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My day just stopped sucking & believe me, it was sucking REAL bad & wasn’t about to stop for just anything.


The Big Question is: What is plan B?
I’m guessing Brad is going to try to convince Syfy to pay the total amount for making the movies since MGM is broke; like what they are doing with SGU…but what do I know.


And what is the news here? TPTB are saying all the time, that the SG1 and SGA movies will be made someday in the future. But they still don’t exist and I don’t think they ever will. After countless empty promises, I am going to assume, they will never be made, until they start to shoot the movies.


Errm, the direct-to-DVD market was replaced by the direct-to-internet market.


Its too late now. This should be their Plan B: http://bit.ly/aLyFJe

I know its too weird but its the only way to get stargate out of this ditch.


I was thinking that Plan B could be to convince MGM to sell the rights to the movies to a company that can start filming right away, but the idea of convincing Syfy to pay to get them filmed is plausable too.. it’s almost the same thing though Syfy is a NBC/Universal company and I heard somewhere (can’t remember where) that NBC/Universal would be interested in buying the franchise if MGM sells.. who knows.. I just hope the movies get made soon! I want a conclusion to Atlantis!


Surely there are many possibilities around for making the thing special and attractive. How about releasing 3D stuff ? Or something interactive ?


What about Direct-to-disk ? ;-)
People come with their hard drive to the store and get a full definition and DRM-free movie to enjoy.
Some are doing this in some french cinemas, it’s called “video en poche” : http://www.videoenpoche.info/
No need to press or burn and ship DVDs ;-)


*raises glass* Here’s to Plan B and hoping that something happens soon for the next Stargate movies! I wish Brad Wright the very best of luck in his discussions with MGM!


The DVD market’s not doing so great but, why not a 2-3 part mini-series?


I’m really hopeful that they make them.

I just have 1 question. They sold the whole SGC in the PropWorx auctions, what they heck would they do about that?


Why not make something like a 3 or 6 episode mini-series event? SyFy and MGM could foot the bill. They could still release to DVD or paid subscription on internet after the mini-series airs. Big problem with on-line is pirating.


So what Brad is saying is contrary to what Joe Said? “No Chance of Movies being made if SGU Tanks”. So is this another “carrot”, or a pie-in-the-sky Statement to pique the interest of the fast dissapearing SG Fandom? stats certainly does not show the “add 1.6 mil to already existing 1.6mil” scenario when it was hard pressed 90% of the time to get that original 1.6mil to watch.


This is just another example of a company slow or not willing to change with the times. As jon889 pointed out, its gone to a direct to download market and MGM seems stuck in a mindset that it must be DVD sales or nothing. Off hand I can think of several online avenues that they could use to host the film. 1. Netflix: this is the most obvious. They could do both the DVD rental approach and the instant. 2. Zune: Through the Xbox 360, there is a huge liberary of videos to choose from. 3. Im not sure what… Read more »


Darren, I would like to see some investigative work on this, see if you can get Brad Wright to let up a little on what his plan B may entail.


It’d be fantastic to finally see those movies… but after this long, I’m not going to hold my breath.

Deep Like Daniel

I think Plan B will entail fan contribution. We, the fans, can purchase “bonds” in the movie up to the slotted price of a DVD. So in theory a fan like me can contribute $1-$20, and once the movie hits the shelves, I get whatever I put in off my copy. So if one were to purchase a $10 bond, the DVD will only cost another $5 to $10. Each movie can have its own bond, so someone who is itching to see a resolution to Atlantis, but can’t stand Claudia Black can still have their say. I know, bonds… Read more »


I can’t see them being made and I question the motive behind the sudden discussion of them at this time.

I would much rather see a short broadcast+DVD mini-series made somewhat similar to what was done with the BB5 follow-on, Crusade and their movies, than some 90 minute flash in the pan — that’s all folks terminal Stargate effort. But I’ve read too many times that we’ve all growed up and moved on from the old Stargate to expect much more from Bridge Studios now.

Ganthet Jr.

I wonder if Plan B is a miniseries?


A mini series with a tie in to all 3 shows would be awesome. Especially with all the actors from the previuos shows moving on to to other projects it would give them a way to compensate if certain people aren’t available. And since they still haven’t brought the Furlings into it, why not now? it would be a good way to tie them all together.


Could someone please explain to me why “…the direct-to-DVD market has gone away”? They have a pretty good idea how the DVDs will sell based on past sales of ‘Arc Of Truth’ and ‘Continuum’. So what’s the problem? And what is this “Plan B”, anyway? Also, is a mini-series out of the question? I’m not an industry insider (obviously) but it seems that if they really wanted to make movies, they’d have done so already. P.S. I happen to like Claudia Black. What’s not to like? P.P.S. While I have your attention (or not), it seems to me that a… Read more »


Ah this is very good news. Let’s hope it will work!


@Pioneering // MGM is looking at other sales from other direct to dvd sales, and judging it on that.

Plan B is either a mini-series or a big budget film. Mini series being more likely, and what I think would be best.

Deep Like Daniel


So are you a 45 year old man or a 15 year old girl?
Are you seriously asking people to put that in their comments?

P.P.P.S. I’m a 4 year old Irish Springer, does that help?


i’ll super keep my fingers crossed that this plan B gets the movies made!!!



Lets hope plan B works. Have been looking forward to a third SG1 moving since Continuum. and would like to finally see Atlantis properly concluded. :)
As a fan who was disapointed with season1 of Universe this is really great news to hear they haven’t given up hope entirely. Really miss SG1 and Atlantis. :(

Captain Green

could Plan B be,
SG-1 Season 11
SG-A Season 6
wrapping up all out questions %100 with no more movies?


@Deep Like Daniel

Thanks for your smarta$$ comment.

But to answer your question: I think that gender and age information should be part of the user’s sign-up information.

And to answer your second question: No, that doesn’t help. But telling us all your real age and gender, however, would especially in light of your sarcasm.

Deep Like Daniel

I’m 28, male.
Honestly, I’m offended you need to know someone’s age and sex to decide if you should take their comments seriously. And no matter the gender or age, there is some stereotype we can think of to rationalize not taking them seriously anyway.


Sadly, Stargate is riding a dead horse in MGM.

We can hope for liquidation to free it.


Please, PLEASE make it work!!!!

I re-watched all 15 seasons of both shows plus Sanctuary countles times but it doesn’t help… I want more Stargate :D (SGU just isn’t the same for me, sorry…)

So I’ll be praying for some way to make the two movies happen, because it would be the best news ever!!

Fingers crossed!


Ooooh a Plan B. Looks like his Plan B is “Hopefully we’ll still get our chance.”

Hell, the Cylons had a plan, look how that turned out.

TPTB should have had plans B, C, and D set up before coming up with Plan A… didn’t Stargate teach me “Since when does Plan A ever work?”

Sounds like they want to do the movies, but have no way of doing them right now… this isn’t news, this is “nope, no movies yet, check back next year.”


I am the same as everyone else, wondering what this plan B is, I got the feeling it either telling the movies stories through SGU over several seasons, which is really the simplest way to get the stories done out to the public.
Or some new finance method, either Syfy funding the production or perhaps someone else taking on the finance risks of producing the movies, the producers themselves or a other party.
I do not see a on-line company like Netfix getting into making there own productions an risk there relationship with the studios.


SGA season 6 should be plan B.


Hello folks, I just wanted to say a few things real fast. I as well as many of you enjoy stargate a bunch and many like me probably have watched it since it started. I think it is sad that the truely imagination driven shows,movies ect seem to never get the support that say…dancing with the stars gets. It is inventive shows like stargate that help inspire our future scientists and considering the sad shape our planet is in, we need all the science we can muster. That being said I truely hope that the new movies find a way… Read more »


While it is good news that Brad still has the movies on his mind, I have to say I’m not hopeful. The movies have become a lure to long time fans, ‘a don’t leave us yet – we have those movies we promised’ comment that has become a thing in it’s own right. Not making them but not killing them either is probably keeping some fans hanging on. If you were worried about your fan base, wouldn’t you do the same? If they can only make one movie I would prefer Atlantis be the one that gets the dollars. As… Read more »


perhaps the plan b is that they will try and put it in the cinamas so it won’t be going direct to dvd, im not sure about the rest of the world but it has never come in the cinimas were i live and if it did then maybe that will attract a wider audience of people making more money.


@Deep Like Daniel I said nothing about “taking them seriously”. I said “puts the entire comment in perspective”. Not the same thing at all. For example, young girls tend not to like the Vala Mal Doran character because she has the attention of “their Daniel”. This kind of thing came out in surveys they used to take here on this forum. So I’m just stating a fact. Don’t shoot the messenger. And again, yes, it makes a big difference. Now this is the last I’m going to say on the subject. It appears that one cannot express an opinion here… Read more »


I still have not heard why the direct to DVD market is no longer an option. What happened to make this not viable please?


Apologies for saying so, but this is not a particularly good article. You read the headline and decide to open up the article to find out about this “Plan B”, however nowhere in this article (at least the bits posted here on GW) does it say anything about what this Plan B actually is.

Why bother posting an article about Plan B and then make no mention about what Plan B actually is… sigh.

Ancient Scientist

I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really hope that the movies come, especially SGA. The series ended quite abruptly, so it will be nice to have it properly ended. I hope they do eventually go back to the Pegasus galaxy because they still have some unfinished business to attend to (the wraith.) I mean poor people in the Pegasus galaxy……like what happens to them? Do the wraith take over???? And those weird alien green guys back in the episode with the Daedalus going to other universes, are they in the Pegasus… Read more »

Professor Plum

Personally I do not want the movies to be written by the current writing team as they have messed up big time with sgu and I do not want them to trash the much loved previous series that they are so fond of disrespecting at the moment in their interviews and blogs. The timing of this announcement is also a bit suspect. Why bring up the movies just as S2 of sgu gets terrible ratings?


I’m guessing this only happens if SGU gets number 3 so everyone needs to support the show for this to happen :P


mgm knows what the dvd sales are and will be for another movie.
i could care less about a resolution for atlantis but i do like claudia black and think she adds quite a bit to the sg-1.
yeah, the bond idea will fly when pigs do.
there is some money deal happening. most probably mgm wants to remain uncommited so they can sell their holdings for a better price.


Im older and dont have a computor at home (yet)so I want the dvd.whats a furling? NO crossovers with sgu they cant handle the funning and greater actors/actress of SG1 & SGA. sorry sgu is just to bleak.


Seriously? I hope this never happens. I was very disappointed by the way SGA was ruined starting from Season 4 and I don’t want to see any further damages. I prefer to remember my favourite characters the way they were, thanks.


Call me cynical, but the timing of these comments smack of a desperate ‘carrot’ to get fans watching SGU. @Rob24 lol…I’m guessing the :P = sarcasm! I highly doubt a SGA or SG1 movie depends on SGU getting an s3 or we would have had these movies by now. It’s just an ineffective ploy to get people to keep watching. Not to mention SG1 & SGA’s ratings were much higher then the disaster that is SGU (cant blame it on the new time slot as Warehouse 13 pulled in 2.4million only a week before, and SGU will no doubt slip… Read more »


Unfortunately, I think you are correct. When they start selling the props, it’s probably done and I also agree that they are probably lying to the fan base just to get them to watch SGU. It is interesting they say they are still trying to do this when, if you go to the industry news publications, MGM can’t even finish it’s current movies right now much less commit to anything new. They can’t even green light a James bond flick. Until, MGM is bought or otherwise disposed of, nothing new is going to happen. The only reason SGU is on… Read more »