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Stargate Universe wraps Season Two filming!

Friday - November 19, 2010
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Stargate Universe wrapped principal photography on its second season today in Vancouver, British Columbia.  First unit filming concluded yesterday, with the second unit wrapping up today.

The last of Season Two’s 20 episodes will continue into the post-production process throughout the coming months, while the cast and crew wait to hear whether or not the series will be renewed for a third year.  That news is expected in December or perhaps January, after the ratings are in for the rest of the first half of the season.

The mid-season finale, “Resurgence,” airs on Syfy on November 30.

Syfy has not announced just when the back half of the season will air, but last year the network held off for fourth months and started SGU back up in early April.  Given the serialized nature of the show, however, many have suggested that a large mid-season break just isn’t a good programming strategy.

Season Two will conclude with “Gauntlet,” written by executive producer Paul Mullie.  The episode promises another big cliffhanger in the fine tradition of Stargate.  “Boy, that last scene … Dare I say it? Not a dry eye in the house!” fellow executive producer Joseph Mallozzi said on his blog.  He called the cliffhanger “gut-wrenching,” and said that the finale is more “epic” than last year’s (“Incursion, Part 2”).

“This one’ll raise (and singe) a few eyebrows — and set the stage for some major Season Three developments,” Mallozzi said.

Shooting included a major new set, which executive producer Brad Wright has hinted might be a new area of Destiny which the crew discovers some time around episode 17.

If the show is renewed, the writing team will be back at work almost immediately breaking stories, with shooting to begin again in late February or early March.

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  • Haven’t the auctions already begun? Kinos and stuff? Instead of a “cliffhanger” I think an “alternate ending” would be a wise option. Just one more ship parked in San Francisco Bay.

  • Im surprised that there is even a Kino up for auction. Other than maybe to help conceptualize the item I thought those were purely CG.

    I’m rather surprised that SyFy will make a call as to renew the show or not with it only having been in its new time slot for 10 episodes, then again I guess there is nothing that would stop them from reversing their decission down the road if the back half of the season turns out really good or really bad ratings.

  • there is one kino and one remote up for auction. Chances are they are just the plastic mock ups for use in scenes to look pretty. And it is for Charity! It isn’t like they are auctioning off the whole sets. It is a couple of props. You know how many zats they had? DOZENS! I’m sure they have plenty of kinos and kino remotes.

  • You know it always amazes me how much bile people sling at this show. What people fail to realize is that if this show is canceled there isn’t another one. Here are no direct movies being filmed. This quite possibly could be the last stargate show, at least for the forseeable future. Shouldn’t we enjoy what we got and forget about what could have been because, it ain’t coming back. If we support we get more. If we reject we won’t get anything.

  • I’ve been incredibly enjoying Season 2 and from the sounds of things its only going to get bigger and better and that the cliffhanger is going to be massive! Season 3 NEEDS to be commissioned! I’m desperate to see the cliffhanger…and Destiny’s mission…continued!

    SGU’s story needs to go on and be told!

  • Oh man, Resurgence is gonna be epic. They’re drawn into a war between two races. If the space battles are anything like SG-1’s Camelot or SGA’s Be All My Sins Remember’d, they’ll make the wait till next year’s episodes that much more difficult.

  • And now we await the agonising amount of time it takes SyFy to announce a season renewal or cancellation.

    WE WANT SEASON 3!!!!

  • @talyn00 OMG, I absolutely hate it when people make statements like you did here:

    “Shouldn’t we enjoy what we got and forget about what could have been because, it ain’t coming back. If we support we get more. If we reject we won’t get anything.”


    The producers of this show (Brad Wright, Joseph Mallozzi, et al) are not the owners of the Stargate license. That belongs to MGM studios, and can be sold or re-used at any time. Furthermore, none of these writers or producers has a say in what gets done or what doesnt get done. They do NOT get to dictate if/when any movies get done, or what they will be about or who will write them. You should be very clear on that, because these “if you dont do this, then you wont get that” mentality has no wings. Its FALSE.

    Having said that, its important to Stargate fans that we get back to Stargate and away from soap opera (which is how many see SGU). To longtime fans, the continued existence of Stargate Universe is a threat to the integrity of Stargate. It has already dragged the viewership to sub-million levels more than once, and has delivered the 6 lowest rated episodes in franchise history. To many Stargate fans, supporting this show makes no sense. If the cancellation of SGU means an end to “soap-fi”, then so be it. These writers will have to move on (they say they are bored with the ‘old format’ anyway). So, it only means an end to THIS version of the franchise. Later, fresh writers will pick it up and we will get a reboot of the franchise either through Emmerich and Devlin writing a new set of sequels as they have mentioned, ot MGM will hire new writers to do a new show. Space based soap opera is a no go. All shows which have followed that format have been canceled, with the exception of SGU…that will most likely be canceled in December. However, BSG: Blood and Chrome will be action/adventure/drama, and will do well. When Stargate goes back to action/adventure/drama, viewership will be restored. But these current writers are burned out and should pursue other endeavors.

  • I’m calling it right now..they are going to renew the show with a full third season order!
    Everything points to it..they’re building new sets,preparing for the crew to explore it,ending a season with a cliffhanger.I really don’t think they’d be doing it without some inside information that we still do not have.
    Plus they’ve already canceled Caprica..if the execs on Sy-Fy have any shrowd of reason left they’ll give it another season.One thing..I thing it’s gonna pay in the long run,although they haven’t been thinking long therm over there for quite a while,and the other thing..if they cancel it,what the hell do they have left!?

  • Yeah, there’s going to be a full season 3. I’m not worried. All the negative posts about cancellation have been so annoying. This is the last Stargate series we are going to see. I have faith that the franchise will go out with an amazing 5 seasons of SGU, just as planned. It’s only getting better with each episode.

  • Yep probably is the last SG series we’re going to see,although I hope it’s not(that’s a fool’s hope) it would be said if it ended like this,on a cliffhanger!Especially because that would probably be it for the whole story,since a straight to dvd movie market is dead and a feature production is not an option for the Stargate.So,yes the more I think about it,the more certain I am we’re gonna get a third season and after that one,things will probably get on track with next seasons..mind you,their plan was initially for five seasons,minimum!!I just do not believe they would leave things like I said the showrunners most probably have information we don’t.
    Otherwise I still remember how pissed off I was when they’d canceled Farscape prematurely,on a cliffhanger and then,only the Peacekeeper Wars miniseries saved it..the money for it having been raised by the more wealthy fans from the private sector,that raced to help Hanson’s Company give the fans of that awesome show a decent closure.
    I’m even gonna be so “bold” to predict that a renewal news will come before Christmas!!

  • The renewal news always comes before christmas, becaude filming would have to begin in february, and something tells me it will get renewed. Would Syfy allow them to build a whole new set for the last four episodes, just to cancel the show and rip it down a few months later? It doesn’t sound logical.

  • @Overmind One: SGU is not in any way, at any time, a soap opera. It never has been. I get tired of repeating this but as long as it is ignored I will continue to do so: Casual viewers make the ratings. Casual viewers. Not fans, not anti-fans. We’re talking channel surfers. The people that watch. They don’t troll, they don’t spam, they don’t read spoilers, they don’t make things up on imdb, they just watch. All the anti-fan rhetoric, & actual fan responses, will not make or break a show. Also, let’s not forget. Atlantis was canceled because the ratings were too low, & it was awful. Atlantis was awful. Just plain awful. If SGU is canceled. Then at least I’ll have 2 seasons of a great show, as opposed to multiple season of cookie cutter carbon copies.

  • Well,they said the news will come in either December,or January and then,depending on that,the filming would start in March probably if the news is positive..but wouldn’t be logical at all,especially considering they were saying how big and awesome,so presumably also expensive those new sets were.
    Now that I see people thinking the same thing I’m even more’s not just me.
    Whatever this show has been,the fact is that it’s improving and once it gets renewed I’m sure things will finally set in place right.
    I mean,from beginning I was open to this new concept,then became dissapointed somwhere along the way,but now again,i’m more and more pleased with what I’m seeing.They’re still not quite there and that would be my biggest problem with the show..they’ve been taking too much time to get anywhere with it..and I don’t mean the Destiny and it’s!
    But they are getting there,so I am more than willing to give them a chance to tell the story,the story that I’m honestly interested in,no matter what my problems with certain aspects of the show might be,or have been.And besides I’m always happier with the show that’s improving as it goes,than with the one that’s falling apart as the seasons go by,because the foundations are poor!

  • @Gaeth you said:

    “@Overmind One: SGU is not in any way, at any time, a soap opera. It never has been. I get tired of repeating this but as long as it is ignored I will continue to do so”

    Repeat your incorrect interpretations all you wish. The definition of “soap opera” as well as the definition of “science fiction” can easily be found online. Let me help:

    Definition of soap opera:

    a : a serial drama performed originally on a daytime radio or television program and chiefly characterized by tangled interpersonal situations and melodramatic or sentimental treatment b : a series of real-life events resembling a soap opera
    : the melodrama and sentimentality characteristic of a soap opera

    Now, the definition of science fiction:

    : fiction dealing principally with the impact of actual or imagined science on society or individuals or having a scientific factor as an essential orienting component


    Denying the definitions is your choice, just as denying the fact of the failure of this show to date is. Casual viewers do not watch the Sufu channel, science fiction fans do. And Stargate fans are science fiction fans, not drama fans which is why the original “built in” fanbase is not watching the show. The show is a DRAMA, and that was stated clearly by the producers and writers. I am not ignoring your opinion of SGU being a soap opera, I am CORRECTING you.

    Having said that, this is most likely the last season for Stargate Universe, and its ratings story has been dismal. When its canceled, it will be because of those dismal ratings and lack of interest by the general viewing audience. Those are the facts.

  • One thing i wish everyone would remember is that there are online viewers who because they may not get syfy channel. I think making Hulu wait 30 days to put up episodes was a stupid desicion. And by not putting them up the next day you force the viewers who would watch on hulu to downoad or find another website to watch it on.

  • @Overmind One
    You are right that the writers, and these people don’t own the Stargate Franchise, however MGM will not pay for a show, or any Direct to DVD Movies without knowing they will make some money in the end. If this show keeps getting lower ratings, that really could spell the end for Stargate Universe, and the STARGATE Franchise. You are right with your anything can happen attitude, for all I know they could bring SGA back tomorrow, but they won’t. It just didn’t do well enough, and I think people are right we have been watching the same type of show since Star Trek, even though I did like it. I for one am glad to see something reasonably fresh and reasonably original/creative. Now I know some will retort with how similar this show is to others, and blah, blah, blah….You can’t tell a story without drawing some kind or parallel with another story, there have been too many movies about every possible subject matter made, for something similar to have not been done before. The people that write this show do listen to us in the forums, no matter what some of you think. They can’t always go with what we want of course, but don’t think that they aren’t listening to us, cause I KNOW they are. On that note I think that If people would show more support for this show, and show some constructive criticism, as to what they like, and don’t like in a positive manner, we might be able to effect some change that we all like. just something to keep in mind, errr Overmind anyway :O)

  • We need a third season. The main reason we need one, is to get Christopher Judge to make a cameo appearance on the show!

    The rest of the pre-season 8 SG-1 cast have appeared (Amanda Tapping, Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks) so it’s only fair that Christopher Judge gets to pop-up in it somehow!


  • Teal’c was a great character, and he does deserve a guest shot on SGU…but how to make it work…

    …anywho, looking forward to next weeks episode.

  • @lmaceleighton

    Great comments. But there is a problem…you said:

    “I think that If people would show more support for this show, and show some constructive criticism, as to what they like, and don’t like in a positive manner, we might be able to effect some change that we all like.”

    I AGREE! But where is one going to do that? Currently, the forums on this very site do NOT allow constructive criticism of this show, or much criticism of the show at all (constructive or not). The only place where there is open discussion about his show without censorship is “the other place” which GW does not usually allow us to post here. On the Syfy forums there is more open dialogue, and I agree that TPTB are reading it ALL no matter where it appears. But they seem to only be reading and not comprehending. Season 2 was their opportunity to eliminate the biggest flaws of the show but they are still there:

    1) The communications stones. They are still in the show and still being used to facilitate earth drama that the fans dont like.
    2) The balance between drama and action/adventure is still off. They made improvements, but the core of the show still revolves arounf interpersonal conflicts instead of the Stargate.
    3) The characters: Greer is too angry, Chloe is too “River from Firefly”, Young is too psycho, and Scott is too unbelievable as a soldier. The military decorum on this show is non-existent (I am an ex-Marine). Its insulting.
    4) The plots are still dragging on, and the mission of this ship was a big let down.

    There is so much they could have done, and the whole Lucian Alliance thing screws up the canon from the other shows. Whost I am speaking about those shows, I think that TPTB still believe that its Atlantis fans who are hating on SGU. Im primarily an SG-1 fan, not an SAtlantis fan. I loved Atlantis, but its gone and wont be coming back. Nobody at “that other place” believes that SGA will be returning if SGU is canceled. Why TPTB keep saying that is beyond me. But to support SGU is to support something not Stargate. If these writers were bored and didnt want to write Stargate, they should have passed the reigns to somebody else, not force the horse to jump the shark. As a Stargate fan, I am prepared for a hiatus of a few years without any Stargate if it means that these writers are forced to move on and new blood can revitalize/reboot the Stargate franchise.

  • @Overmind One The definitions aren’t really important here,because you can obviously interprete them the way it suits you POV.
    But even if you look at your definition of science fiction(I’ve heard of better ones)..dealing with the impact of whatever on society or individuals automatically involves the elements of DRAMA!The point being,things are not black and white..this is drama and therefore is bad,this has serialized format..therefore is a soap opera and bad…
    Science Fiction does not mean action,by the definition you,yourself doesn’t need to have any action in it to be sci-fi and every real sci-fi fan knows that.
    One of the best sci-fi movies of all time..2001 The Space Odissey..isn’t really an action movie,is it?
    So the problem,hypothetical,or a real one..with this or any other show for that matter,is not whether it fits some definiton,whether it’s a drama,or not..the problem is good,or bad writing/directing/acting.
    The acting part in this show is exellent,so the problem is somewhere else.
    If you write and direct good,interesting compelling characters,put them in interesting situations,with interesting interpersonal will have viewers,no matter if it has more drama or action,or whichever elements,that is the key.
    And the general viewreship nowdays prefferrs more serialized shows,with longer story arcs.
    As I’ve said before I believe that the problem of this show has been it’s pasting and the dynamic..development on all fronts has just been too slow,that is the problem in my opoinion,not the fact that it doesn’t have that old Stargate SG-1 feel,I mean you can’t have that forever.If a show doesn’t evolve,it becomes staile and repeating the same old scenarios,over and over is never a good thing.
    So I absolutely understand and support the Stargate showrunners’ desire to explore new things,options is a normal human thing.It is only that their execution of that pursuit hasn’t been all that good,for reasons I’ve already mentioned,but I can see them improving and am more than willing to give them the benefit of a doubt and a ‘third’ chance.
    There are also people out there who share that viewpoint..I just hope it’s gonna be enough and actually believe it will.
    I see all of these problems as growing pains..the show is growing up and that is commendable.I’m aware of the people out there,who call themselves the”real” Stargate fans,but honestly I view them as those who refuse to grow up with the show.And that’s fine,everyone has the right to their own preferrences..but in that case don’t watch it.I honestly do not understand their need to take every chance they can to sabotage this show,just because they don’t like it! That is not a constructive criticism!

  • @Jim

    Good points. However I must take exception to this part of your post:

    “And the general viewership nowdays preferred more serialized shows,with longer story arcs.”


    If that were true (and TPTB for SGU thought it was), then the shows which followed that format would be thriving. For the “mainstream” (drama) audiences, the serialized format and longer story arcs work very well. Shows like NCIS, Lost, BSG. But not with science fiction audiences. The action/adventure/drama model is still the ticket, and it explains why the next BSG show will follow that format instead of the failed “soap-fi” model used by canceled shows like Caprica, Defying Gravity, Flash Forward and yes…BSG. Science fiction has been around much longer than you or I or the writers of these shows.

    Also, you said this:

    “I see all of these problems as growing pains..the show is growing up and that is commendable.I’m aware of the people out there,who call themselves the”real” Stargate fans,but honestly I view them as those who refuse to grow up with the show.And that’s fine,everyone has the right to their own preferences..but in that case don’t watch it. I honestly do not understand their need to take every chance they can to sabotage this show,just because they don’t like it! That is not a constructive criticism!”

    Again, NO.

    There is nothing grown up about Stargate Universe. It is designed to appeal to teens and young males, and is chock full of emo drama and teen angst. The military has become a caricature of the far more realistic portrayals of them in SG-1 and SGA, and the addition of vapid love triangles and magical stones has dropped the sophistication level down several nothes placing it squarely in soap opera territory. The show is not “growing up”. Its branching out. And people who have been with Stargate since the original movie and all 10 years of SG-1 and the 5 years of SGA dont just call themselves “real” fans, they ARE real fans. You mentioned 2001: A Space Odyssey…I saw it when it premiered in theaters, so Im not exactly a youngster. Viewers of SGU are a completely different lot, separate from “real” Stargate fans. The “real” fans are not watching this show (obviously).

    Finally, you also said this:

    “I honestly do not understand their need to take every chance they can to sabotage this show,just because they don’t like it! That is not a constructive criticism!”

    Three strikes!

    Nobody is “sabotaging” Stargate Universe. The writers sabotaged it by creating a soap opera with a completely different format and in a different genre than the other shows were from. The change alienated the “built-in” fanbase, and they rejected the show. There is no sabotage involved on the part of any Stargate fans. We are just the audience. The responsibility for the success of this show falls squarely on the writers and the quality/entertainment value of the show. And by the ratings, it has obviously failed on both fronts. This show is beyond constructive criticism. It needs resuscitation and a transfusion of creativity and lots more…too much to heal in too short a time.

  • Sorry, but SGU definitely qualifies as a soap opera. I’m not saying whether it’s good or bad here, but words do have definitions and there are authoritative sources for those definitions and the merriam-webster dictionary would be considered an authoritative source for definitions for english words.

    And for those whom say that supporting SGU is the way to get more Stargate…that’s really nothing more than a sweeping assumption. The idea that because there is nothing else right now that staying the course is the best option holds little merit.

    The bottom line is that the ratings of this show prove that what they did with SGU is not what people are looking for. And while I do think SGU will get a third season, for reasons that won’t likely be clear when it happens, I’m pretty sure that it will be their last free pass. Starting with season 3, the show is almost definitely going to live or die with the ratings and it’s not likely for them to get any better unless the show changes a lot.

    The end of SGU could well bring a rebirth to the franchise in a better direction. It sounds like the directors and producers currently with the franchise thought that this was the right direction to go in and that they didn’t care much whether they burned the old fans. Well, if that’s the case, then it’s probably time for them to go. Shows like Stargate are too expensive to produce to not make money and making money means getting good ratings (for those whom still haven’t figured it out, unless you’re a nielsen family, whether or not you watch it doesn’t even matter and as long as that is the case, it doesn’t matter how many people watch it any other way).

    So no, the ‘watch it or else’ concept just doesn’t work out. The way to get people to watch the show? Make it better. Shows produced in the US can’t afford to take the approach that SGU has to it’s fans. They answer to those who watch here. And they answer more to those who don’t. Until the producers/directors offer a mea culpa, I’d say it’s better for SGU to end because if this is how they plan on continuing it, then it’s time for it to end. I watch it because I know my watching it has no effect. If I were in the nielsen mix, I probably would not watch it to ensure that the disapproval was clear. And I used to go out of my way to watch SG1 and SGA live but I really only remember to watch SGU because my DVR records it.

    Either the showrunners will realize their mistake and turn the show around or they’ll stick to their guns, the ratings will fall even farther and SGU will fall into the abyss, the outcome of which is unclear. Maybe it would be the end of Stargate or maybe MGM will decide to rebuild it better. With a little attention, it could become a valuable commodity again.

  • @Mythos
    You hit the nail on the head! I agree with all of your opinions! I watch SGU in Canada only for the fact that i’ve seen every episode created. I think that it would be good if SGU ends also we might get a better show then and possibly the two movies, Stargate Revolution and Stargate Extinction.

  • @Overmind One You misunderstand me,When I said growing pains,I meant growing up of SGU regarding last few episodes,I didn’t mean,nor did I mention show being grown up thus far,comparred to the rest of the franchise.
    Secondly,theoretically speaking ratings have never been a very good indicator of the quality,because in that case Dancing With Stars and reallity shows would be synonims of quality and sci-fi has never been mainstream.
    And thirdly I may have used the wrong term,when I said sabotage,but I think it was very clear what I meant,so called real fans and I call them that just because,what’s a real fan..have stopped watching the show and that is that.Just like they where announcing they would do!
    And that is exactly a normal thing to do if you don’t like something.But I’m talking about people who are watching SGU,and are still constantly whining how bad it is and how not like SG-1,or Atlantis it is.And those are the people I can’t understand..If you don’t like something,why watch it and than spit on it over the net..switch the channel!That’s what I meant as not being constructive criticism.
    Finally I absolutely agree that the writers are responsible for the problems the show is having and I’ve said as much..I was very clear about that,that’s why I said that definitions are not important,or labeling things or anything like that,because things are very write an interesting story and it can be about a love triangle,or a murder,or adventure or war or horror or doesn’t matter,people will tune in.
    You write a bad or borring story and again it isn’t important what is it about,people are not gonna watch.It IS that simple.

  • @ Eagalis – That’s why they’re guaranteed a SGU five season run – more new viewers! Maybe the current ratings can be blamed on those pesky Vlocks.

  • @mythos I’m sorry,but I find the fact that you watch SGU,because it has no effect very funny!
    What is that suppose to mean,that you force yourself to watch it?Just because your DVR records it,doesn’t mean you have to watch it..otherwise I share your opinion on producers having to improve some things,since the potential is there and it’s enormous,it only stays unutillized,which is a shame.Yes they should listen to the fans and do something about it,but I don’t think they should go..that’s a very ungrateful thing to say,as if you were just waiting for a reason to crusify them!
    And I think we all know that if the show ends,that is the end of the franchise,lets be realistic.If it ends,there’s gonna be no new and better SG shows and no movies.
    This show has all the ingredients and it is this show that needs to improve.
    That is my wish and my hope..if someone wants this show to end,i just don’t get why waste their time to watch it and even more so,constantly criticite everything about it on a fan site,if not just to be negative.

  • @mentat have you seen the ratings on a graph? someone last season graphed a prediction for this year and was very correct with them slowly getting worse and worse. Don’t get me wrong i want the SG franchise to live but this is not the way

  • @Jim – I’m not saying that I watch just because I have no affect on the ratings. What I’m saying is that I wouldn’t watch it if I did. I don’t find it good enough up to the present to want it to keep going. So if my watching mattered, I would probably opt to not watch. I obviously don’t feel forced to watch it but there’s not a lot on that I do watch and it is Stargate so when time permits, I do watch it.

    And I disagree about the franchise’s future. After the dust settles, whomever owns it is going to want to make some money off of it and SGU isn’t doing it so it’s likely that they’ll looking into another way to make money on it. What form it will take is hard to say, but it has been profitable in the past and so it will probably get a look.

    As for me, I’ve come to be indifferent about the future of the show. If the low ratings don’t make the point about the mistakes that were made with SGU, then it’s unlikely anything will. The consequences of low ratings will ultimately come to fruition, though. Sooner or later, low ratings will mean cancellation. Caprica got canned, but there was a replacement in the wings…maybe the Stargate people are working towards the same end. Or maybe just retooling the show would do the trick. It’s hard to say. Even if they did turn the show around, though, it would likely take at least another season for the ratings to really show any noticeable improvement since so many have turned the channel. And Syfy would likely need some reason to believe it would happen to keep it going.

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