that in a scifi show it doesn’t matter HOW something happens? This IS still a scifi show – or am I mistaken? O.O – and there needs to be an explanation, we need to SEE how they proceeded from point A to point E without them jumping over all the letters in between. That’s like reading a mystery book where the detective suddenly knows who the murderer is without the reader being able to follow his thought process. And that’s just bad writing. In Days of Our Lives it didn’t matter how Shane got out of a rockslide. In SGU it needs to be shown HOW they did it. I know that in the previous shows people sometimes complained about deus ex machina solutions but at least we did see how McKay or Carter came up with the solution, we actually SAW them do it.

  • we saw the way how they would come back in the last episode. In this Episode, they use the same way. Last Episode the way did not work, but this time it works.

  • @ altera

    I am curious. Do you think David Blue didn’t mean that they wanted more than the 1.6 million viewers of SGA? He said that part of the sentence, when he described, what they wanted to do different and/or better in comparison with SG1 and SGA. And even if he wouldn’t have said that sentence, I think we can still be quite sure, that TPTB were hoping that SGU gets better ratings than SGA in its 5. season.

    The second half of SGA’s last season got by the way on average 1.7 million viewers. I am sure that TPTB wanted to get far better ratings with SGU’s first season, than SGA got in its fifth season. It is natural that they wanted to improve their ratings and don’t forget, when David Blue said that quoted sentence, there were only two SGU episodes out of ten, which got less than 1.8 million viewers. That changed of course dramatically in the second half of the season.

  • @ psw

    I agree that the rating can be better, but that his sentence was only more than the 1,6 plus new people are ok, i don´t think it´s right

  • Having re-watched the episode today I believe even more that the trio (Scott, Eli and Chloe) are now brainwashed sleeper agents similar to what Boomer was in Season 1 of BSG and are now, perhaps unwittingly, working for the aliens.
    1. Engine explodes knocking ship out of FTL
    2. Shortly after Eli, Chloe and Scott return, claiming that the ship just reappeared on the dialer yet they were on the edge of the galaxy if not the very last planet in range so the ship had gone even further out of range.
    3. Eli was slightly protesting Young sending a Kino to the planet and the aliens were strategically located in the ideal location to shoot at anything that comes out of the stargates.
    4. Eli was monitoring the progress of the repairs
    5. During the space fight Eli makes the comment that something is happening and looks agitated and or confused.

    Now granted Chloe was the one that blew the whistle in that the one Lt. might not be just dreaming but there are two possible reasons.
    1. the three of them are aware and are actively helping the aliens so Chloe, realizing the jig was up took the opportunity to take some advantage (notify the aliens some how, maybe coordinate with Scott and Eli, etc)
    2. The trio aren’t aware (thus are sleeper agents similar to Boomer in BSG) of the brainwashing and are functioning relatively normally unless activated under certain conditions.

    Granted this is all conjecture but its makes far more sense then the three of them just mysteriously getting access back to destiny as if all was well. Anyway, thoughts?

  • I think that it was another factor. Nothing with the Aliens. But of course, it´s just an assumption because i did read spoilers and i think that it had nothing to do with the Aliens.

    But maybe i´m wrong.

  • Why are my posts taking so long to come out of the moderation queue? There’s absolutely nothing controversial in there?

  • @wganubis: Thats really far fetched dont ya think? But I do enjoy reading those kinds of theories, keep em coming =))

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