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Wow, they must really want to get rid of the show if they arnt even going to give it a weekly time slot. Sounds like something else happened other than just poor ratings for them to act like this (out right stopp airing it while other networks continue, throwing them togeather for christmas release and then airing the last five as a marathon, etc). Sounds like an exec is trying to bury this show as quickly as possible while fullfilling contractual obligations.


I feel their scheduling games heavily contributed to its demise. Starting it at the begining of 2010, airing ten episodes and then telling your fanbase, “see you next year” isn’t a great way to encourage us to invest ourselves into a serialized television program such as Caprica.

It was great they came back early, but I think they had already lost their audience by then.


Syfy: “Imagine Greater”

Ugly Pig

Uhh… WHY, exactly? I assumed when they removed them from this years schedule, it was to spread out the remaining episodes over a longer period of time. Now they’re throwing them all out at once??


I can’t wait for the… “final five” episodes. Haha. ahaha. hahahahah

General grievous

Cool, I actually enjoyed Caprica. I did fast forward every time Zoe’s mother showed up because she was more boring than a wall but barring that, it was enjoyable.


I don’t know how they expected it to do well, putting it on Tuesdays at 10. I think that’s the same reason why SGU’s ratings are lower, they have to compete directly with Dancing with the Stars. They should’ve left Stargate/Battlestar in the normal time slot, instead of trying to attract teenage boys with wrestling…


rsanchez1, afaik, it was clear cut situation – they bought rights to show wrestling, and it attracts huge numbers of watchers *no matter* in which channel it is shown. So they just pushed SGU and Caprica to Tuesday (any other day wouldn’t make a sense). I think Caprica and SGU would have normal numbers if they would have been left on Fridays, because they are shows people like to watch at the end of the working week.


If they hadn’t decided to give it a stupidly long hiatus of unspecified length, maybe it would’ve survived? I mean, it seemed like a random place to stop it anyway, but then to say “yeahh… it’ll be back… sometime… maybe next year?” No wonder it “failed to find a sufficiently large audience”.


I have an idea. Put wrestling on & then before (or after) it airs put on SGU. You’ve got a lot of people tuning in, some of them will stick around. Especially if you plug the show while they’re watching wrestling.


SyFy really does want to get rid of the show. To be fair, Warehouse 13 and Eureka have done very well on Tuesday nights (of course, most of the time it was a summer schedule). SGU and Caprica (which are more Sci-Fi then anything else) have been the weak links since SyFy started airing scripted programming on Tuesdays.

Overmind One

Why do people have such a difficult time acknowledging that Caprica was just now a show with wide appeal? It has little to do with the day of the week it aired, or which shows followed or preceded it. The SHOW was not that good overall. It had a very small group of fans who liked it, and it wasnt enough. The same thing is true of Stargate Universe. Its not the day of the week, its the SHOW, folks! Caprica was canceled because of poor performance and low ratings. Why would people who watch wrestling “stick around” to watch… Read more »


@Overmind One: “Why would people who watch wrestling “stick around” to watch a soap opera?”

uhm… Because wrestling IS a soap opera? *confused*


This is the first time in a year that I’ve come to this site due to the uproar and change of comment policy due to SGU. Caprica wasn’t all that good and just as someone else said, neither is SGU. The only current science fiction program that holds me week to week is FRINGE and now its being moved to Friday night death slot. Lets face it, SyFy (yuk) channel just does not currently make any really good science fiction programs. Eureka has the possibility of being so good yet they turn it into a campy kids show. Warehouse 13… Read more »