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Stargate ratings up for ‘The Greater Good’

Wednesday - November 10, 2010
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The first ratings numbers are in for “The Greater Good,” the game-changing seventh episode of Stargate Universe‘s new second season.  The episode gave SGU a slight boost in viewership, with an estimated 1.074 million viewers tuning in to learn about the true nature of Destiny‘s mission, according to a reliable GateWorld Forum source.

That’s an improvement of 11 percent over last week, when the show faced the midterm election coverage in the U.S. and the ratings powerhouse Dancing With the Stars.

This week Dancing drew 16.96 million viewers to ABC, ahead of NCIS: Los Angeles‘ 15.62 million on CBS. 6.75 million people tuned in for NBC’s 2-hour The Biggest Loser from 8 to 10 p.m. And FOX picked up 5.77 million and 2.83 million for its sitcoms Raising Hope and Running Wilde (respectively) in the 9 p.m. hour.

On Friday last week, Sanctuary — Syfy’s only other original scripted drama currently airing — brought in 1.257 million viewers.  That’s down 15 percent from the previous week.

Sanctuary also appears to be drawing strongly from the under-18 demographic that tunes in for WWE Smackdown: it’s household rating this week (0.8 HH) was double its rating in the all-important 18 to 49 demographic (0.4 HH).

SGU‘s ratings were a 0.7 HH and 0.4 HH in the demo this week. (Note that this is not on the same scale as Syfy’s coverage ratings, which we have reported for SG-1 and Atlantis in the past.)

Next week we’re heading into the final three episodes of SGU‘s fall season!  Grab your popcorn and don’t miss the manhunt in “Malice,” written and directed by Robert C. Cooper and filmed on location in New Mexico.  The episode airs next Tuesday at 9 p.m. (8 Central) on Syfy Channel.

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children.

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  • Well, it’s less than I hoped for, but much more that I expected. Also it’s proof that last weeks down was due of elections, not people avoiding SGU in masse.

    So now task is to hold this number and increase it for next three episodes. If it is done, then I think there are chances to get S3. Let’s cross fingers and pray.

    p.s. btw, avoiding all spoilers, Rush anger in next week’s episode is something to see – Carlyle at his best. We will have two superior actors playing true revenge game. Must see.

  • Ah, but we’re playing stats again. The numbers were so low that a small increase yields a high percentage. Barely edging over a million there’s no election to blame and this was preceded by some guerilla marketing, a major convention, and “please watch my show” pleading as well. This isn’t a big spike for what was hailed as the “discover the bridge and mission” episode these past few weeks.

    Unless someone wants to blame the ratings on the superior conjunction of Saturn last night, a cable outage in Indianapolis, or Obama’s Indonesia trip I think this show is in dire straits.

  • It’s an uphill battle. On other sites I visit I hear a lot of negative comments towards SGU. I think the first season made a bad first impression with a lot of folks and it’s really hard to break that once it’s out there. I think season 2 is a big improvement but I can’t see this show really pulling in much better numbers. Hopefully we’ll get enough for a 3rd season.

  • Mentat: registering just under 1.1 is not a “barerly edging over a million” in my humble opinion.

  • The best thing they could do for the show at this point is to toss the damn communication stones out the airlock. I’m not saying that’ll save the show, but it sure would make it a lot less frustrating to watch.

  • And it sure ain’t 1.6 or even 2.6. Or the 1.6+ 1.6 that was to happen in some peoples minds.

  • To Pecisk: what proof is elections ?
    usealy more people watch if there is something to watch , like this week episode was one of the best in this season and 2 last episodes got less ratings cause they were to boring to most of the people to just watch it

    this sgu was ment for younger oudiance but the outcome was to drama and to big brother like that is to boring for younger oudiance … they should make more episode like this was and less of the pointless drama fillers
    in sg1 and sga the filler episodes were good to but most of the show was with optimism with happy toughts and good guys won in the end of a day

  • And if they kill off Ginn/Mandy for no good reason whatsoever, the ratings will be right back in the toilet again. (not to say, it aint already there)

  • Jenks: it appears so. Forums and site itself have been so many times down – it gives a funny feeling that someone tries to DoS it regularly or something :)

  • Darkthunder: What qualifies as “good reason”? Call me one noble and peaceful death in Stargate Universe. Right, there is no one. Life is harsh. Question is – is this good plot wise? It will hurt a lot for Rush and Eli, but it will also give them an edge which will drive them to do heoristic stuff.

    And btw, does old pals from SG-1 or SGA had private life? Right, none. Loved ones – all dead, all gone.

    It is just how SGU does things slowly makes so big emotional impact.

    Raitings wise – well, if next episode will be good, then their (possible) deaths won’t have such big impact.

    p.s. in the end, yes, I love both Ginn and Mandy and I will be see them sad to go. But all good things in live it comes to end.

  • Well i Did some Numbers the First season of SGU had an average of 2.0995 Viewers for the first 6 eppy’s the Second Season is down to 1.249 thats nearly a 50% Loss do you Honestly think its going to get a second season. I mean really they tried and failed he had to beg and plead “Please watch my show” …. enough said

  • Eagalis: well, maybe numbers is down because – shocking – it is Tuesday and lot of people don’t watch show live because it is too much going on?

  • Eagalis, they *didnt* lost viewers, they all went DVR, because there are three major series going on Tuesdays.

  • @Pecisk: No they didn’t. The DVR numbers are still the same: approximately 500k. The same as during S1, there was no uptick. People who stopped watching didn’t time-shift, they just dropped the show. Or they watch it elsewhere/during a time period that’s not measured by Nielsen. None of that will help the show get renewed.

  • katikatnik: I know that they count only DVR numbers who view it same night, so later doesn’t count. But there is lot of indication that it is what exactly happens – lot of people watch it much later than same night.

    Anyway, it will get renewed or not, I won’t argue because I’m enjoying SGU anyway – in my humble opinion there is no lost viewers. Just people record it and watch it much later. Which of course sucks for raitings.

  • How is SGU fairing elsewhere?, like Canada for example. There is more to this than just ratings in the USA, This is aired all over the world and future DVD/BD sales are also a factor.
    Science Fiction has rarely been a massive ratings pull, even ST-TNG when it aired here in Australia started 7.30pm,then quickly moved to a 11pm and later timeslot.
    Ratings are only part of the picture, not the be all and end all of SGU’s existence.

  • First off, let me say…I hope SGU gets at least one more season. I think if the show isnt kicking ass by then…then it’s probably a lost cause.

    But I am concerned. This newest ep was good and it showed some real potential but Joe (Exec Prod) has said some troubling things on his blog over the last few months. Things like, he doesn’t like the Ancients as a general concept, which he dismisses as not a problem since “there are plenty of writers on staff who like them” but when the guy in charge dislikes one of the core concepts of the show he’s working on…that just can’t be a good thing.
    Another comment was that he preferred self contained stories rather than the ones drawing on franchise history. SGU isnt really a good fit in that regard either. And recently when he was talking about the possibility of SGU getting cancelled…he said something like after so many good years on the show he didnt feel like he’d have room to complain…which, while not knocking the show, sounds kind of resigned to the inevitable. Kind of like he has one foot out the door. I think he even mentioned other projects he would move on to pretty quickly. Nothing is worse for morale on any kind of job than hearing your boss planning his next project once this one tanks. (Rick Berman anyone?)

  • @Pecisk: “But there is lot of indication that it is what exactly happens – lot of people watch it much later than same night.”

    You are talking about the Live+7 ratings. And they are still the same. DVR: 500k viewers who watch the show in the next 7 days after the first airing. Still the same number as during S1. Lost viewers didn’t time-shift to a period measured by Nielsen.

    And Nielsen measures Live Raw, Live+SD (what we get the next days), C3 (what the advertisers are interested in) and Live+7 (how many people watched the show in 7 days after the first airing).

  • @Pecisk: As it was posted by Briangate in GW’s forum:

    Live + SD

    Intervention – 0.9 HH Rating (1.2 Million viewers)
    Aftermath – 0.8 HH Rating (1.1 Million viewers)
    Awakening – 0.9 HH Rating (1.2 Million viewers)
    Pathogen – 0.8 HH rating (1.0 Million viewers)
    Cloverdale – 0.8 HH rating (1.0 Million viewers)

    Season to date: 0.9 HH rating (1.1 Million viewers)

    Live + 7

    Intervention – 1.3 HH rating (1.7 Million viewers)
    Aftermath – 1.2 HH rating (1.6 Million viewers)
    Awakening – 1.3 HH rating (1.7 Million viewers)
    Pathogen – 1.1 HH rating (1.5 Million viewers)

    Season to date: 1.2 HH rating (1.6 Million viewers)

  • @Imperious: The show’s doing pretty bad in foreign countries too. I can’t give you specific numbers off the top of my head now – you would have to dig deep in the ratings thread in GW’s forum – but both in Canada and in the UK, the show dropped approximately 50% between the premiere and the latest measured ep. So, you can say that the downward trend isn’t just US specific.

  • @lopo30:
    It was a ‘new’ audience not a younger one. It isn’t too drama or *ANYTHING* like big brother. You’re going to complain about filler (which is a made up accusation) & then praise SGA? SGA was filled to the brim with Johnny Repeato filler cookie cutter episodes.

  • I haven’t seen the latest BARB figures for SGU ,but I’m wondering if having Sanctuary S3 on Watch and SGU on Sky One on Tuesday evenings as two genre shows airing new eps in direct scheduling competition might be a factor ?:)

    In our house we tend to watch SGU ,then go to Watch +1 to catch Sanctuary.
    Our data doesn’t get collected though,so viewing live just gives me and the family a scifi Tuesday.

    @ Jenks “Is it just me, or is the forum completely fecked?”
    Database errors,I’m afraid.
    Cause : unknown,but hopefully Darren and Greg can nix the glitches soon.:)

  • @Imperious — SGU could be number one in the UK, iTunes and DVD sales and it wouldn’t make much of a difference. SyFy doesn’t see any money from any of that. SyFy depends on US ratings for revenue and that is what they base renewal decisions on.

    If the show does well elsewhere MGM could charge SyFy less. In part that is how Doll House got a second season but I doubt it will help SGU get a third. MGM is not in a position to give away broadcast rights. With ratings this low, SyFy needs to find something else to put in the slot.

    The way the TV industry works is becoming increasingly out of step with viewers. Unfair and possibly a bad business model….

    We’re not happy about it. As expats, we don’t even get a chance at filling out Nielson diaries anymore.

    Maybe it is time to start lobbying the BBC to produce a 3rd season of SGU. If Torchwood can move to the US….

  • I would stop dancing around the point guys. People just don’t like SGU (and, one must say, I can’t blame them).

    The producers have made it clear that they have no intention of changing the ‘new concept’ which they started with SGU, therefore, I think the franchise has come to an end.

    I hold no grudge. They gave us 15 great seasons of SciFi with SG1 and SGA, and that’s a lot.

  • Ratings:
    USA: ep 101 2.35 mil. -> ep 207 1.07 mil.
    UK (overn.): ep 101 891k -> ep 205 188k
    Germany: ep 101 2.32 mil. -> ep 120 1.16 mil.

    I can’t find Space’s latest ratings, though.

  • I still say that Syfy can’t afford to cancel SGU this season because they have nothing to replace it with. Even if Blood & Chrome becomes a success, we’ll still have to wait ’til 2012 for the series to really start.

    Also, I should point out that the ratings for this episode is based on “Trial & Error”. Is it really that hard to realise that people aren’t psychic?

    As for “The Greater Good”, it seems even the haters like it. That’s gong to be refrected in the ratings for “Malice”, which is an off-world episode and might well continue the upward trend.

    Even if it doesn’t, it might convince viewers that the “bad old days” are over and thus permanently increase the ratings.

  • The Greater Good in my opinion is one of the best episodes so far. I am looking forward to next week. I am sure there are others who feel the same way and the ratings will reflect that.

  • @ Jenks “SGU is Space’s highest rated show.” They haven’t made that claim since the premier episodes. In fact they haven’t said ANYTHING about the show since then. The cone of silence has descended on the show. I believe the current ratings there are nothing to talk about anymore.

  • Sorry, but the BBC is never going to pick up SGU. Even if they wanted to, they couldn’t afford it – British television costs a fraction of US shows and the BBC are suffering funding cuts as it is. Nor, I suspect, could any of the other UK channels. If Syfy can’t get the numbers, the show is heading out the door.

    As for viewers in general, I watched the first 8 eps of S1 and really struggled to find *anything* worthwhile, so I gave up. I watched the last 3 eps of S1 and still didn’t think it was much better. So far, I’ve seen the first 4 eps of S2 and I feel like I’m doing it out of duty.

    If I feel like that, and my viewings don’t count in the numbers, why would anyone in the US actually watch? If there are a couple of poor eps then a good one, why would somebody tune in just to find out if this is the week they get the good ep?

  • I know there is zero chance of the BBC picking up SGU. Now that I’ve seen the UK ratings, I’d say less then zero.

    At least the ratings are going up. I’m hopeful SyFy will air all of season 2.

  • @Evilslayer: I thought the same of SGA, that they had nothing to replace it with, back then, when the VP of SyFy’s programming promised fans that they would keep SGA around no matter what, that was at Comic Con in 2008. A month later, the show was canceled on higher ratings than SGU has now. And SGU was put on fast-track.

    And have you seen SyFy’s slate of possible projects for next season? I don’t see why these shows couldn’t be finished for fall 2011. They can be picky. They could cancel SGU, replace it with non-space based show in the fall, pick up either Orion or Sherwood and have it ready for spring 2012.

  • Actually foreign ratings do count…to some degree.

    When Syfy made the mini-series of BSG it got ok but not great ratings in the US which meant it was touch and go on whether it would be commissioned as a series. It did however get fantastic ratings on SkyOne in the UK, who then invested heavily to ensure it got commissioned and this is why the UK got season 1 first. S1 was then a ratings success so I’m guessing Syfy changed the contracts/investments as the US got the premiere from then on. So yes, foreign ratings, with broadcasters that have the money to invest count to some degree (unfortunately thats generally commercial ones like BSkyB, though the BBC does invest in some co-productions, like Rome for example).

    SGU has awful numbers in the UK, live & DVR. Nearly 900k is pretty good for a show on SkyOne, however that was the premiere and they nose dived soon after and have never recovered. As you can see from the ratings, they’re only getting 20% of the original figures which is down right pathetic, so I very much doubt any broadcaster is going to be investing in it foreign or domestic. The commercials get a lot of their cash from advertising, and advertising revenue is down massively across the board because no one has any money or they’re being very careful with it i.e. not taking risks.

    Put simply, SGU has to have a sustained high ratings draw to generate investment, it’s not getting it and shown a consistent and substantial downward trend. If this show gets a season 3, then it will not have been a traditional deal and frankly, they’re bonkers, the numbers just dont justify it no matter how you spin it and what magic maths you apply.

  • I am not an SGU hater but like many others I have also abandoned Destiny. Initially I committed myself to watching all of Season 1. I was quite happy to watch it slowly evolve but by mid-season it was clear to me that it really was going nowhere. I found myself getting to the point where I was hoping it wouldn’t be as bad as I expected. Sadly only “Human” really stands out for me in the second half of S1.

    I see parallels with ST:Enterprise which lost so many viewers that by the time they did get it partly right it was far too late. I also agree with others here. Maybe now is the time to let the franchise go.

  • I was ready to see the end of this show right up until this past two weeks episodes. I can finally say I’m liking the show now, expecially this last episode. I was OK with the show not coming back next season before this, now I really hope it keeps going this same direction and stays on for another season to see if it can get some legs.

  • I’m happy for the ratings up! Season 2 is far better than season 1. Hope things will go a bit quicker on the Destiny from now that they have the bride. I really enjoy it, and I know it will renewed for a 3rd season. I also agree with the tv addict: “For those seeking science fiction entertainment, there is no finer sci-fi on television than STARGATE UNIVERSE.”

  • Woohoo! It’s back up from immaterial to marginally noticable! The ratings need to do a lot more than ‘stay up’. They’re still not up high enough to simply need to ‘stay up’. They need to keep going up. And they’re just not going to. I disagree about letting the franchise go, there’s still a lot of life left in it. This just wasn’t the way. Want to draw a younger audience? Ok. Want to appeal to a wider audience? Ok. But as with most things, there’s a right and wrong way to do it and they chose the latter. The people have spoken by turning the channel. Those who like SGU the way it is, too bad. It’s not going to cut it. Those of us who thought it was a mistake, the data is proving our point. I’m not saying that it necessarily had to use the same formula of the previous incarnations, but burning the long-time fans was just a bad idea.

  • @cobber123 Consider watching again. As others have said the SGU got better after you tuned out.

  • mythos I agree with your post completely. It’s fine to want to widen the audience but I guess cheap and negatively charged reality show style drama, in a scifi show, just doesn’t do the job.

    Also, the idea of creating flawed characters that have such overt, even unrealistic bad qualities surely backfired, since no one can identify with these characters.

    And when you don’t have characters you can relate to on an emotional level – you stop watching more often than not.

  • It is quite interesting that only place that you can meet SGU naysayers are raitings articles. Afaik you guys told show will get booted last session too.

    To be honest, I won’t pretend to know how it will end. I will just enjoy it.

    mythos: well, problem is that old stargaters dont enjoy it. Newcomers enjoy it a lot. And there is a problem. You just can’t let go of SG-1/SGA formula. Nevermind that SGA S5 was struggling with new ideas. Nevermind that only episode which I remember from it is…’Vegas’, which is very close to SGU style.

    SG team just wanted to do things differently because they grown tired of using same formula again, again and again.

  • @Pecisk – You’re not seeing the bigger picture. There aren’t enough ‘newcomers’ to matter. Obviously SGU does have fans. I don’t think anyone is claiming otherwise. When things like “no one likes it” and the like are said, it’s not meant in the literal sense that absolutely no one likes it. It’s meant in the sense that 1 million viewers is far, far, far short of where it needs to be. And more people liked SG1 and SGA. SGA S5 averaged something like over half a million more viewers per episode. You may not have remembered it, but if you like SGU more, you’re among the statistically insignificant and while I don’t mean this in a personal sense, you don’t ultimately matter. I’m not saying you’re wrong for liking SGU. To each their own. I’m saying the folks running the Stargate franchise made an improper business decision regarding the direction the franchise was taken in with this show as is now evident by the failing of this show in the only measures of success that matter to the future of the show. SGU fans keep wanting to debate the merits of the show where us older fans are more concerned with the legacy and sustainability of the franchise. What we see in SGU isn’t just an end to our era of the franchise but likely an end to the franchise as a whole.

  • SGA was canceled for better ratings than that..
    This show has mistake written all over it. I can’t imagine the usual series ratings decline on this show over five years. they simply can’t stay with this format.

  • Ok, so let me get this straight. The Destiny’s mission is to find where the universe began? The Big Bang?

  • @gutz420
    I dunno either, wasn’t made very clear was it?
    Think part of my problem was I was expecting this episode to be a massive turning point in the series, and tbh, if it is meant to be a massive turning point then I just didn’t feel it.

    Ratings…well, I’m still undecisive at the moment, its still going really slow…I think the show had tons of potential and could’ve worked with a lot of people if it had been handled better.
    Obviously this couldn’t of happened cause both series has already been cancelled, but it’d of been better if SGU had been brought about the same way as SGA, like, SGA was sorta introduced in SG-1, Lost City (pt 1 & 2) and New Order (pt 1 & 2), plus SGA had characters that were introduced in SG-1, like Weir and McKay, which I felt helped, well, it did personally for me anyway.
    Another problem I think is advertisement. Although, I’m in the UK, so I wouldn’t know about how it is over in the US, but here, I’ve NEVER seen an advertisement for SGU, which is pretty pathetic. This is the same as what happened with Dollhouse, it was barely advertised, then by the time me – and the 4 other people who I know that’ve watched it – started watching it, the damage had already been done, and it was cancelled. That – in my opinion (each to their own, before tons of hardcore haters jump down my throught) – is why SGU is doing this bad with the ratings. The audience is out there, they just don’t know SGU exists, and I think with the new turn, not enough of the old fans are warming upto it (including myself, cause I’m 50/50 atm), then not only are they losing fans from the old series’s, they’re not gaining any new ones.

    I think this series is well done, good actors, and good storylines for people who like those types, and I think it could of been a really popular series if Syfy had advertised it. If it gets renewed, then somebody’s gonna need to push to get Syfy to get a grip, cause I seriously doubt it’ll survive much longer otherwise. but as I said, each to their own. And I do hope the ratings continue to go up for the people who do like it.

  • thats meant to be throat* btw. lol.
    Also think moving it to Tuesday was the worst thing that could’ve been done, to ‘help’ the show. Was a pretty poor choice IMO.
    Anybody understand the ending? Does that means that Simeon guys gonna kill Perry?

  • 1.2 season to date. Not even as good as SGA’s last season and we all know what happened to that.

  • I like SGU,but I think they should’ve been at this point of the story by the end of season one.
    And what’s the greatest shame something tells me that after 4 months midseason break,numbers are gonna plumit even more..sure hope they don’t,but think they will..and if that happens by spring we’ll be certain the franchise is caput!!

  • We came back to watch this ep after hearing it should be heavy on Ancient lore but there wasn’t really a whole lot. Missed a few of the last couple weeks and honestly it didn’t feel like we missed anything watching this one :/

    But anyway this was a bit better of an episode although still a little too light on the ancients, and again I don’t recall seeing any round circular objects used to create stable worm holes :(

    I believe the show can easily maintain these ratings if not add .1 – .3 more if they can be consistent along these lines.

    That said… the mid season “break” is going to literally break the shows back in terms of viewers by the time it airs again. Although I would expect a Season 3 decision to be made way before the show resumes in the spring.

  • pls just watch Stargate Universe, I just love it to bits…..If you just give it ago and stop compearing it to SG1/SGA.. and let it stand on its own…


  • @gutz420 – ‘The Big Reveal’ about Destiny’s purpose wasn’t that they were looking for the big bang, but rather that they were looking for what was there before it occurred. The Ancient’s supposedly found an ‘order’ to the background radiation of the universe. Implying that there was something tangible that existed before the big bang occurred. Basically, Destiny was sent to look for ‘god’ in a sense. It’s a fascinating philosophical concept. I don’t think it was executed particularly well, though. And it was probably too little too late. The characters haven’t been set up in such a sense where this would seem likely to cause them to want to continue the mission rather than try to find a way home which has been implied will be the outcome. So that just means more forced drama. I think this was probably a mistake for this show to try to take on. It’s also a very dangerous topic to take on because you risk alienating people.

  • A lot of people I see on here are like bring atlantis back or bring sg1 back! Got news for ya people there over its time for sgu! Now its clear we all like stargate or we wouldn’t be on here. But I think the best way to get more sg1 and atlantis is to watch sgu! If we bring the ratings up to 2 even 3 million live veiwers every week we the fans will single handedly show syfy and mgm that stargate is one of the best franchises out there! And I know we have the fan base and sgu isn’t bad at all I think it has the potential to be the best series yet! Even if your busy tuesday nights set you fios or receiver to syfy cause this show and this franchise are way to great to get shut down or cancelled because of low ratings! Come on we the fans need to pull together and show these network and studio types what we’re made of!!!!

  • @Starscapesg1: I totally agree with you (Y) We all like stargate. We watch SGU I say it is an awesome show! And I’m sure we will get the other movies as well. But I’m quite sure they won’t continue SG1 or Atlantis. :S But here is Universe! It’s getting better and better! :) Let’s toss the ratings up to 2/3 million live, let’s show syfy that Stargate is the best! Enough of fighting each other! We are the Stargate fans! WE are the SG franchise!

  • The average of SGU’s season 2 is 1.071 million viewers live + SD at the moment. SGA’s season 5 got 1.62 million viewers live + SD. So if SGA’s ratings were really the main reason for its cancellation like Brad Wright said, SGU will get cancelled for sure.

  • @Starscapesg1, @dendu – Umm…do you really think that those whom like the show aren’t trying to raise the ratings already? If there were enough interest for it to get 2-3 million viewers, it would already have 2-3 million viewers. It’s not just a matter of wishing it into being. The problem is that there aren’t a lot of people whom actually like the show. There are some like me whom think it’s being horribly mishandled but will still dvr it and watch. But there are a lot who gave up on it all together. And there are hardly any new fans from what I’ve seen. It’s not the feud between the fans of SG1/SGA and SGU that is causing the ratings problem. It’s the simple lack thereof. People just aren’t watching SGU as much. Instead of appealing to a wider audience, it’s appealing to a smaller one. And SGU was supposed to get bigger ratings than SGA. Not the same ratings and certainly not lower ratings, but bigger. It’s just not as popular as it’s predecessors.

  • If it will get higher ratings, it won’t be cancelled. Do you really want a Stargate Show to end? I don’t understand you people. In every rating post (of sgu’s) you tell us “sga was cancelled with better ratings etc.” AND? So what? Why are you still here? If sgu gets cancelled you have to say goodbye to the movies I think… Watch sgu and it will have better ratings than sga, so it won’t get cancelled. =)

  • I watched this week’s episode and have to say I was quite disappointed. The revelation of Destiny’s mission just fell flat for me. I was hoping for something more tangible and more profound. Yes, I realize trying to discover what happened during the big bang could be profound, but my guess is this “carrot on stick” will be held in our faces until the very end of the show with no real resolution. I can’t imagine the crew choosing to help Destiny with its mission (which could take another 100,000 years for all we know) over wanting to get home. Good episode overall, but fell flat for me and wasn’t a game changer in my opinion.

    I see a lot of people on the forum talking about how “us fans” need to support SGU so the franchise doesn’t fall apart. I for one feel no need to support a show I don’t particularly like. In fact, here is what I hope happens. I hope SGU ends prematurely at this point in time and instead of SyFy turning their back on Stargate, I hope they regroup and try to produce a 4th show that has elements from both SG1, SGA and SGU. I don’t see this show being what people want in the long term, so I would like to see them write up a nice ending for this show and turn their attention to creating a new Stargate show that might appeal to a larger audience. I also think having some fresh writers would be a good idea as well.

  • Very few people who stopped watching SGU/never watched SGU believe that SGA/SG-1 will return. This argument is getting quite tiresome. Sure, there are unreasonable SGA/SG-1 fans, but using “SGU is all you’ve got, so shut up” every time someone lays out a well-founded argument based on ratings, US and international, is quite childish.

  • I want a SGA movie, but I don’t see what watching SGU has to do with it. In fact, it is my belief that if SGU does well, TPTB would see no point in making the SG1 or SGA movies, they would think the direction they took with SGU is what people wanted and feel no need to get those SGA/SG1 viewers back.

  • I’m just curious, Sanctuary is running a 1.27 on a Friday night while SGU is running a 1.07 on a Tuesday night against some heavy compeition with both holding the 0.4 18-49 demo (which is a crazy wide age range!). I guess I’m not seeing the “circling down the drain” mentality that’s going around. Unless they bring out something incredible to put against the network hit shows, I don’t see it going anywhere. Syfy is just trying to hold on to their small piece of the demographic. We’ll see I guess.

  • For people that dont like the show i keep seeing the same ones here week after week just bashing it anyway they can, do you really not have anything more constructive to do with your time?

    I know this site isnt just about SGU, but why would someone who has admitted they dont like the show, or even watches it anymore feel the need to come into discussions about universe thinking they’re opinion is vaild, because it isnt. Just the same way my opinion on Star trek isnt valid because i dont like it, i hate it in fact, but do you know what i do? I certainly don’t waste my time going to those websites bashing it every week. seriously, find something better to do, because you come back here week after week saying the same thing, if Universe gets lower ratings you’re the first people there saying cancel it, if it gets better ratings, you’re still here saying the same thing, its getting boring!!

  • Hmmm. I didn’t see a stargate in this ep either. This is “STARGATE” Universe? Was there ever an ep of sga/sg1 that never showed the gate? I don’t Think so. The show should be called Destiny.

  • Firstly let me just say that i do watch SG:U. However its not that compelling. Its as slow as a glacier, few of the characters are likeable, and most of the time its just plain boring. Its like they thought some of Battlestars darkness would be a good idea, but completely missed the point.
    It should have humour, adult themes, sophisticated characters and action. In SG:U it just means dismal boredom and brooding. Yawn.

  • Darren Sumner

    There are several episodes of SG-1 and SGA in which the Stargate never appears (particularly the latter), dating all the way back to SG-1 Season Four’s “Tangent.” (Though the gate is used for the story — when Sam and Daniel go searching for Jacob — it never appears.)

    In later seasons, when Earth had ships (and when Sheppard’s team had a puddle jumper), it became quite common for the Stargate to go unused and even unseen.

  • All im saying is that if SGU gets better ratings that MGM or whoever took them over will have a better reason to make the SG1 and Atlantis movies we all want. And that we can get the franchise moving on three legs with SG1 and Atlantis movies coming out every couple years and SGU on tv.

  • I don’t believe that watching/not watching SGU will affect SG1 or SGA. Watching it for SG1 or SGA doesn’t say, make those movies! It says, I like what I’m watching! Make more of it! So why would someone that doesn’t enjoy SGU watch it? It doesn’t say, I want SG1/SGA, it says I want SGU.
    @xandder, so people that don’t like SGU’s opinion doesn’t matter and that they don’t have a right to discuss it? That doesn’t sound right…

  • @Emily
    he didn’t say people who don’t like it don’t matter…point he’s trying to make is that its the exact same small group of people who always come onto these ratings to say ‘the show sucks, we want sg1/sga’. And he’s right, I prefer SG1 and SGA far more than SGU, but even I get fed up with people using these articles to moan about it. At no point did he say anybody’s opinion didn’t matter. And in all fairness, there’s plenty forums and the likes that have been created to moan about SGU, so there’s really no need for it here…

    However, on the other topic, I agree with you. Nobody who hates a show should be asked to watch it ‘to help save the franchise’. Only reason I keep watching it is I’m still praying they speed things up a lot, but that’s my personal choice, it’s got nothing to do with helping SG1 or SGA. It’s nobody’s responsibility to watch SGU if they don’t want to, it’s pointless watching a show you don’t like. And nobody should be asked to do that…

  • The end of SGU is far more likely to bring about the SG1 and SGA movies than the continuation of it is. MGM owns a property that has done better in the past and they’ll want to find some way to make money off of it either by going forward with the movies or selling it off to someone whom is more interested in doing so. So, no…it’s not better for those whom want to see SGU go away and see the SG1/SGA movies made to watch SGU to keep it going.

    And Gateworld, if I’m not mistaken, is a site for fans of Stargate, not just SGU. I’m a Stargate fan. I think SGU is the weakest link so far. I’ve been watching it so I’m completely capable of judging it. If all you want is to hear the praises of SGU, then you too should want SGU to be better so that it’s praise-worthy. And so it gets better ratings. SGU has been a failure by all measurable means. Significantly lower ratings than the show it replaced because of that show’s perceived low ratings basically sums it up. I do actually hope SGU keeps going just because the base premise is interesting. I also hope they change how they’re approaching it because how they’re approaching it just isn’t very good. They can be the ‘wrong people’ without all being miserable, sullen little babies.

  • The production of the SGU season costs 40 mil$.
    If the viewership turns around 1 mil people..they should all pay some 40-50 bucks to sy-fy’s account and we have a third season..pure profit would then come from commercials!LOL

  • @Jim – They’re having a hard time getting a million people to watch it for free…not sure that they could squeeze that much out of it. And I didn’t know that SGU was costing $40M a season…that doesn’t bode well for it’s future.

  • The big reveal was weak. If they were going to go someplace with this show they’d narrow the focus and get somewhere already.. wandering aimlessly star charting is goofy.

    I’ve lost all hope of figuring out who they’re trying to appeal to.. Twilight Zone episodes had more plot. The Outer Limits was more inventive… and not so openly hostile to SG1 and SGA.

    My patience just ran out this week.

    They’re going on a manhunt in New Mexico next week?.. for real? wow.

    The magnitude of disappointment is mightier than the show.

    I just feel let down and exhausted as a viewer.

  • Executive producers and show creators can (and do) play “Fan Excuse Bingo” too.

    SciFiNow is urging angry Atlantis fans to stop punishing Stargate Universe. And if that was just a fan lament, I’d just laugh it off. But, when Brad Wright, the excutive producer and co-creator of SGU gets in on the action, that’s another story:

    “I don’t think if we for any reason go away, it is an issue necessarily of the quality of the product that we’ve been making,” said executive producer and co-creator Brad Wright. “I think getting moved on the schedule has hurt us. And the fact that some of the fans that liked SG-1 and Atlantis were so angry that they have deliberately hurt us, which is unfortunate.”


    First, I completely agree that there are certainly some Stargate: Atlantis fans who are over-the-top angry, but the only place they seemed to have punished SGU is on Internet blog posts. But I think they are a small minority relative to the TV viewing (and even the Stargate-loving) universe.

    I’m not an angry SG1 or Stargate: Atlantis fan. I loved lots of SG1 episodes and I liked Stargate: Atlantis. I don’t like Stargate Universe and it isn’t because I was angry Stargate Atlantis ended. In fact, completely independent of SGU, I thought it was time for them to end Atlantis when they ended it.

    While I agree that the move to Tuesdays hasn’t helped, it’s not like the show was going gangbusters on Fridays either.

    The simplest reason that not many people are watching SGU is that Wright and crew have created and developed a show that not many people are interested in watching. That doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with quality or execution. They might be telling exactly the stories they want to tell in exactly the way they want to tell them. I don’t think there’s any hubris in doing that. But it’s one thing to begrudgingly recognize that people haven’t embraced the concept, and it’s another thing to blame disgruntled fans of previous versions of the franchise.

    I have no quarrel with Brad Wright (or Joe Mallozzi), they (and others) have provided me countless hours of entertainment with the Stargate franchise, and for that I am grateful. But I’m not interested in SGU (and I tried, tried, tried again, and then tried yet again with season two). It’s not for me and that’s not because Stargate Atlantis ended.

    Ok First they beg us to watch the show then they throw stones at the ppl who dislike the show.

  • @Egalis Exactly right!!
    You forget previous season,when they’d actually arrogantlly attacked the fans who didn’t like the show,then came pleading to watch their show from Brad Wright himself and now this..accusing the angry Atlantis fans!
    lol I mean this is really funny ansd ridiculous..they’re all long time tv professionals.This is simply not how tv’s not film noire.And it’s not a complicated concept to grsp either.
    On tv,you don’t do something,just because it is a thing YOU want to artistically explore(I mean if you want it to succed and stay on the air).
    You do it for the fans,for other people.And if what you do is interesting and captivates the audience,they’llwatch it and you’ll get the IS as simple as that!
    I’ve been both SG-1 and Atlantis fan and have not only given SGU a chance,but was in fact very excited with it’s concept and loved it..and had defended it when the old fans were spueing venom all over this new product.
    But by now even I am getting tired and losing interest!

  • @Jim well I couldn’t find that article for a reference so I didn’t Post that

  • Mentat: well, I spent my time track you down and make you wrong :) ‘SGU is best rated SPACE show’ claim was made again during interview of the whole cast in InnerSPACE show.

  • My two cents here…

    I think it’s interesting to see the diversity of opinions among viewers. For what it’s worth, SGU is a show that appears to me, to appeal to a crowd that enjoys a fuller, richer and more developed character experience. I’ve enjoyed Stargate since Stargate, and have enjoyed both SG-1 and Atlantis on their own merits. I enjoy and refer back to them often because they are so much fun to watch, but what I often knew with them on the air, and that I certainly realize now, is just how much depth they were missing. And that’s not a bad thing, but it just means that I wanted to dive further into the experience. And that’s what SGU is for me.

    SGU isn’t perfect for my tastes by any stretch. I have struggled a little with pacing, but I thrive on the more intimate details – the build up. I can wait for details to be uncovered, for that puzzle to come together piece-by-piece, and to enjoy what wondering off the trail can bring you.

    Just remember that if Dr. Donald Johanson hadn’t wandered off the path in Hadar Africa in 1974, he wouldn’t have found Lucy and we likely wouldn’t have the proposed picture of Human evolution that we do.

    I absolutely love this show despite its sometimes glaring flaws, simply because it is deep and it makes me think about the possible and what new and fantastic things the crew could get into. I connect with all of the characters and care what happens to them, even if I want them to suffer a painful death, sooner than later. But that’s part of the fun of drama.

    This is great Science Fiction that needs help with execution sometimes, but it can never be accused of not having meat to it. I wonder who is a fan of “The Wheel of Time” epic.

  • @Lord_Shelby I agree with you,that was essentially what mythos amd I were kind of talking about too.And speaking for myself that is what keeps me interested at this show and the revelations it has in store for us.
    That’s also the reason that,no matter what may sometimes bother me about the execution..I still want this show to stay on the air and get another season.
    BTW You forget that the picture of a Human evolution that’d come from the discoveries in Africa is incomplete.They still haven’t figured out about scientific Eve being a Human-Cylon!!! BSG fan! ha

  • @Lord_Shelby – I don’t completely agree with the depth of the characters being greater on SGU. I know far more about O’Neill and Sheppard than I do about Young. Just because they didn’t focus on their personal lives as much didn’t mean they didn’t have one. We may have learned more about Young more quickly, but conversely we’re not likely going to get enough time with SGU to learn as much about him because doing it this way has tanked the ratings. So I don’t think learning more about the characters more quickly will ultimately lead to more depth to the characters.

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