Propworx Stargate Auctions: Week 24

GateWorld takes a microscope to ten items available in this week's Stargate Artifacts auction.


The Propworx weekly Stargate auctions keep going and going! This week the company is upping the number of large lots they are selling, from Atlantis Gate Room stained glass windows to multiple types of Goa’uld braziers!

And of course there are numerous props, costumes and pieces of art which are available.

Let’s have a closer look!

Daniel Jackson Hero Glasses
Hero glasses worn by actor Michael Shanks as “Daniel Jackson”. Despite his repeated experiences in a sarcophagus, Daniel never developed improved eyesight. He occasionally switched to contact lenses, but mainly wore glasses throughout the ten-year run of the series.

Michael Shanks Chair Back
Director’s chair-style chair back featuring the SG-1 logo on one side and actor Michael Shanks’s name on the other. Shanks played “Daniel Jackson” on Stargate SG-1 for nine full seasons and two feature films.

propworx_week24_02Atlantis Gateroom Stained Glass Window

Stained glass window pane used as set dressing in the Stargate Atlantis Gate room throughout all five seasons of the series. This pane was taken from the balcony side of the command tower, overlooking the city of Atlantis.

8 Foot Wall Panel
Ancient-themed wall paneling, used as set decoration in the hallways of the city of Atlantis. Set pieces like these brought the lost city of the Ancients to life for five seasons.

propworx_week24_06Teyla Costume Sketches
Two original sketches made by Atlantis costume designer Valerie Halverson for the inspiration of Teyla Emmagan’s costumes. These sketches later helped bring new costumes for Teyla to life.

Samantha Carter Dog Tag
Dog tag worn by actress Amanda Tapping as “Samantha Carter” in Stargate SG-1. A valuable member of the SG-1 team, Sam worked on the Stargate project two years before Dr. Daniel Jackson managed to open the wormhole to Abydos. She worked her way through the ranks from captain to a full bird colonel, and eventually commander of her own Deep Space Carrier, the George Hammond.

propworx_week24_04Goa’uld Brazier
Brazier featured in countless interior Goa’uld sets for Stargate SG-1. The Goa’uld, who took on the mythos of the ancient gods of Earth, often preferred fire as a dramatic alternative to typical lighting fixtures.

Working Wraith Door Mechanism
Wraith door mechanism which functioned as a door opener and as set decoration in several episodes of Stargate Atlantis, including Season Four’s episode “Spoils of War”. Includes a power source and working push-buttons. The Wraith served as the Atlantis expedition’s chief nemesis during the course of the series.

propworx_week24_05SGC Photo Collage
A one-of-a-kind spread of unique photos taken of Stargate Command. This photo spread not only ensured continuity if the sets had to be changed, but provided a lasting record of the configuration of props and set pieces.

Complete Jaffa Tattoo Stencil Set

The complete Jaffa tattoo stencil set acquired by Propworx, featuring 20 various tattoos. This set includes Anubis, Apophis, Ares, Atum, Baal, Cronus, Hathor, Heru-Ur, Imhotep, Khonsu, Moloc, Montu, Nirrti, Ramius, Seth, Sokar, Svarog, Tilgath, Yu and Zipacna. Using these stencils, tattoos were makeup-applied to the foreheads of Jaffa actors to distinguish the god whom they were born to serve.

Let’s look at some of the high and low sales from last week’s Stargate auctions. On the high end, the Wraith Drone costume sold for $1,525.00, the Zat Gun and holster sold for $1,427.00 and the Jennifer Keller uniform from missing sold for $669.99.

On the low end, a hallway bench from Atlantis sold for $0.99, Teyla’s necklace artwork sold for $10.50, and a Stargate Continuum promo shirt sold for $15.50.

Stick with GateWorld next week as Propworx launches its benchmark 25th weekly Stargate auction! Check them out on the Web at

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13 years ago

i want sam’s dogtags!! :p

what’s a ‘deep space carrier’ type of ship?

13 years ago

Ooo Mitchells Wallet! ;)