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SGU‘s Season One Ratings Report

Wednesday - June 16, 2010
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SGU "Space" (111) - RushThe numbers are in for the final episodes of Stargate Universe‘s first season.

After drawing 1.454 million viewers (Live + Same Day) for “Subversion,” the 2-part finale kicked off with a surprising series low:  1.178 million for “Incursion, Part 1,” according to  But the show rallied back 25 percent with 1.469 million viewers for last Friday’s installment, nearly on par with the number of viewers who tuned in for the mid-season premiere in April.

Here’s the full viewership chart for Season One, with the percent change from the previous new episode:

EPISODE (air date) VIEWERS (million) CHANGE
Air, Part 1 (Oct. 2) 2.346
Air, Part 2 (Oct. 2) 2.346
Air, Part 3 (Oct. 9) 2.447 (season high) + 3%
Darkness (Oct. 16) 2.099 – 14%
Light (Oct. 23) 2.015 – 4%
Water (Oct. 30) 1.974 – 2%
Earth (Nov. 6) 1.626 – 18%
Time (Nov. 13) 1.802 + 11%
Life (Nov. 20) 1.891 + 5%
Justice (Dec. 2) 1.340 – 29%
EPISODE (air date) VIEWERS (million) CHANGE
Space (Apr. 2) 1.486 + 11%
Divided (Apr. 9) 1.600 + 8%
Faith (Apr. 16) 1.422 – 11%
Human (Apr. 23) 1.313 – 8%
Lost (Apr. 30) 1.587 + 21%
Sabotage (May 7) 1.391 – 12%
Pain (May 14) 1.554 + 12%
Subversion (May 21) 1.454 – 6%
Incursion, Part 1 (June 4) 1.178 (season low) – 19%
Incursion, Part 2 (June 11) 1.469 + 25%

(Note that there was a 4-month break between the first and second halves of this season.)

SGU commonly sees a big lift in viewer totals when DVR “Live + 7 Days” viewing is accounted for. It will largely be up to Syfy Channel to release that data, however. The first half of the season averaged 1.99 million viewers per week on Friday nights, and 2.57 million viewers with DVR data factored in (story). The second half of the season averaged 1.44 million on Friday night.

The overall season average is 1.717 million viewers per week (Like + Same Day).

The 37 percent drop between the first and last episodes notwithstanding, the numbers show an overall steady season. Following the 2-hour premiere, SGU‘s viewership dropped ten out of 18 weeks and rose eight out of 18 weeks. In both halves of the season, the second aired episode was the highest-rated (“Air, Part 3” and “Divided”).

Universe has already been renewed for a full, 20-episode second season, of course.  The ratings for the Fall 2010 episodes will influence whether or not Syfy wants a third year.

Stick with GateWorld for the very latest!  We’re updating the episode guide and the Stargate Omnipedia all summer long with data from Season One, and keeping tabs on what’s to come in Season Two.  And don’t miss a new series of exclusive interviews with cast members from SGU, Atlantis, and SG-1 in the weeks to come!

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  • How come “Incursion part 1: has a +19%?

    Also, didn’t Stargate Atlantis average like 1.7 Million viewers in their last season?

    Looks like the producers might need to change things. They lost a lot of viewers, ouch.

  • So, I am a little confused… How can Incursion Part 1 have an increase +19.% while being the season lowest?

    Or am I reading those numbers wrong.

    Subversion (May 21) 1.454 – 6%
    Incursion, Part 1 (June 4) 1.178 (season low) + 19%
    Incursion, Part 2 (June 11) 1.469 + 25%

  • I really love that 25% bump at the end and especially love that despite so many heaping scorn on the episode “Life”, that it had a 5% jump.

    I do have to admit that ratings stuff usually makes my brain hurt but still, grins aplenty :D

  • I too am confused by the positive change down to he season low. Huh??

  • I’m actually happy about this. It took me forever, but by Incursion, Part 1 I finally came to love the show. I dont know how I will feel about S2, but at least now I can say I will be there. :)

  • Maybe the “change” column measures quality change, i.e. Incursion p.1 was 19% better than Subversion.

  • if this show costs a lot more than the other stargate shows. then how are these ratings acceptable?

  • Does any of this count the itunes downloads? I’m never home Friday night so I download the episodes. I’m actually happy Universe will be moving to a new night, I may actually see the episodes when they air more often.

  • I would say that the SGU season 1 average is 1.684 million viewers. Air, Part 1 and Part 2 was ONE broadcast. You usually don’t count a broadcast double.

    “The series averaged 1.99 million viewers per week on Friday nights, and 2.57 million viewers with DVR data factored in (story).”

    This sentence is confusing and at worst misleading. Those are only the numbers of the FIRST HALF of the season and not the series average at the current time. It shouldn’t be necessary to click the provided link to get the real meaning of the numbers! And again I wouldn’t count Air, Part 1 and Part 2 double. So the live + SD average of season 1.0 is 1.949 million viewers.

    The live + 7 numbers for “Space” to “Pain” are also already known. The 7 episodes got on average 2.0 million viewers.

    All in all I don’t understand how you can speak of a “steady season”. A steady season is for me a season, where the ratings are stable and there isn’t a negative trend. Season 1.5 lost on average more than 500 thousand viewers live + SD and also live + 7 in comparison to season 1.0. The second half is clearly MUCH WORSE on average than the first half.

    The 5th season of SGA got an average of 1.6 million viewers live + SD. The second half of it got even on average 1.7 million viewers! SGU’s season 1.5 looks bad in comparison to that. SGU should perform MUCH better than a series in its 5th season.

    ALL season finals of SGA were MUCH BETTER than the season final of SGU, even the finals of the last two seasons.

    Live + SD

    SGA: episode 4×19 -> 1.7 million viewers
    SGA: episode 5×19 -> 1.7 million viewers
    SGU: episode 1×19 -> 1.2 million viewers

    SGA: episode 4×20 -> 2.1 million viewers
    SGA: episode 5×20 -> 2.0 million viewers
    SGU: episode 1×20 -> 1.5 million viewers

  • @ clbourge

    Itunes downloads aren’t included in the live + SD or live + 7 numbers.

  • The second half of Season one performed worse than SGA’s fifth season.
    No Stargate Season finale has ever received such low numbers.
    I don’t see how to spin these numbers in a positive light without making yourself really really dizzy.
    I would imagine if the numbers continue like this in the first half of the second season, the show will be cancelled.
    Perhaps the move to Tuesdays will be the thing that helps them regain the lost viewership, and for the fans of SGU, I hope so.
    I can hardly stop myself, however, for asking why oh why did they not continue SGA for a sixth and final season and either finish that show out properly or run the first season of SGU concurrently.
    Much of the bad feelings surrounding SGU could have been avoided with a little thought and sensitivity. I really do think it has cost them the franchise.

  • For anyone confused: It should be -19%

    I think counting Air as two episodes is valid as it got twice the air time which also means twice the commercials.

    One question: The ‘Live+SD’ ratings are often compared to SGA’s ratings. Are the numbers for SGA ‘Live+SD’ too?
    If they’re just ‘Live’ it’s apples and oranges…

  • Incursion season low, looks like a lot of people missed out on a great episode :/

    would rather have seen life or earth as season low

  • @xxxevilgrinxxx

    you said ” and especially love that despite so many heaping scorn on the episode “Life”, that it had a 5% jump.”

    followed by how you don’t understand stats well… obviously. the 5% jump is because people liked the last episode. To see the effect of Life you have to look at how many people tuned in the next episode (this shows their reaction to the episdoe) and after life there was a 29% drop in viewers. From which it never recoverd.

  • What about taking into account those of us that download the 720p episodes to watch at our leisure? How do they factor that in? Yeah, exactly. I’ll bet programmes like Firefly would have stayed running if they could count real viewer numbers, not just those that have the access to and the time to spare for live broadcasting or fancy schmancy DVR.

    The series picked up at the end. Hopefully the viewer count will go up at the start of next season.

  • Darren Sumner

    Unfortunately, networks don’t actually renew shows based on how many people they think are watching them. They renew shows based on how many people are watching the commercials in them.

    Online viewing, whether legal or illegal, paid or free, adds nothing to the network’s viewer head count. They’re not interested in counting us. In fact, I’d think that the higher the number of people watching somewhere else, the worse it is for the show. Syfy spends a lot of money to have SGU as exclusively as possible in the current climate.

  • These are embarrassing ratings for the first season of a new Stargate show. Simply embarrassing. The move to Tuesday is not an effort to recharge the show, it’s SyFy dumping it in a graveyard.

  • I hate this I really do. IMHO SGU is a great show and these numbers are very concerning. I really want SGU to succeed but I seriously doubt it will last past season 2.

  • does this take into account the ratings in other countries outside the USA?

  • @Imitation Tofu:

    Uh, I think you mixed your words up. Syfy is moving SGU from the graveyard and placing it in a slot that provides the show a higher chance to succeed. Friday nights are pretty much the graveyard nights. Tuesday nights have a much higher percentage of people and households watching. Now, the move can backfire, but to say the least, it is actually worth the change. If SGU continues to stay in a dead viewing night, it will unfortunately fail, without a doubt. So, it seems like the move is a good risk. It opens up a stronger chance of the show succeeding.

    Honestly, until we see the ratings for the first three episodes of season two, I ain’t worrying about the show’s renewal. The show will be on airing on a new night, a night by the way without being too repetitive, has a higher person and household percentage. If the ratings for the first three episodes of season two remain low, then that is a time to worry. Until then, I am simply going to enjoy my summer, and not become too concern with the show.

    Oh, also if the show only gets two seasons, then so be it. That’s my attitude anymore. I would rather have two seasons of something that, in my humble opinion, is great, rather than nothing. I would like the show to go on longer, but if I get two seasons, it won’t be a total lost cause in my eyes.

  • First of all How can you find an average of 1.717 million of viewers in live with the ratngs you gave when it’s only 1.600 and this figure is lower than SGA’s one that was around 1.700. How can you say sgu got steady rates when they lost 877 000 between the first ep and the last ep when SGA 5th season gained 268 000 viewers between the same eps. How can you say sgu got “the numbers show an overall steady season” when this amazing show got the lowest rates of all the entire franchise with 1.178. How can you tell this when the show got the lowest ratings finale of all the franchise with 1.469 ever. Look at the SGA figures for the 5th season and you could see the 2nd half is above of sgu’s ones with a finale at 2.01.

    BW you said SGA would have been renewed if the show have had strong rates (SGA average 1.662) and now sgu got less good rates and sgu has been renewed with only 1.600. So you changed your mind and the rules. Despite the other fact sgu cost more than SGA last season. LOL.

    Cease to spin the numbers. To be fair I wondered how GW would analyse the season. By now I see.
    I wonder how the advertisers will analyse these rates.

    All this make me mad and sad. How TPTB cancelled SGA for such results?

  • How can you say bla bla bla. SGU has better ratings than the two last SGA Seasons. And that without DVR

  • Season 1 did improve towards the end, there’s no doubt about it – except where it actually counts, and that’s in the numbers.

    The average viewer just didn’t like what they saw in the soap opera drama from the start of the season and so they didn’t stick around, very simple.

    They should have done more research (focus groups, Q/A with your average Stargate fans/viewers, etc) before make such a large conception change to the fundamentally sound Stargate formula. That also seems very simple, let alone prudent and smart business when you’re risking an entire franchise with this level of potential and significance.

    My gf brought up an interesting point about the second half of S1: she speculated that they may have “re-cut” some of the episodes before they aired based on the harsh feedback to the drama of the first half of S1. For example, cutting out the drama parts of an episode in the second half and replacing them with scenes which had previously been cut. Not necessarily an action scene, maybe just environmental or random chatter etc. I thought that was an interesting thought, since the 2nd half was noticeably better than the first.

    Anyway, I hope even more improvements can be made on Season 2 based on these ratings and the feedback they have (hopefully) heard. Otherwise, we will have lost SGU and Atlantis, both of which I think still have tons of potential.

  • I agree that the series has gotten better in the second half, in large part due to the decreased amount of angst-based drama.

    Was it decreased as a response to fan reactions? Maybe. Though to be honest I think it’s decrease could be completely natural to the story as well. As those aboard the Destiny came to accept their lives on the ship, their complaints and fears would lessen.

    At least the level of angst in SGU wasn’t anywhere near as bad as in BSG. Watching that show I sometimes wanted to reach through the screen and strangle people for being so selfish and moronic.

  • @altera
    How can you say bla bla bla. SGU has better ratings than the two last SGA Seasons. And that without DVR
    How can you say this sgu rates are obviously below the SGA ones. Look at them. 1.600 for sgu when SGA got 1.700. It’s not a lot blablabla it’s the true numbers. Liking a show doesn’t mean ignoring the truth. SGA 5 years run did better.

    In addition +25% for the last ep mean nothing cos it’s relatively. It was 25% in opposite to the previous ep getting the worst rating of the SG franchise.
    I repeat they lost 887000 viewers between first and last when SGA gained 268000 between the same.

  • The stories of each episode needs to improve dramatically. There is no hook like Stargate SG1 and Atlantis had. What is the motive of what is going on. They are not working to go home or anything. They exist without a purpose. There is not one plot at all in any of these stories.

  • They made it a point in saying that season 1 was more or less completely shot and done before the pilot even aired, they mention that most of the time when asked if they made changes due to fan criticisms.

  • So let me get this straight, which would rather have, a stargate show or nothing at all. Because right now I would rather have a stargate show on the air. Keeping the franchise alive. Rather then have nothing at all and have the franchise be forgotten. I like this show alot. I agree that it needs to have more focus but I love watching this show. I want this show to succeed so we can stay in this universe a little longer before they powers that be decide to mothball it like they did the star trek tv franchise.

  • Casual viewers are just not getting into the show, and a show needs to capture more than just fans to make it. SGU just does not have the fun and entertainment like other Stargate shows had or shows like Warehouse13 and Eureka.

  • @ domdom

    If you count the Rating for a whole Season then SGA Season 4 has 1,15 and Season 5 has 1,24. The whole SGU Season has a rating of 1,31 so SGU has better ratings than the last two SGA Seasons

  • Darren Sumner

    @altera – I don’t have the SGA numbers handy, but do make sure you are not confusing the household ratings (which is what we published here) and the “millions of viewers” numbers for SGU in the story above. They are two different numbering systems that are not compatible.

  • @altera, those are the Syfy Household numbers. Not total viewers. You can see from them that, at least, SGA’s last half of Season 5 did better than SGU’s last half.
    Overall Season 5 of SGA was slightly lower than overall SGU, but the trend is downwards for SGU and steady to somewhat upwards for SGA.
    If you don’t include those first few episodes of SGU it does quite a bit worse than SGA.
    Looks like a bad business decision, at least to me.

  • I doubt I’ll ever be a huge fan of SGU but it is Stargate and it’s all there is right now. But these numbers are bad. If they can stabilize them, it will likely continue. They would have been expecting much better numbers from SGU than SGA in order to justify the cost of the changeover (new sets, bigger cast, etc). They didn’t get that. Now the money has been spent and the numbers aren’t dreadful, so if they can stabilize on the higher end of the first season’s numbers, the show will continue. But it’s going to be a struggle. They had plenty of feedback on what wasn’t working in season 1 before season 2 started taping, so they hopefully took that to heart in moving forward.

  • I did mean the HH Ratings. And the Downtrend has stopped

  • @altera, OK, can’t resist, feeling silly….
    Yeah – cause the Season is over!!
    Sorry, don’t mean to be evil.

  • has anyone bothered to notice that the significant rating drops coincide with breaks? when the show take a week off ratings drop, why are there weeks off? the one right before the two parter finale was a killer the season low. and by the way, many people who are not sci fi or traditional SG fans are looking at the show, it is picking up new audience. being a fan since S1 of Sg1, i’m just happy we still have a SG show, while i agree with most people that atlantis should have kept going (or at least give it one or two movies to finish it like SG1 got!) i find universe pretty good, its interesting to see the wrong people doing it for a change, all the other SG teams (jacks or sheppards) were perfect, these guys have flaws and thats what makes them so interesting they dont have a mckay or carter, or the ship would be fixed by now and thats why i like it. i tune in every friday when i can, and when i cant i stream it, tuesdays are going to be much better. Lets face it, they gave us a hell of a cliffhanger.

  • @sylvia

    “Overall Season 5 of SGA was slightly lower than overall SGU…”

    At the end of SGA people had had 5 years to grow to like those characters (most of them anyway). I don’t know about other people, but personally I’m more likely to make time to see a show that I have invested several years in than a show that I’m just starting. I fully expect to see the ratings increase over the next year or so.

  • I had decided to watch until the break to see if the show go interesting for me. It held my attention but it might have been too late for the people who swore they were no longer going to watch. People of their word have already walked away as promised. In other news it is rumored that the two movies have started shooting? I sure hope its true because to save StarGate, in my opinion, we need the movies as promised. To heal SGU the action must continue and NBC gotta pump this show up. Unless you are a mind reader you’d never know SGU was on the air. This happens with alot of shows because of poor promotion. Lets hope for the best.

  • @ altera

    I made that overview. I posted it with other ratings overviews on SGUsucks. I guess it somehow found its way to that German community, which is ok.

    Those are the Syfy HH coverage ratings. Incursion, Part 2 got by the way a HH rating of 1.1, so the overall average of SGU’s season 1 is 1.30. That is of course still better than the average of season 4 and 5 of SGA, but you have to be blind not to see, how bad the second half of SGU’s season 1 performed in comparison to SGA. Only season 4.0 of SGA was worse and SGU is a brand new series. The start of SGU was heavily promoted and a lot of people are curious, when a new series starts. So it is not a surprise that SGU got good ratings at the beginning. But I am sure it was a bad surprise to Syfy, MGM and TPTB, how many viewers the series lost in later episodes.

    David Blue said before “Space” aired in the USA:

    “We wanted to bring in more than just 1.6 million fans from Atlantis,…”

    “We want to keep the 1.6 million original fans and then add another 1.6 million on top of that.”

    So it doesn’t sound like they would be happy with episodes, which are watched by less than 1.6 million viewers live + SD.

    @ J-Whitt987

    Most series lose viewers over time. SGU fans have to hope, that SGU is an exception. We will find out later this year.

    @ flmatthew

    The rumors about the movies are wrong. Those moves are not even green lit. It is still unclear if they will ever be made. A lot of SGA actors have said that they don’t think that a SGA movie will ever be made and TPTB don’t really sound interested anymore in it. The chances for an SG1 movie are a tiny little bit higher in my opinion. SG1 actors are still involved in making Stargate (guest roles in SGU) and TPTB sound like they are more interested in making an SG1 movie than an SGA movie. But the more time goes by without a movie, the less probably it is that it will ever be made. It looks very bleak for the SGA and SG1 movies.

  • I have been a long Stargate SG1 and Atlantis fan. Even went to one convention. Scary the people that go to those things. Not at all what I expected. The set tour was dark. You would think they would at least set some lights up for the set tour. Come on, I paid good money for that.

    SGU doesn’t interest me. I tried real hard to like it. Tivo’d every episode. But I found myself fast forwarding through scenes I didn’t like and weird domestic issues. Eventually I had to give up. I don’t like dramas where everyone is in conflict with everyone. Who needs that in today’s world? I want to escape where things are better. I like SCI-FI action adventure. I also didn’t like the new battle star galactica. Who wants to watch a show where the good guys battle themselves and the bad guys. I like lighter stuff. Oh well. I guess I can watch re-runs on hulu. Good luck with SGU. I hope it doesn’t end the franchise. I hope there are more SG1 movies in the works.


  • Someone please bring back SCI-FI action adventure where the good guys get along with each other and just fight the bad guys, with somewhat believable science. I don’t like SCI-FI drame. Bring back SG1 please. Just make the action scenes bigger and more intense, but not in an emotional kind of way. Copy the action and timing of the new Star Trek movie but rap it into a SG1 next gen kind of show. Please.


  • I did hear about a Combined Film of the former SG Series. Maybe that´s the way it goes.

    For the SGU Ratings, of course I have seen the ratings for the Back Half, but the downtrend stopped at the end. I do have faith in SGU^^

  • Pitiful ratings. Give up trying to put a positive spin on SGU. Atlantis did much better and is still missed by millions. At the Stargate Con in Vancouver 99.9 of the fans were there for SG-1and Atlantis. I didn’t even bother with any of the SGU panels or actors, nor did I waste mony on autographs or pictures of them. I went to see the Atlantis actors and was thrilled to see them with their appearances.

  • That’s a bit sad. I like Universe a lot – the design, the music, most of the characters… as much as I liked previous series, too! I just hope if Universe will eventually go down, writers will find a way to wrap the storyline up. I mean, SG-1 wrapped both major arcs with movies, Atlantis had somewhat acceptable ending (if we leave the major deus ex machina that happened in 05×20 slide… oh well!). Just… don’t let it hang in the middle of nowhere. Please. I’m fine with two or three seasons as long as it ends. It always did.

  • Now that would be fantastic! Get rid of SGU and concentrate on movies that showcase new adventures for SG-1 and Atlanis and provide some kind of closure for the best science shows ever. Surely, SyFy could drop all that money for their pathetic excuse of the Saturday night features.

  • Stop your bashing. We do know what you think but don´t talk like all people would be on your side.

  • The move to Tuseday I don’t think makes a whole heck of a lot of sense I understand the thinking that more people tend to be around on Tuseday night as opposed to Friday. But to counteract the surplus of viewers for SGU other networks have shows that pull big ratings and potentially makes that viewer surplus a deficit on Tusedays. Especially when this show more or less has the mindset of a drama rather than scifi where most networks produce dramas the move is not necessarily a slam dunk. Where the show really does not have any competition on TV in the friday night time slot outside of sporting events in the long run it may be better to stay put.

  • @Zach236 They wanted to air wrestling on Friday nights, so they moved SGU to a Tuesday.

  • @Tanith: Zach236 points out a valid observation. SGU as a wannabe-Drama, will be competing with the likes of NCIS/NCISLA by moving the show to Tuesdays. NCIS has consistently improved in its ratings since season 1, and going into season 8 they are still going strong. I doubt SGU would be able to pull any viewers from there. Just using an example.

    I still miss SGA and prefer SGA over SGU. If I wanted to watch Battlegate: Voyager, I would’ve either watched BSG or ST:Voyager. Thankfully, some of this feeling moved away in the 2nd half of SGUs Season 1. Thou with the Lucian Alliance now on Destiny, they might very well become the “Maquis” of SGU.

  • Ew, I hadn’t thought of that comparison to the LA becoming like the Maquis on Voyager.. thanks a lot, darkthunder :P lol.

    As for changes potentially made to the 2nd half, my earlier post should have said that we knew that all filming was already completed. What I was talking about was wondering about how much was “re-cut” after the feedback, as opposed to “re-filmed” (which we know wasn’t done). More minutes are filmed for each episode than what gets aired, so we were just wondering how much of what we saw in the 2nd half was footage they previously cut but then put back in to replace overdrama stuff cut based on feedback. I mean, stuff about the guy’s unexpected kid, the marital issues, etc were just kind of dropped and not mentioned again. Seems odd? (not that I’m complaining:)

    Anyway, hopefully Season 2 starts of really strong and can hang on to that momentum long enough for the stragglers to decide to give it another chance.

  • what do you want to say to us?? Do you mean that this is because of the Ratings? I don´t think so!

  • Just because one of the lead (albeit very good) writers is leaving doesn’t mean anything’s going down. The shows have been collectively running for 16 season. Give people who make it a break, will you? Jesus, how do they even put up with those kinds of fans?

  • I don’t watch SGU because I don’t think it’s as good as SGA or SG1 but more importantly because of the camera technique. I want to watch stargate not the blair witch project or cloverfield. Also I have a visual impairment so I don’t need to make my vision worse. They dumped SGA and the movies for SGU and they need the Lucian Alliance. I won’t be flipping to SGU again. Stargate was fun while it lasted

  • I stopped watching, and gave up on stargate all togeather.

    Could not make it to the end it annoyed me to much.

    These numbers are great news i hope this show gets killed by the end of season 2.

  • Nice to see the ‘If I can’t have my Stargate then nobody else can have theirs’ attitude. Screw those that like it, am I right?

  • Well this so called ‘If I can’t have my Stargate then nobody else can have theirs’ attitude is just as bad as this ‘Watch it even if you gag from it, because I do like it’ nonsense that pops up other places, you know.

    That’s what the ratings are for, ultimately. Business decisions that go by numbers, not by yapping (though, the last happens too, sometimes ;o)).

    Question for the ratings- geeks: Is that much of up and down normal in any given TV show? I mean a few percent fluctuation does not seem strange (to me, who has no clue), but +/- about 20% partly in the middle of airing periods? Normal: y/n?

  • ‘Watch it even if you gag from it, because I do like it’

    No one would say such nonsense because it´s nonsense. Don´t watch it if you don´t like it, that is what this people do Saying.

  • “Uh, I think you mixed your words up. Syfy is moving SGU from the graveyard and placing it in a slot that provides the show a higher chance to succeed.”

    No, SGU is getting the boot so wrestling can take over Friday and give the network a much stronger performance. No one from syfy is speaking highly of SGU anymore. Ask briangate.

  • Of course. I’m just imagining all those “but if you don’t watch it Stargate will die forever, you can’t want that” wails. And the “give it a little longer, it will grab you” pleads. Sure. I’ll keep on waiting for an answer to my question while trying to reign in my rampaging imagination now. Don’t mind me ;o).

  • i think it should be given time i know everything will come to order in the sgu
    and i cant wait to see ware this new story will go

  • I predict Season Two will be the final season of SGU. It’s getting better, but not fast enough or good enough.

  • I predict SGU gets more than 2 Seasons because it is really good

  • My friends and I quit watching after Divided afforded the most over-the-top war-of-all-against-all story I’ve ever seen. When Rush woke up during the surgery we all laughed at how absurd the show had become.

    A few months later, my father was watching an episode he had DVR’d (think it was Sabotage) and I almost did a double take: was this even the same show? Then we watched Pain and I realized: yes it is the same show but it is improving.

    The season finale (Subversion – Incursion 2) was pretty neat, but I think with a show that had such controversy surrounding it from its conception three years ago it was bad form to do a cliff-hanger of that magnitude. I hope that does not have a negative effect.

    What I notice in the numbers above is a similar series of events in viewership: the more melodrama in an episode the liklier there will be a drop in the viewership for the next. Since the previous two shows usually had a blend of action and light-medium drama I think it is safe to say that people expect a certain minimum of momentum in an episode of Stargate. All of the hype and all of the hyperventilating aside: I hope the showrunners take note of the facts behind the numbers and rebalance the show.

    Altera is right: this show has a lot of room to be good. But it’s not quite there yet in resonating with the intended audience. I had walked away after giving the show 11 episodes, and came back when I saw something resembling what I liked about Stargate. I only hope Season 2 keeps our interest.

  • All I can say is that the first season was a let down for me I enjoyed 3 episodes out of 20 compared to SG-1 and Atlantis which I could watch any episode again and enjoy it Dont no if I would purchase the Universe DVD’s depends on season 2 and if there is a 3 if no bit improvment in season 2 I probably wouldnt purchase the DVD’s I love the stargate franchise but they seem to be killing it off with universe.

  • TPTB will say anything, inclding crunching numbers, to attempt to fool fans into accepting Universe. They blew it when SGA was cancedled and they know it. Blowing sunshine up our skirts just doesn’t do it. I want SGA back, which I cannot have. I want SGA movies, which I cannot have. So, apparently, do millions of others. Give it up and stop ramming Universe down our throats. A group of us now spend Friday nigts watching SGA on video and discussing the series and where it might have gone given decent writers and sponsorship. Just our way of coping with the death of a magnificent series.

  • Then watch your SGA. you said millions are with you. I say millions are liking SGU, too. If you have nothing good and constructive to say then leave and say nothing and don´t complain about a thing you won´t watch.

  • To altera: It’s not just the fans that are disappointed. We have our support groups and fanfiction,etc. It’s the cast and crew we’r really worried about. We have an inside source who says that in general they’re not faring well. We’ve taken up quite a bit of money anonymously and some of us with other connections are helping out with looking for other jobs, especially for the crew. Not everyone who participated on SGA was immediatetly transferred to SGU. We having on-going job searches for those who need them and with so many members with varied skill sets, we intend to offer our support in any way we can.

  • Which Crew?? the SGU Cast?? I don´t understand what you´re talking about. Do you spend money for the SGU cast or what?? If you mean a Fan Crew or something like that then what has this to do with the fact that many people Love SGU. And that you should not complain about a Show, you don´t watch anymore.

  • SGU is part of a franchise. So it is natural that people complain about SGU, when they think that it is harming the whole franchise with its existence. They should have made a completely new series without any connection to the Stargate franchise, if they wanted to change everything, which make SG1 and SGA great.

  • People are very selfish if they think that only their vision of Stargate should exist. It is a different part of the whole franchise.

    If you don´t like that part it´s ok but don´t complain about it because the SGU Fans don´t complain about SG1/SGA, too. This is the new way/new era of the franchise. Either you can go with it or not.

  • There are a lot of SGU fans who speak bad about SG1 and SGA and they are not alone. Even TPTB seemed to be ashamed of their older series, especially about SGA. And SGU fans don’t even have a reason for it. It is not like SGU was cancelled for another Stargate series, like SGA was. And they also didn’t have to read tons of insults towards “old” Stargate fans from TPTB and some SGU actors. They have their series. The “old” fans don’t even have their promised movies and that won’t change.

  • come on, the producers have nothing to do with the green light for the movies. and if I were one of the producers then I would shot a lot harder against the old stubborn fans.

    Because they did much more bashing against SGU. Months before SGU started, a lot of the old fans wanted the Series dead even before the Show has been started. I can fully understand why some actors and producers are upset.

    Don´t complain about a wild animal that has been released by yourself.

    I like the old Shows, too. But I like the new Show more than the old ones because it is new wind for the franchise. And the Ancient Tech is far more important than it was in SGA or SG1.

  • TPTB even ridiculed people, who wrote well written critical comments about SGU AFTER they had the opportunity to see it. Brad Wright even attacked the professional critic Maureen Ryan.

    Mallozzi’s insults are to numerous to list here. And those two are not the only ones involved in making SGU, who speak bad about SG1 and SGA fans.

    And it doesn’t matter who is responsible that the movies are not made. The fact is in every interview TPTB made after the cancellation of SGA, they guaranteed the movies. Those promises were broken. They should have never make those promises, if they couldn’t fulfill them. They look like liars now, who just make those promises to calm the anger of SG1 and especially SGA fans.

    And Ancient Tech was MUCH more important in SG1 and SGA. In SGU the discussion about ANY technology is nearly completely absent. It is all about the “flawed”, morally questionable characters. How do the stones work exactly? They are used more often than the Stargate and they still haven’t explained them in detail. What about the robot? Details about the working of the Destiny? The obelisk? How does it work? And so on and so on. They don’t explore any kind of technology in detail. It wasn’t said how the Ancient chair work. It was only used for drama, like the stones. The technology is only a means to produce drama. It is in itself completely unimportant in SGU.

  • We will see more details about the Destiny, the ancients and the reason why the lucian alliance want the destiny. And they didn´t break their promise because they promised that they will make the movies and not that they are responsible for the green light.

    And of coures it did matter who begun with these wave of hatred. It is not OK, but at the beginning it wasn´t the SGU Fans. It is no excuse because such commentaries are not good but they don´t start it.

  • They also promised a lot of aliens in the second half of season 1 and we only got those short scenes with the lame blue aliens. And they also promised not to rehash ideas from SG1 and SGA and that they also didn’t want to use human looking like aliens and they still use the Lucian Alliance. I stopped believing in any of their promises.

    And you said it yourself. They promised to make the movies and they are still not made and probably will never be. So they broke their promises. They shouldn’t promise something, if they aren’t sure that they can fulfill their promises. They made it sound in their interviews directly after the cancellation of SGA, as if the movies were already green lighted and that they will be made 100%. That was obviously not the case.

  • To Altera: I’ll try this again: there is a group connected with members of the cast (not the main stars) and crew who lost their jobs because SGA was cancelled. This group includes insiders who help the people out with finding jobs. Help can be monetary or information about where work on various television and movie projects are hiring. Some of these people were promised jobs *when* the SG-1 and SGA movies were made. Promised. They were lied to. Pure and simple, they were lied to as were the fans.

  • @ psw

    the Lucian Alliance are not an Alien race. They are Humans. And weather or not we saw Aliens, and that in a couple of Episodes.

    And again, if this is why you and all the other old fans are upset then it is a very cheap reason because it counts how you see the situation.

    We saw Aliens in a couple of episodes. The Producer will make the Movies if they have the green light ans etc.

  • To altera: I can’t find anything against the rules about this, but I’m open-minded and would love for you to list your reasons why I should watch and support Universe. Since you answered/posted on this thread 16 times I’m sure you have a lot to say. If you’d like, email me at ritalois at yahoo dot com to convince/convert me.

  • I’m thinking I may end up on the minus side for next season. I watched the entire season, and quite frankly I miss the comedy too much. This is exactly what Doctor Who learned 40 years ago ish? You take yourself too seriously with something like this and you fail. Stargate is just learning in reverse imo….

    BTW as I recall SGA ended it’s last season with a 1.7 rating… and got canceled. Yet SYFY renewed SGU with the same ratings? I seriously hate that channel sometimes. Malozzi should be talking to BBC not SYFY. Seriously sad business…

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