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Stargate Universe ratings steady with ‘Malice’

Friday - November 19, 2010
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Ratings for the second season of Stargate Universe held pretty much steady this week,with an estimated 1.025 million viewers tuning in on Tuesday night for episode eight, “Malice.”

That’s a drop of just four and a half percent over the previous week’s episode.  SGU has been playing yo-yo with its ratings so far this year; the show has yet to see its ratings move in either direction two weeks in a row.

On the big networks, 17.434 million viewers watched ABC’s Dancing With the Stars during the 9 p.m. hour, while 15.812 million watched NCIS: Los Angeles. The Biggest Loser drew 6.905 million, and FOX’s hour of the sitcom Raising Hope averaged 4.935 million.

Last Friday Sanctuary picked up 1.574 million viewers, an impressive 25 percent improvement over the week before.

Just two episodes of Stargate Universe remain before the mid-season break!  Tune in next Tuesday for “Visitation,” which picks up on a storyline from Season One’s “Faith.”  It’s at 9 p.m. (8 Central) on Syfy Channel in the United States.

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  • geesh. how can a show expect to survive if they analyze every minute up and down turn of viewings every second of everytime an episode airs? so 100 more people watched one week, or 200 less another. Maybe some people had to take their kids to soccer or karate or something. Micromanagement never works.

  • The ratings trend this season is obvious and it’s flat. The real point is that this was supposed to be the big one in the “front half”. US on-location filming, improved in consideration of Stargate fan’s expectations, and to be a big ratings success leading up to the break.

    I think what’s become obvious no matter what you think of the show is that it is sitting at a point where it is relying on established viewers and is not bringing in any more eyeballs no matter how you want to spin the stats. Remember there were some pretty high profile chat about how this was to be a major episode. Clearly that hasn’t panned out in attracting new viewers.

    Draw your own conclusions about a season 3 happening.

  • ^”Visitation” is the episode that profits from “Malice”. People aren’t psychic, and most don’t read spoilers.

  • @ Evilslayer: True. It’s usually the episode after a good one that sees a ratingsrise, and the one after a bad one that will have lower ratings as people tune out again for the next one. We’ll have to see the fallout of Malice on the ratings next week.

    I’m starting to think that’s the quality of the show isn’t even having such a bearing on the ratings anymore. Season 1 gave an impression, a bad impression to many, so those viewers wandered off. I found Malice and almost the entirety of season 2 so far absolutely amazing but a shift in quality in the second season usually doesn’t help you if people didn’t like the first. Some bad decisions were made and IMHO the creators were a bit too confident in their show.

  • That are really good ratings for NCIS LA! I really like this series. It is not as successful as NCIS, but with these ratings it will still have a long life. :-)

    And it is nice to see that Sanctuary gained a lot of viewers. Last week Sanctuary got a series low with 1.257 million viewers. And this week they gained over 300,000 viewers. Now that is a nice uptick! :-)

  • >> Season 1 gave an impression

    It’s not about seasons, it’s about characters that no one can relate to.

    The personalities of the characters aboard ‘Destiny’ range from pathologically negative to outright clinically insane.

    When you don’t have a character you identify with / look up to / like on an emotional level, you just don’t come back.

  • yeah, my fav is rush and i’m not sure if that is becauase i like the character or if it’s because he’s Scottish. i’m going to go with Scottish because haft of the s*** doesn’t make sense.
    the only ones that comes close is the LT. and the Sargent.

    the col. eh.
    sg personal suppose to be the best of the best of the us military. so what gives?

  • I want to like Stargate Universe, I really do. It’s Stargate, and it holds a special place in my heart. But, it just can’t do it for me, its missing the magic that Stargate SG-1, and to a smaller degree, Atlantis had. They were fun to watch. Universe… I just can’t relate to the show, or the characters. Even with the reveal of Destiny’s mission, while really cool, isn’t enough to make me passionately watch. Even tho I wish it was, the quality of the show is extremely good.

    I sadly actually forgot this episode was even on this Tuesday, and didn’t realize it was on till most of the way through. But didn’t find it worth it to stop what I was doing and go watch it. For the umpteenth time since I started watching the show on the first episode, this has happened. It’s just not fun anymore. :(

  • I really wish they would stop comparing the viewership of show’s like Dancing with the Stars to SGU. The kind of people that watch that brain dead crap do not watch SGU. The drop in live viewers has little to do with the show but how many people watch it online or download it via iTunes as compared to when SG-1 and Atlantis were on. I personally live in Japan and used watch the show when it hit / Hulu, but now that they cut that I’m forced to torrent the show.

    If they want to people to watch it, then make it more accessible. It’s not that I won’t pay but that I cannot pay. I’m already paying $30 a month for a VPN to access US based content. Let me watch it and reap the advertising revenues.

  • Mentat has a point that the show is relying on established viewers, but at the same time you can trace the majority of the problems to the change in day to which it airs. as soon as it moved to tuesday nights; the raitings dropped dramatically. not only do people have things to do during that timeslot; heavy hitter shows that bring new eyes are it’s contenders. the fact that no station has realized that the internet is going to kill the TV like the Tv killed Radio. stop relying on just the TV, post it for free on the web, and charge for the advertising. you’ll get more viewers, more revenue (even though the studio is bankrupt), and a true idea of ratings. I am a die-hard stargate fan (own every episode/movie) and would love to see a 3rd season of SGU as-well-as the green light from the studio’s new owner to finally make the rest of the movies. in summery, change the time slot most importantly; accuratly research the ratings; and if possible get ahead of the curve and go on the net. (or even offer a membership to view any episode).

  • @general grievous I agree with you.Isn’t it ironic that in a show that was supposed to be and by all accounts and proclamations still IS a character driven show,so many people think the way you do,mind you..most of them don’t even follow the show anymore,they’d given up during,or after the first season.
    If that hadn’t happened,I’m sure SGU would nowdays be drawing somewhere around 1.7-2 mil viewers like SG-1 had been for a long time.
    The problem is they just didn’t evolve characters,their characterisation and interactions fast enough.By now it seems they’re stuck,without any character progression and the end result is as you say..people do not have a character to identify with/look up to,or like on any level.
    That is the main problem regarding the paste of the show,since it’s a character driven one..even bigger problem,much more relevant than the lack of a typical Stargate action.
    I’m positive people would have embraced the new approach with less typical action/problem solving/saving the world stuff..if the paste of the character development had been faster,thus making this kind of a show automaticaly more dynamic and appealing to both..,old fans and new viewers,which was the original plan and intention behind making this show,as well as giving it such a huge budget.A budget that will now,due to low ratings be the end of it!
    The only thing we,who still have some hope for this show to survive can do is exactly that..hope for a “miracle”.By that I mean a new,smarter time slot,better marketing,spreading the word..other than that,which is in Sy-Fy exec. hands cannot be anyone.The creators have already done and finished doing what they could!
    I hope for those guys,that I still have a big respect for and for all the sci-fi fans..that SGU survives and they get a chance to tell their story,if not the way they’d intended to in the beginning(that isn’t possible anymore),than at least properly..without having to haste and condense a five year story arc into a miniseries,or something!

  • @Evilslayer: ‘”Visitation” is the episode that profits from “Malice”. People aren’t psychic, and most don’t read spoilers.’

    Unfortunately, people were saying the same thing about The Greater Good and Malice and instead of rising, Malice dropped. We’ll see…

  • This proves my point that SGU is too awesome for casual viewers :P ;)

  • Hello people, just discovered this site.
    Over the years I’ve watched a number of SG eps in all forms and for the most part I like them. I recently bought the complete SG: Atlantis series and so far its fairly entertaining. Next up the complete SG1 series and for Xmas I hope to get SGU:S1. We must all keep watching Sci-fi otherwise its all CSINCISHouseLietome etc.etc.etc… all the time and my brain just can’t handle that. I guess outerspace just appeals to me more.

  • Also, I thought that ‘Malice’ was alright. At this point in the series I have no idea where Destiny may be going course wise, but I will stay tuned.

  • @Eagalis

    Otherwise you’d be watching Jean Paul Goddard movies in prime time..nothing against french film noire!!

  • And the fact that SGU is such a smart show is simply BS.It’s diferrent,it’s no smarter than SG-1,or just imitates BSG visual style more..that’s about it.
    Otherwise,most of it so far has been borring..a smart show should have been able to concise everything that had happened so far,much sooner,,character wise and story wise..that is called synthesis in logic,for those who think they are smarter than a casual viewer!!

  • The value to Syfy in a proven franchise like Stargate is that there is less uncertainty in creating a new show. Put “Stargate” in the title and follow the formula.

    Except, when you call it Stargate but you toss the formula out the window. People show up expecting one thing and get another.

    That being said, I have seen some progress in bringing SGU more in line with Stargate’s tried and true formula. They seem to be driving toward Young and Rush forming a O’Neill/Jackson type of bond. There has been more camaraderie among the crew.

    Malice was a disappointment though. I mean, we when I heard Knepper was going to be playing Simeon I had the impression that he was kind of a counterpoint to Rush. I thought he was going to be this brilliant guy and I kept waiting for him to realize that potential but he was just an angry thug. And what was his personal issue with Rush? He said he wanted Rush to be haunted by the death of Amanda. Why? Is there a history between these two that I missed? Oh and all of this crap that’s been building with Simeon ends with Rush killing him? That was as anticlimactic as killing Gin and Amanda was useless.

    The highest praise I could always give to SG1/SGA was that every episode “paid off” in multiple ways. It was fun, it was smart, it was adventure and it was building a history.

    At most SGU pays off once an episode but it always takes too damn long getting there.

  • @secretorigin Agreed

    @Gaeth No,not at all..
    Of cours it does,in a visual style and they themselves admited it..the moving,unstedy camera to give a more realistic,almost documentaristic perspective,darker that has nothing to do with BSG..what was I thinking?

  • If you remember the SYFy promotion before the show even went;something in between LOst and BSG..that wa sthe official promotion of the show..go back and read those announcements,you’ll see if you don’t remember.

  • Where can I watch new episodes of SGU online! Me no have cable and depend on online postings. Unlike last season, online postings this year have become very stingy, both on and, they each only have the first 2 eps. of season 2 posted, and seem to have forgotten about SGU altogether, it has been well over 30 days since their last post. Any other sites I can go to? I need my SGU fix pronto.

  • @ Jim.. Darker Tone and Shaky Cam does not are BSG Originals!

    @ Kathar of the Hill People… You can find it on English Itunes

  • @Jim: Yeah & The Shield did that way before then. As for a dark and run down ship, Firefly had that before BSG. I don’t care what the announcements said. To facilitate counter arguments against the BSG fans that would troll the SG1 & SGA message boards on imdb, I actually took up the tedious task of watching BSG. It was one of the most awful (and yet popular) things on television. To say the least, if SGU was *anything* like BSG I would not watch it for a second. You can recycle talking points all you want, it won’t change the truth. Sine Die

  • @Kathar of the Hill People: AFAIK, you can’t legally. New episodes are not available online until 30 days after their first airing. Or that’s what I heard. It’s TPTB’s attempt to give the ratings a push.

  • @Gaeth If you put all those technical elements together,SGU has the visual style of the BSG,that’s all.I also never said that BSG was the first.Of course movies and TV shows influence each other.But it doesn’t mean that because of that fact SGU is either better,or worse than BSG.
    Regarding BSG..I think it’s one of the best sci-fi shows ever and I’m obviously not alone in that..the show was popular because people liked didn’t..that’s’s a very well known fact that the discussion about tastes is pointless.
    But the cool fact is,or at least should be that no matter what,regardless of our other preferrences and likes/ thing connects us all here,we like Stargate!!

  • About the only way that SGU has distanced itself from BSG is that I believe BSG was getting better ratings.

  • I’m one of those SG-1 and SGA lovers that doesn’t like SGU. But I must say that the episode “Malice” is the first episode I actually enjoyed! It had action, some Sci-fi and some drama that actually added to the episode! I think that if more episodes are made like this one the rating will go up.

  • @jonah1956
    I believe that will happen,actually there are sings it’s started happening,I can feel the positive change in SGU and I honestly hope it’s not too little too late!

  • “When my wife watches the show with me, she sees it as a drama now, not a science fiction show.” – Brad Wright

    “… I don’t want to say alien. I don’t want to say the word alien. It just doesn’t feel like our show. Why can’t I say ‘those things’ or ‘that creature’ or whatever? We start saying the word alien and it just takes the show into a weird sci-fi thing that it hasn’t been so far.” – Brian J. Smith

    “I think the hard-core fans feel the same way that people felt about Star Trek. ‘How dare you you commercialize what is so special to me! How dare you try and take something that I’ve supported and watched and bought the DVDs and gone to conventions and try and make it something that my next-door neighbor, who’s a jock and who I can’t stand, can get into as well!’” – Brian J. Smith

    “Folks, if Atlantis was performing brilliantly in the ratings, it would still be on the air.” – Brad Wright

    “We wanted to bring in more than just 1.6 million fans from Atlantis,…” – David Blue

    “We want to keep the 1.6 million original fans and then add another 1.6 million on top of that.” – David Blue

    Incursion, Part 1: 1.178
    Intervention: 1.175
    Aftermath: 1.070
    Awakening: 1.222
    Pathogen: 0.974
    Cloverdale: 1.012
    Trial And Error: 0,967
    The Greater Good: 1.074
    Malice: 1.025

    “I think what kind of destroyed the franchise, in some ways, was ego and vanity. When that element of ego and vanity that’s sitting there in the franchise right now gets pushed aside, I think the whole thing could be re-tooled. I think it’s the type of franchise that has years in it, and has lots of legs.” – Joe Flanigan

  • Since my question to Eagalis was unceremoniously deleted, it seems that citing sources is forbidden which is a bit odd.

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