Propworx Stargate Auctions: Week 19

Take a look at 10 items from the Stargate auction house available now through Sunday night!

propworx_week19_1Week 19 of the Propworx Stargate auctions is in full swing! Currently over 100 items are now available for purchase on eBay.

This series of auctions ends Sunday night, so let’s get going on the auctions we thought you may find of particular interest …

Replicator Pistol and Holster
A light-up stunt Asuran Replicator pistol and holster used in the production of Stargate Atlantis Seasons Three and Four. Nicknamed the “staple pistol” by Stargate productions, this beautiful prop features faux crystals in the front and Ancient writing on each side translating to “neutralizer”.

Square Stained Window Pane
A section of stained glass window from an Atlantis door, used as set dressing in the Gate Room throughout all five seasons of Stargate Atlantis.

propworx_week19_2SG-1 and Atlantis Premiere Press Kit
A rare press kit featuring the pilot episode of Stargate Atlantis, “Rising” and SG-1’s “New Order, Parts 1 and 2”, both with incomplete visual effects and music. The set comes in a collectible plastic case with moving gelatin front to simulate water, as well as a “Stargate for Beginners” guide. This individual press kit was never distributed.

Amanda Tapping Chair Back Set
A set of chair backs, both used in the production of Stargate Sg-1. Both chair backs feature the Stargate logo on one side. The reverse side of one features Amanda Tapping’s name, and the reverse side of the other is blank.

propworx_week19_3Rya’c Orpheus Costume
Costume worn by actor Neil Denis as “Rya’c” in the Stargate SG-1 Season Seven episode, “Orpheus”, while he and Bra’tac are trapped in the naquadah mines of Erebus. The son of Teal’c, Rya’c was estranged from his father after growing up without him. Only after the death of his mother did he reconnect with Teal’c and take up his cause.

Square Wall Façade
An Ancient wall façade from the corridors of Atlantis, used in the production of Stargate Atlantis. Panels like these helped bring the corridors and hallways of the Ancient city to life.

propworx_week19_4Seth Head
Head piece for a staff in the shape of a Setesh guard, used by Seth, in the Season Three episode of the same name, to dispense the mind-altering Nish’ta to victims to force them to join his legion. This head piece was seen as set decoration in numerous subsequent episodes.

Bad Guys Card Reader
Access card reader used in the alien museum in the Stargate SG-1 Season Ten episode, “Bad Guys”. This was the only episode pitched by actor Ben Browder (which he did with SG-1 Creative Consultant, and Atlantis producer, Martin Gero).

propworx_week19_5Ancient Lever
Lever used by actor David Nykl as “Radek Zelenka” in the Stargate Atlantis Season Four episode, “Quarantine”. Located in the central core of Atlantis, this lever, when pulled, reset the power systems in a section of the city.

Harmony’s Map
Map used by John Sheppard, Rodney McKay and Princess Harmony to escort the young girl to the Temple of Larris for her rite of passage. Used in the Stargate Atlantis Season Four episode “Harmony”.

What was the end result of the Week 18 auctions? On the high end, a Zat gun with shoulder holder sold for $1,175.00, John Sheppard’s uniform sold for $1,025.00, and Jolan’s stunt Sodan warrior costume sold for $910.00.

On the low end, Carson Beckett’s field dressing sold for $20.50, Dr. Lam’s Hazmat name badge sold for $27.00, and Rodney McKay’s personals decal sold for $27.89.

Stay with GateWorld each and every week through the auction series as we continue to bring you a select few of our favorite lots! Be sure to check out the Propworx Web site at for news and video blogs!

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