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‘Resurgence’ keeps SGU‘s fall ratings even

Friday - December 3, 2010
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Some reduced competition from the major networks didn’t help Stargate Universe at all when Syfy aired the mid-season finale on Tuesday. “Resurgence” drew an estimated 1.094 million viewers, down 6 percent from the previous week.

The episode held on to last week’s slightly improved 0.5 rating in the all-important demographic of adults 18 to 49.

The show faced a very different line-up of competition on the major networks, following last week’s conclusion of Dancing With the Stars.  ABC moved its new sci-fi/fantasy series No Ordinary Family into the Tuesday 9 p.m. time slot, where it drew 6.228 million viewers (below average for the series).

Instead of NCIS: Los Angeles CBS aired a repeat of the original NCIS, picking up a very healthy 15.049 million viewers.

NBC’s The Biggest Loser weighed in with a 8.309 million average for its two hours, while 6.653 million tuned into FOX for Raising Hope, followed by 3.363 million for Running Wilde at 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., respectively.

In other Syfy ratings news, last Friday’s new episode of Sanctuary (“Breach”) drew 1.483 million viewers, an 18 percent improvement over the previous week.

SGU has averaged 1.0782 million viewers in the first half of Season Two, which premiered on September 28.  The show started with 1.175 million (“Intervention”), and peaked two weeks later with 1.222 million (“Awakening”).  The season low was episode six, “Trial and Error,” with an estimated 967,000 viewers (Live + Same Day).

Ratings that factor in a week’s worth of DVR viewing typically saw an uptick of 40 percent or more.

The ten episodes maintained a perfect record when it came to never moving the same direction two weeks in a row. A drop in ratings was always followed by an increase, and vice versa. This illustrates the fact that, while the show did better in live viewership on Friday nights, its Tuesday viewership was rather steady, overall.

Check out our full chart of Season Two’s ratings here.

Syfy is expected to announce whether or not it will renew Stargate Universe for a third season later this month or in January, after the holidays.  SGU returns with another 10 new episodes next spring!  Stick with GateWorld every week through the hiatus for our coverage of the entire Stargate franchise.

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children.

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  • In my mind that makes sense. Even though I didn’t really like “Visitation”, and I saw a lot of positive comments on here about that episode, I think that “Malice” was really the reason that the ratings were up last week and now you are seeing the results of “Visitation”. It’s too bad though because “Resurgence” was a very good episode in comparison to most of the episodes this season.

  • Come on, MAN? Are you kidding me? Your mid-season finale and this is all you could muster? I estimated 1.4 at least! SGU is going to emerge from the break with some pretty crappy numbers. It’s time to can this blackhole of show. If management is serious about emerging from Chapter 11 with a purpose they’ll announce it’s cancellation during the break.

  • Season 2 is really good but too bad season 1 sucked looks like the damage is done.

  • “Syfy is expected to announce whether or not it will renew Stargate Universe for a third season later this month or in January”

    If they don’t, then hopefully MGM will cast around for another network to take it over.
    Considering this is MGM’s licence, then You would think they should have something to say about Syfy putting it on a stupid timeslot.

    All the people complaining about too many filler episodes should go back and watch ST TNG, DSN, VOYAGER, as those are absolutely littered with them.

    It’s a great show, deserves better, and I hope it doesn’t join a long list like Firefly, BSG Classic, etc that were killed off by those that should know better.

  • Thats great. I got mad when this episode was over. I hate breaks.

  • “aaaaaaaand it’s gone”

    Damn.. I blame episode 9, ‘life’ for this.
    They should probably have aired visitation sooner to have trial & error, greater good, malice and resurgence ( all great episodes ) in a row.

  • Maybe its time to start How I’m still holding out hope that SyFy and MGM will do the right thing and give it at least another season to wrap it up. Let’s face it SyFy isn’t going to find much that will do better, ratings aren’t what they used to be across the board for SyFy from what I’ve seen on this site.

  • I agree, the damage from season 1 is done. The writers explored their creative freedom at the expense of the franchise, and now that they finally realized what they did, no one cares.

  • If SGU gets renewed for a 3rd seasons with those number and with Atlantis getting canceled with much better ratings i will be very very angry!
    That’s completely not fair!

  • Well I hope they’re making a profit somehow cuz thats all that really matters in the long run. I thought it was a good (half) season and am hoping for more. ;)

  • My gut reaction would also to be call “not fair” if SGU got a renewal at these ratings. But stranger things have happened.

  • I agree that to renew this and not SGA would be a bit of a crime, especially since they never concluded what happened with Atlantis and the Wraith.

    That said, there’s no way they are going to go back and do SGA again because let’s face it, that would just be admitting they screwed up royally and they wont do that.

    So that said, if SGU does manage to get renewed, I wonder what sort of budget it will have? I can’t see them having the same huge budget per episode. Which makes me wonder what sort of impact that would have on the show? If it means more even more screen time with characters and their drama, no thanks. But if somehow they can afford to steer the series back to a more traditional action/adventure sci-fi show, then I think that would be good.

    Time will I guess!

  • “SGU returns with another 10 new episodes next spring!” — Goodbye SGU. With ratins like these, expect a 25-50% drop in viewers by the time the 2nd half of the season airs.

  • Ratings aside, this episode was one of the best in the entire franchise, it was tense, without being over dramatic, had all the right elements of humour without being corny (Atlantis) and had excellent bits of character moments, again this is down to Rush, who is actually my favourite character now. Tj also shone in this episode, her willingness to trust the ‘enemy’ shows the type of person she is, she’s the ‘Samantha Carter’ of this show, it’s ‘heart’ you may even say, something I predicted even before it started. All the characters are starting to grow, except Matt, for some reason I cant quite connect with him, he’s not gelling quite as much as the others.

    The music score is also outstanding, the best out of the franchise, Ive really come to love it the last couple of episodes, its something I never really noticed in SG-1, even less so in Atlantis.

    Back to ratings, high numbers dont justify a show being ‘good’ I think we can all say that the wrestling that is shown on syfy for some strange reason isnt really deserving of that amount of viewers, but its still classed as a ‘success’ the same applies to Atlantis, sure it had better numbers but it still doesnt mean it was better than SG-U, that show was just a pale imitation of something alot greater, just without the better characters or story (SG1)

    Judging from what people have expressed to see in SG-U to make it ‘worthy’ of their viewership is big explosions and loud noises, because that apparantly is what makes Stargate great, sure, I like gunfights and explosions as much as the next person, but I’m certainly not going to watch a show just for those reasons. Also the people that keep moaning about the ‘forced’ drama, I really dont get it, nothing seems ‘forced’ to me, I still dont get how you can ‘force’ drama into a scene, are you saying people shouldnt have disagreements and that they should get along without any worries(Atlantis) because if thats the case, SG1 is also guilty of ‘Forcing’ drama on to us.

  • Shame. This episode was pretty good too.
    I think it’d be good if they were given 4 seasons, it’d give them time to finish the story, and speed things up a bit, and then it wouldn’t be going so fast like they’d need to if they were finishing in one season. Hopefully they’ll be able to wrap up the storyline.

    What did SGA get on average? Was SGA actually cancelled though? I thought it was renewed, but then the producers cancelled it cause they wanted to do movies rather than the tv series, cause then they’d have two series’ to look after? I’m probably wrong though haha

  • I think it will get renewed. The ratings may seem subpar but when Sanctuary is rating a 1.4 (0.4 in the golden age range) on a friday. Syfy should be lucky with what they can get. It will be interesting to see how Eureka and Warehouse 13’s christmas episodes do on the same time slot in the fall since they are mainly summer shows.

    I think it’s time we recognize that SGA was not cancelled for its ratings(no matter what anyone says, It got cancelled because the TPTB got tired of the same old same old and wanted to go in a new direction. As an artist, I can’t say I blame someone for getting bored and wanting to explore a new direction. I have a feeling that if SGA was still on for that last season, people would have been complaining that the shows were falling flat and they would have because TPTB would just be going through motions and concentrating on SGU.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what happens on the renewal almost as much as wanting to see the back half of ressurgance!

  • im not surprised about these ratings. this show is up againts a good amount of shows that bring in a lot of viewership. but, even though its on tuesday night fans should tune in if they like the show if not they wont. its sad that prime tv on a public network is bringing in more ratings than a cable show but this is not the case with all of the show on cable for example the tudors, true blood, weeds, californication, and walking dead all bring in excellent ratings. if this show is indeed renewed for another season i would be upset as well because they canned sga to bring in this and this is bringing in less ratings than sga. now. sanctuary is doing pretty well with their ratings their renewal is in the bag but sgu i kind of doubt it.

  • @ Gateprof totally agree with you and even the actors state it was not cancelled due to the so called poor ratings. it was cancelled for the reasons you stated or something even more but we will never know.

  • This episode really is one of those *highlights* of SGU but when series one should of been better I fear it is too late. I have just watching SG1 from series one and it really does use basic story line to show a very good episode. SG1 had no budget compared to what SGU has and they did far better episodes. Do not get me wrong, SGU quality is impressive but not when the story feels like they are just yacking away all day and taking 20 minutes to do anything. This show really would be impressive if and I stress the IF they were releasing 2 episodes a week or 1 episode every week of the year. Instead it has taken us what 18 months to get a show thats now worth watching. I fear Star Trek Enterprise all over again, series 3 was some thing special and series 4 was hit with budget cuts and they resorted to not many single episode arcs to keep up with the quality. End result no more Enterprise and indeed a reboot for the show.

    I fear the end of stargate…. which is a shame, I have enjoyed the show. I still prefer SG1 series 1-7 and some of 8 compared to the others (includes SGA series 1-2). The show got too big for it self. Take care Star Gate I will enjoy the reruns.

  • It truly amazes me at how so many “fans” don’t like SGU. Yes, it may not be SG-1 or even SG-A, but it’s still Stargate and in many respects is the best of all of them. I watch shows for the stories and the connections they build with one another. This is what made SG-1 great..the connections.There will never be another SG-1 or even SG-A. The fans claim they want Stargate, but they don’t support it. I guess fans will think that they will create another one which is similar to SG-1, but if the network keeps seeing Stargate not bring in the viewers we may never get another Stargate series. It’s way more realistic and the acting is really great. Sorry if it seems like I’m venting a little, but I’m a true stargate fan and I love what they are doing with SGU. It’s different, it is slower pace, but that part of the fun. To see where the destiny ends up.

    There are so many cool things to be explored on this show, the message from beginning, the new alien races, whats happening with Cloe and so much more. I truly hope they renew SGU and even let it run for more then 5 seasons. My wife and I actually make dinner nights out of watching SGU live on Tuesday because we know watching it live is the only true way to keep it on. Networks need money and if advertisers feel people aren’t seeing their ads then why keep paying. Sorry for the rant. Love Gateworld and Go Stargate SGU.

  • @Janus
    I’m just a Sci Fi fan and this show jut doesn’t cut it. It’s more than just being boring, there have been contrived plot resolutions in all of the first season. Michael Shanks said as much and I agree. I became an instant fan of Gate 5 years ago on Atlantis and then SG-1. SGU just has nothing that I want to see morally or scientifically. Yet I’ve followed the shows ratings for signs of revival and it’s done worse than I even projected. It seems SGU has gotten all the fans it’s going to get.

    From a corporate perspective it’s time to cut it loose and move before it does irreparable damage to the franchise. You have to think of your brand name at this point. If Stargate is to get a Box Office Movie you can’t allow this particular product to jeopardize it’s image.

  • Do you naysayers honestly think that if SGU is pulled that everything will go back to wine and roses…that TPTB will simply launch another Stargate franchise based on what you want? History with Stargate is repeating itself as it did with Star Trek. A certain show called Star Trek: Enterprise was pulled due to low ratings and Paramount decreed that the entire Star Trek franchise was suffering from fan fatigue. You may get your movie or even a Stargate sequel at the box office but don’t hold your breath for a new series. MGM may be emerging from bankruptcy after shedding 4 billion dollars but they will not be taking any risks with their balance sheet any time soon.

  • I have been a fan of SG for a long time. Been rewatching SG1 since May. I love the action, humor, and character interaction. That is what made SG so successful.

    I’ve been trying to hang onto SGU because I’ve been a fan for so long. But my interest in the show has been declining. The action is far and few, there isn’t much humor, and the characters don’t seem to get along. The pace needs to be picked up. Oh, and I’m tired of having the feeling of being couped up on a ship. There needs to be more gate travel.

  • No need to start with the “fans” business. We like what we like and we don’t like what we don’t, and just because someone was a fan of SG1/SGA doesn’t mean they’re obligated to like SGU, or vice versa.

    Sucks that the ratings aren’t great. I have hope that it will get a season three but I can’t imagine it going much farther than that.

  • SGU season 1 was better than any season of SG-1 and SGA but it clearly isn’t for everyone. Syfy may want to consider that by keeping SGU the channel is appealing to a wider audience. I don’t watch any of that “paranormal” nonsense and although I enjoy Eureka as a fun spoof I don’t watch it live. SGU is bringing in an older (30 to 50) fan base that wouldn’t watch the channel otherwise. I don’t understand why SGA neede more than 5 years when it seemed the pretty much wrapped up the story.

  • to janus.

    i dont live in usa as i am european
    i dont have the channels they show these shows
    and i am sci fi fan
    i like stories like sgu have to but if it’s 90% of drama then sorry it’s to boring to see how people whine about God (just another book in the shell for me) and these stone episodes where they abuse other people bodies with sexual needs… these stones should be for information only and no personal abuse
    the show have good storie but all is so slow and feels like a big brother show

  • these shows should be international to get more raiting and fan base
    but instead they are for us only and set to a timslot when people just dont watch them .. why on earth they set it to ageinst csi what have 16 milj. viewers for episode

  • They took wrong directions with SGA, Ford, Weir, Becket, those were serious misses. But the plot itself should have been built behind a coalition to stop the wraith rather than just bringing Atlantis home. It should have been ever building, getting more people to fill the city, more ships…more alpha sites, bring the jaffa in for sure allies but they did the Voyager thing, by trying to keep the Expedition perpetually isolated in some way. That’s not what SG-1 did and it’s not stargate to be a reset button show for an entire work of 5 seasons. Yeah they tried to do somethings like sacrificing characters and that would have been fine if they had a good plan for them but the IOA stuff was just awful and slowed down the shows progress.

    As for SGU, I think if it stays it has to change. It’s clearly inferior to the other two franchises. Put the show on Hiatus for a year, think the show out again, work on better scripts and better writing to occupy all this dead time. No more kinosodes or monologues. No more plot contrivances, no more character contrivances. Write the characters we know as we know them. Create real peril, and subsequently real drama. No more yelling matches and while we’re at it how bout less sex and more actual bonding so we’ll care about the characters because it’s one thing to make your characters a little flawed but it’s quite another to make them bad as people.

    I also think that the ship should be repaired. I think SGU was in danger of being like Atlantis in that the peril of being perpetually cut off would be over played after a while and clearly it didn’t take a while for the broken ship of terror to wear on the audience.

    I don’t know how much of these things have been done since I stopped watching but it seems from the ratings SGU needs to stop and regroup, thank the fans that have stayed repair the relationship with the fans that left…and well…Imagine Greater.

  • @Saquist: If you had kept watching you would have seen that the things that you had a problem with were changed, or removed. There’s no more sex, kinosodes, molologues, music, yelling matches, and all of the characters have begun to bond, and each episode has a bit of dry humor. The writers took what every one had a problem with in season 1 and either changed it or erased it completly, if only you stuck around to see that they’ve…well… Imagined Greater.

  • I not going to be guilt tripped into watching a show though. Great if it has, but ratings have gotten worse. To me, if no one else has returned then why should I, because those that left all had the same problem with the show. Ultimately the question now is…am I missing anything? The ratings say, No.

    I’m not fanatical fan that I obsess about franchise. I still have basket ball and Football to watch, over 30 teams in each that can occupy my time, great stories, heroes and villains and great games, every year. I love it. I’m one those more “normal” guys but I want inspirational stuff out of my sci fi entertainment. I expected a lot more out of SGU even for a “realistic sci fi drama”. So it’s great if they added a little levity and stopped the bickering but I saw reviews on how the previous shuttle made it back to Destiny and you…know that’s about the THIRD TIME someone or someones have made it back to Destiny against all odds. I think it’s the Fourth time and that’s the “contrived” part. They need to better. IMO.

    But I’ll continue to watch the rating and if it seems like the show is starting to hold it’s own I’ll give it another try but right now…PLAYOFFS!

  • A big thanks to GateWorld for putting a spoiler in the picture for this article. Nice of them to consider the people outside of North America who havent seen the episode yet.

  • At least SGU is’nt SYFY’s lowest rated show. Fact or Faked: 739,000 viewers.

  • I hate to say it, but everyone was expecting this episode to have higher ratings because it was the midseason finale and had no network competition. The fact that it didn’t tells me that the problem doesn’t lie in the timeslot.

    SGU isn’t a bad show. The production design, editing, CGI, and music have consistently been better than anything SG1 and SGA did. The problem I see is that viewers aren’t buying BSG-style sci-fi/drama. For all its critical acclaim, BSG never did much better than SG1 or SGA in the ratings. Money is what counts, and the lackluster results from Caprica and SGU tell me that this type of sci-fi works better when its done as a miniseries or feature film.

  • It is partly to do with the timeslot, but not completly. If SGU stayed at it’s 9p.m. Friday timeslot, I think it would be keeping pace with Sanctuary’s 1.4 mil. Another problem, SGU has no proper lead in or lead out, it’s surrounded by repeats, two 15 year old episodes of “Star Trek” on one side, and the even worse rated “Fact or Faked” on the other. And of course SGU has less in common with the previous two series, and that has driven away some of the fans of SG-1 and SGA. When people say only ratings can keep SGU from being axed, that’s not all true, SYFY can do something about that too, air it with other good shows in a better timeslot.

  • the raiting are left overs of the sg1 and sga fans
    i think that there is only like maximum 5% new audiance who have never seen sg1 or sga
    they sed that it’s all new show and more chevrons on the gate what starts from zero point … and still they started where sg1 and sga ended so most of the storie is missing for the people who have not seen the previous series…
    thy should have made the pilot like they find the gate on earth and faund the way to dial it and then end up in that ship .. would have been a new start and more interesting then it is rite now and it would have the point of naming it as stargate
    they wanted new people to watch this show but instead they lost over half of the fan base they had before

  • What happens when the acquisition of NBC is completed early next year? The rules may change.

  • Let’s see the rest of season 2 before we totally condemn it people.

  • I wonder how many people here with negative comments are actually watching the show?, or just here for a whine.
    SGU is a good story, but I agree it needs a bit more humour and happier moments. It is definitely nothing like the depressing, miserable existence that BSG was, and that of course never deserved to be called BSG anyway.

    I think the future of Science Fiction TV series will unfortunately be of single season runs, start to end, and story all wrapped up.

    If they reckon they can finish SGU’s story in one season, then so be it, but Syfy had better not dare to cancel the show and leave it unresolved, as that will definitely Kill Stargate forever.

    All You wanting a return to the old style of Sci-fi storytelling can forget it, as it will never happen. SG1, SGA, The 4 Star Trek series, Andromeda, Season 1 of Earth Final conflict, Babylon 5, etc, they don’t make shows that way anymore and never will again.

  • @Imperious: “All You wanting a return to the old style of Sci-fi storytelling can forget it, as it will never happen. SG1, SGA, The 4 Star Trek series, Andromeda, Season 1 of Earth Final conflict, Babylon 5, etc, they don’t make shows that way anymore and never will again.”

    Why not? Sherwood and Orion that SyFy is considering for pick up sound exactly like that. And the Star Trek Reboot proved that that’s exactly what people want to see, a campy adventure with a lot of fun and action. Dark serialized sci-fi is even more niche than sci-fi as a genre in general.

  • i believe that SGU is a great show. A producer said that it is a five season show so i hope it will last for the five season with good ratings so that mgm and the network decide to back another stargate show if one is planed. But if SGU fails then mgm and SyFy will not be in a hurry to make another show. So forget about saving SGU start thinking about saving the stargate franchise.

  • You know, after reading all the comments hear and over the course of various other shows that are still of TV and have been cancelled, the problem is Syfy. Sg-1, SGA, SGU are all great shows and obviously have their various pro’s and con’s but never the less, they are still great shows.
    Not every episode can be awesome and cater to everybody’s every expectation and the result of this is that viewership will fluctuate up and down. Thought with saying that, the problem isn’t with the writing of the show or with any of the characters, it’s with Syfy and there placing of various shows such as SGU in a negative time slot or one that don’t work well for the show. If the timeslot isn’t working well and viewership is down or isn’t doing well, find a better timeslot. It isn’t rocket science; it’s just practical smart business sense. It’s like having a big screen opening of a horror movie along with 5 other Disney movies, which would be a wrong place and time for such a movie. Sure you’re going to have some viewership but it’s not going to go very well.
    If MGM continues Stargate, I would seriously be considering a change in who is distributing my product. Syfy has done well over the course but it seems that they are really high on themselves and have an over achieving mentality with high expectations. And such, with the cancellations of other popular science fiction shows, it also seems they have a real picky attitude to what they want in science fiction. Science fiction is truly about imagination and being open minded, it has many pros and cons and uncertainties. With that said, you can’t know what is going to happen with a show. And for Pete’s sakes you can’t slap a “viewership expectation tag” on it like Syfy has done so many times.
    I’d say MGM should take their show and run with it on HBO. Give the writers and actors more freedom and creativity. Remove that stigma of it being family friendly and viewership safe. I want to see gritty Stargate, I want see sex and violence and nudity. Push the bounds of Stargate and you will see an awesome show. That is what viewers want to see and the ratings with fly through the roof.

  • @saquist and scifi75… I’m not sure if you are clear when it comes to series vs. movies, referring to MGM and its bankruptcy, and the funding of these projects. First and foremost, the cancellation of any MGM series has NOTHING to do with MGM. It has to do with the network who wanted the series in the first place. Syfy pays for the show up front and orders episodes (Some of the costs get deferred by networks abroad like SKY in the UK) There really is little to no risk for MGM. Now when it comes to movies, MGM has to shoulder most of the risk and pay for the movies up front, even if they are direct to DVD like Stargate “Ark of Truth” or “Continuum.” They expect to make enough sales to turn a nice profit, or at the very least had better break even. They justify making the movie on the heels of the series seasons ratings, overall ratings, and commitments to the funding of these films. Just FYI: this is why there is no Altantis movie or additional Stargate movie during the bankruptcy, but yet we have Season 2 of SGU. The movies could still be up in the air due to the restructuring of MGM. I read the whole thing, and it seems like a decent plan, but some of the concessions are shady at best. It is some good reading! :-) I think SGU still has some growing pains, but I think it is a decent show. I remember long ago when SG-1 was on Showtime and most ppl I know swore it would go NOWHERE, and I even lost faith when Showtime dropped the show. Just look what happened though. :-) I wish a network like SKY, Space, 9Nine, etc would MAN UP, and stop suckling off of SyFy, take a leap of faith, and buy something for once! I’m sick to DEATH of SyFy or any American station being the deciding factor of whether a world-watched series lives or dies. Can I get a proverbial “A-Men!?”

  • sci-fi was never meant to be depressing or about characters whining. it was meant to be about exploration and adventure. that means having humor and action. having drama is great, it gives balance–but the darkness that SGU has aimed towards, just doesn’t work for Stargate. If Stargate began that way, it probablely would work–but the show didn’t, so it won’t work.

  • SGU is a different take at the Stargate franchise, so it is normal it’s not built like SG1 or SGA.
    The producers/writers wanted to do something different, a little more mature and darker, and they did.
    It’s also time to call people by what they are: Haters and not fans.
    Haters will ruin the Stargate franchise. If you don’t like SGU then just don’t watch it.
    SGU is done by the same people that did SG1 and SGA, so if you campaign against them, you are basically campaigning against those that possibly could bring back some SG1/SGA movies or even a

    Personally, I love SGU because of the cast and crew that are extraordinary.
    I do appreciate the distress and doubts of Colonel Young to manage to lead this group.
    I do appreciate a lot the quality of the acting of Elyse Levesque that makes us feel that Chloe is slowly drifting away, her DNA being rewritten by Alien genes…
    I like Eli’s humor a lot and I do appreciate how he is going through managing (or not) his loss.
    I do appreciate a lot the ambivalence of Rush (can’t see if that guy is evil or just ancient craavy).
    I do appreciate the writing that is getting me to scream in front of my TV.
    I do appreciate the exceptional SFX from Mark Savela and his team.
    I do appreciate how reachable the cast is on Twitter.
    SGU added an exceptional human dimension to the Stargate Universe.

    I can not understand why you haters just want your pound of scifi SG label with no savor and no depth to the story. You are incredibly superficial. SGU delivers so much more than previous SG series. I feel so sorry for you that you guys don’t even see it!

    I do understand the economics of running a TV channel and that they need to see the returns on their investments. Still I hope we could see a 3rd season. I believe SGU has a long build up that need some time to happen (this is serialized as no SG series were before).

  • @katikatnik: I probably could have been a bit clearer there, but essentially the shows I mentioned have a much slower pace than the newer shows. You actually have time to digest what’s happening, also there is less fast pan (wobbly) camera action happening.
    Don’t get me wrong, I have grown up with Star Trek TOS, and all Scifi throughout the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, but most shows now are over the top with the pace (Star Trek reboot), they generally are much darker and more depressing, so it is hard to know overall where scifi is headed in future.
    SGU is somewhere in-between the older style and, say, BSG. It would definitely benefit from a gradual lighter mood change, a bit more Stargate action, and more conflict with Aliens and less within the crew. Keep the realism though as people expect that nowdays.
    This isn’t “LOST”, and I do not constantly want to see the characters bashing the snot out of each other, that is unnecessary, and also unrealistic as fighting like what has been depicted causes major injuries and death, not just a few bruises and cuts.
    SGU is a great show, but a few gradual tweaks here and there will help the franchise overall.

  • Having mentioned “LOST”, the ending of SGU had better be a major improvement on that sorry example of a finale.
    SGU has talented and experienced people working on it, so I would only expect the best there.

  • One Qustion, as I am in Australia I don’t know a lot about how Syfy channel operates. Is it a free to air or cable payed for channel?
    Cable TV in Australia is under massive pressure to survive, as there are now even more free to air digital channels operating that show more sport, classic tv, more new shows, and people are getting rid of cable TV.

  • @Imperious: SYFY is basic cable in the U.S. It’s not a premium, extra cost channel.

  • All the anti-fan & fan comments are like spitting in the wind. Common channel surfers are the ones making the numbers. Regardless, the ratings system as it is now is hopefully outdated. Doesn’t it seem strange too that ratings for networks shows (which are free) are compared to cable shows? Even basic cable. There are plenty of people that still don’t have cable & only watch network TV. If SGU is canceled at least I’ll have 2 seasons (yes 2) of a really great show that wasn’t cookie cutter garbage. I’ll be done with SyFy channel, they have nothing else worth watching. Nothing.

  • You’re saying you don’t want to watch classics such as Sharktopus?

  • Whatever its ratings were or weren’t,I thought “Resurgence” was an excellent episode of SGU – perhaps the best of the series so far.

  • Thankyou ib1117 and Gaeth for clearing this up for me.
    Of course there are levels of cable here too, but none of them are free, and only a minor percentage of people even have cable, probably as nearly everything You would want to watch is free to air digital across 15 stations.

  • Besides adding some more action, which they did very well in Resurgence, there’s needs to be a little more humor and more adventure. Loyal and objective fans want to know there watching Stargate, not BSG. And by the way, being a SGU suck-up doesn’t help keep the show on air. Incase you haven’t notice, SGU isn’t good enough to stand on its own. Sanctuary is pretty much on its own and doing better. SGU was move to Tuesday because it couldn’t hack it on Friday, even with Sanctuary. Oh about this five year plan thing, all the Stargate series was on a five year plan. SG1 – 5yrs on Showtime, 5yrs on SyFy. There was no intention of it going anymore–case n point, the 10th season of SG1 had better ratings then the 3rd season of Atlantis, but Atlantis was renewed–not SG1. Atlantis went 5yrs, no intention of going beyond that. Joe Flannigan did a Q & A at a convention shortly after Atlantis was cancel and was very honest about his opininons(hopefully one of you guys can remeber that interview and give a link). I just don’t see SGU lasting 5 seasons, even if they tweak enough where it resembles Stargate again, its just to late. First season was awful, and once u lose fans–its hard to gain them back.

  • Hi everybody *waves I’m new and this is my first post –

    Words like “drama” conjure up scenes from The West Wing when Aaron Sorkin enchanted us with his writing. Also, some crazy good scenes pop into my mind written by Matt Weiner on Mad Men. I understand that The West Wing was a bit cerebral, which is why I bring it up on a sci-fi website. I started watching SG-1 sometime in 2005, and became hooked on Daniel Jackson’s part on the show. He was a noble diplomat. The show explored mythology, science and politics in a thought-provoking and entertaining way. The show’s spiritual footprints extended to Atlantis and are now trying to connect us to Destiny. I love that. Plato’s Socrates began his speculations with “eidos” – a combination of the four Cardinal virtues – courage, wisdom, moderation and justice. The philosopher-king must pursue these virtues because these same virtues are reflected in one’s soul. The characters on Destiny, if we are to start caring about them, must endure many challenges in order to become worthy of their mission, no? Are we all born philosopher-kings? Are we all capable of becoming Alexander? He had Aristotle and conquered the known world. Should he be on board our Destiny? What would happen if a team of Alexanders went in search of a modern definition of eidos? Uhm, come to think of it, I don’t think we’re allowed to have a modern definition of eidos. Allan Bloom has my favorite translation of the ascent passage in The Republic that deals with this concept. “A measure in such things, which in any way falls short of that which is, is no measure at all. For nothing incomplete is the measure of anything”. And this is where philosophy and modern day science fiction part ways. And where the rant of this crazy girl must end.

    P.S. If I were to break down the entire meaning of “eidos”, I’d probably give you all a headache, and I was hoping to make this a pleasurable reading experience…uhm.. since this is my first time posting and all…I hope that’s okay..

  • @Imperious: “I probably could have been a bit clearer there, but essentially the shows I mentioned have a much slower pace than the newer shows. You actually have time to digest what’s happening, also there is less fast pan (wobbly) camera action happening.”

    Actually, I would say that the pace is the same – the difference is that the “old shows” were not serialized, they had stand-alone episodes with longer arcs. Thanks to them, it didn’t feel slow because every episode had its own story to tell in its entirety and this story had little to do with the arc – so you had two story lines going: episodic and the overall arc. But when a show like SGU takes the same pace but does not do stand-alone, fast paced eps often, it starts to feel like molasses flowing.

    Notice how after every fast paced action episode, SGU received a small bump in the ratings next week? Unfortunately, those eps were few and far between.

  • Come on, people. As science fiction fans, how could your minds be so closed to a show that doesn’t contain enough “science” or is too “boring?” A spaceship travels through galaxies far, far away. Sometimes people walk through a shimmering vertical pool and are instantly transported somewhere else in said galaxy. No, I certainly don’t see any science fiction there. If you need the explanations of the “science,” please refer to any SG1 episode and get your rocks off from Carter trying to explain anything to O’Niell and stop expecting ten minutes of each new episode to alienate people who either know better or would prefer to just see the fantastical side.

    You want to see the same campy effects, the same corny jokes and convenient fourth-act wrap-ups as SG1 over and over and over and over again.

    If science fiction is anything, it’s human. To deny the human side of a story is to squelch its validity. You want action? Watch a Michael Bay movie (or Roland Emmerich). What made the BSG remake so absolutely amazing was the storytelling, the characters, and their interactions. Not the freakin dogfights (though still good) or painfully conveniently planted scientific explanations of their FTL drives.

    Every week I stop by this site and hope to God, gods, Asgard, whoever, that SGU sees a huge ratings surge that would save Stargate and solidify it’s place as a quality genre. Yet every week I see comments like, “oh this episode’s crap,” or “this show sucks, I want more crappy acting and lame effects that would completely illegitemize our genre and push us farther towards the fringes instead of pulling more people in to the magic of science fiction.”

    If you want to watch SG1, watch SG1. Don’t troll around boards all damn day complaining that SGU doesn’t meet your seal of approval. SGU is a good show and it’s people like you who have doomed the Stargate franchise by your inability to try something new. If SGU is renewed, it will be a miracle (try explaining that one, Carter). If the pending Stargate movies go to production, it will be even more unbelieveable, in an age where MGM (or whoever takes control of them) can’t even justify pouring money into a new Bond film.

  • I for one have equally enjoyed all Stargate series so far.
    Every Scifi show, tv or movie, has it’s good and bad points, and we all have differing opinions there as to what those are, but as Science Fiction fans we should make the most of what we have, and just enjoy it.
    If You don’t like it, don’t watch it, and go write something nice about a show You do like.

  • @sg1sga
    That’s true, SGU couldn’t cut it on Friday Night either, it won’t matter what you put on before and after. I know I as a fan am purposely NOT watching the show, but their are still better shows to watch at that time on Tuesday but I don’t like getting involved on a time waster sthow. If it survives the remainder of Season 2 and they create a Season 3…I may watch if the ratings go up to at least to 1.3. But the fans are really biased that stuck around for the show and when they tell me it’s better, it’s hard to believe. I’m okay with waiting and catching the show after the series is over or if it manages to make a splash during it’s run.

  • @Imperious
    That’s exactly what the producers of the show doesn’t want, for people to watch something else. There’s nothing wrong with being critical, it only helps a show get better and stay on the air. If people didn’t care about this show, it would have never made it pass the first season. No show is perfect, it’s about pointing out what is believe to be the negatives of a show so the producers can fix it. Hopefully SGU can be saved, but that will only happen if fans are willing to be critical.

  • I am a HUGE sci fi fan and if posting here will help with to keep this GREAT series alive, – I’m in! I’m sick to death of investing in programs only to see them cancelled before they even have a chance to catch on. Defying Gravity comes to mind… a superb series, albeit short and sweet! Where did it go? I never bothered with Caprica and from what I’ve read tonight – good thing!

    I was not an SG or SGA fan, in fact I’ve never watched an episode, so I have no understanding of fans being disappointed or critical. SGU caught my eye because it’s REAL science fiction. It has taken some time so warm up to the show – but only as long as it took for the characters to mesh a bit and the writers to get a sense of where they were taking this. Now, it’s come together beautifully – from the actors to the outstanding camera work, music, special effects. They could run SGU at noon of a Saturday and I’d watch it!

    I got into this series because I figured with the big bucks this franchise has, they’d give it a chance ie a third season! Look what happened to Enterprise… it was so good at the end of the second season… so come on, whomever makes these decisions, give SGU a chance. There’s a wide audience out there dying for something like this. It will catch on, the rating will get better.

  • These ratings are about what I was expecting. The problem is, they’re never likely to grow very much. Because the show is so dependent on the story arc, it’s hard to pick up new audiences as they’ll be confused about what’s going on. Shows like that will rarely have a true resurgence (pun intended) in popularity as a result. With 2 whole seasons gone now, the chance to pick up any significant new audience with SGU’s format is pretty much gone. The best they can hope for is to keep at around the same level. There will probably be some ups and some downs, but it’s not likely it will really sway all that much unless it hits a steady decline if the show falls out of favor with it’s current fans. Which is the likely outcome if they make any drastic changes which they are likely to do if there is a third season as if given a third season it would certainly come with much griping about the ratings. Hopefully they’ll have realized this early enough in the second season to have some less soap opera-like episodes towards the end of this season so the change can be more gradual.

  • Are these ratings being judged by the states only? Cos it seems a little stupid to me that the decision to renew or cancel the show relies purely on the ratings in the states alone. What about the fans in other parts of the world? I’m in the UK and i watch SGU on Sky One. So i think the ratings should be checked in all countries that Stargate is shown in cos i can tell you now that the UK loves SGU.

    On a differet note, about the night that it shown, woulddn’t it make more sense to put it on maybe like a sundaay night or something where there’s barely anything on tv to watch bar reruns of CSI.[Alttho im huge csi fan].

    I love SGU and i would love to see it being renewed and see the mission through, Granted, its not SG1 or Atlantis but it’s still STARGATE and well if thosee so called fans want to see nothing but space battles and what not then they really have no sense of variety. I was getting a little sick of Carter and McKay always saving the day at the last minute and SGU is soometing diferent. The characters are intresting and it was one stand alone story, a story of the ancients and a story of survival and i can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

  • @mythos
    Hopefully they’ll actually add some SGA or SG-1 aspects to the show, instead of altering them to fit the dark and insensible character writing of the current show. I couldn’t believe what they did with Jack O’Neill in SGU. He turned into a total jerk. Can’t imagine what they would do to McKay. At least Daniel was the good old Daniel I remembered.

  • @Mythos I humbly disagree. I just got into SGU over the summer after watching an episode on Space (Canadian). Since then, I’ve watched every back episode – some a few times – to catch up. I can’t be the only person who has done this. I rarely watch TV but rather, record or download. As to the soap suds, I’m in the camp that believes you have to create a backdrop for your characters to make them credible. Personally, I’d like to see more science, romance, and contact with other life forms. A sexy gal in latex and the Borg saved Voyager ;-)

  • @skasticks
    Absolutely..sci-fi being human,finally someone who understands!!People and their reactions to unknown,interactions in an unknown,strange circumstances..fictional of course,but using scientific methods to try and find a way out of it,or to fulfill the mission!
    Exactly..and some action is always welcome,if it fits the story,humor as well..etc..
    But you said it!And I agree 100%!!
    SGU is far from perfect,but then again stargate franchise has always been escapistic,mostly shallow fun.And I’d loved it for it,but with all of it shortcomings SGU far exceedes previous franchise shows as a sci-fi instalement!
    It’s not as good as BSG,but it’s far better on all the levels than SG-1,or SGA.And I still like those previous shows for what they were.
    Unfortunately SGU struggles tipicaly as every other show..sci-fi,or not,that does not appeal to mass audience..that is it’s only flaw at this point.But it is also a compliment,because that which appeals to the masses usualy cannot be an indicator of quality.

  • SG-1/SGA were very human too. But we learned more about the characters bit by bit, we weren’t smacked over the head with it and overwhelmed with information that caused the overall story to stutter to a halt.

    SGU’s S1 was just way, way too slow. And I don’t understand why the writers even thought it would work out. Just look at the serialized shows of the last couple of years. Lost was a success but everything that came after it? Duds. Because they made the same mistake: too much focus on characters early on when people had no real connection to them. People need to like/be intrigued by a character first, then they want to learn more.

  • @katikatnik
    I agree with your analysis. But let me take it a step further. The show needs to be like first before the characters can be like. Once the show is like, then fans won’t mine the constant whining as much.

    And the big problem with SGU is that, we as fans, know there is background from SG1 and Atlantis to draw from–and SGU throws that out the window. SGU acts like if the previous shows shouldn’t have existed. The reason why Star Trek worked from TOS, TNG, DS9, and Voyager was because each series never through away what the previous series built up in background, but kept adding to it. (not counting Enterprise because it wasn’t a sequel)

  • @ DestinyAwaits

    “Are these ratings being judged by the states only? Cos it seems a little stupid to me that the decision to renew or cancel the show relies purely on the ratings in the states alone. What about the fans in other parts of the world? I’m in the UK and i watch SGU on Sky One. So i think the ratings should be checked in all countries that Stargate is shown in cos i can tell you now that the UK loves SGU.”

    The overnight ratings in the UK are very bad. The last few episodes were watch by less than 200,000 viewers on Sky 1. The season 1 premiere got nearly 900,000 viewers. So the ratings are also down in the UK.

    But in the end only the Syfy US ratings really matter. Syfy is providing a large part of the SGU budget. Channels from other countries are usually much poorer and not able to pay huge sums. And I think that for example Sky 1 (UK) is also not willing to pay much, because of the bad ratings.

  • @DestinyAwaits – The reason why the ratings rely solely on the US is because Syfy is footing most of the bill for the show right now. If Syfy cancels, it would be possible for Sky One or Space or any of these other channels elsewhere to pick up the tab, but none of them really have the resources to do so. TV is a much bigger business in the US than the rest of the world so the money flows more freely. One of the reasons why a season (or series) is so short in the UK, compared to the UK, is because of this. They won’t typically put that kind of budget behind a show. So this is why only the US ratings matter right now.

    @Saquist – I’m sure more of SG1 and SGA will emerge in SGU and I too wasn’t happy with what they did with Jack. Particularly since there was no need to do so. But if they introduce too much SG1/SGA too quickly, they’ll likely disenfranchise the people who like SGU as-is and end up tanking the show.

    @Serendipity – You caught up before the second season started. There was only one season to catch up on. The second season is now half over. Those ten extra episodes mean a lot in terms of someone catching up on the show. It means that you’d have to get the DVD’s to have any chance of catching up and while some may do so, the percentage of those that would is going to be small. That’s why I say that the ratings aren’t likely to sway much now. Even if the statistical likelihood of people doing that is pushed, you’d still only be talking about maybe 100,000 more viewers (against popular belief, millions of people don’t tend to do such things) which is only about a 10% difference. Not enough to make a real change in the ratings. And after the second season ends, it will mean having to buy even more dvd’s to catch up so the likelihood drops further. And before it’s even said, the argument that people can watch it online isn’t relevant. The ‘average’ viewer, which is what the Nielsen company looks for when handing out their ratings boxes, would not do so. Because of this, those that would catch up online aren’t important. As for backdrop making characters credible, any SG1 fan could tell you everything about Jack O’Neill up until they changed his character for SGU. You can create background for the characters without ramming it down people’s throats, without it always being negative and without dragging the story down. You can also do so while staying true to the mythos of the franchise. The idea that any of these people would realistically have been involved in the Icarus project is almost laughable. And women in latex can work if the writing is good enough.

    @Jim – I have to disagree with you on the sci-fi aspect. I watch SGU and a few episodes have been somewhat entertaining, but I still find it falling way short as far as sci-fi.

    @katikatnik – Ironically, it didn’t even really work with Lost. What worked with Lost was a tremendous advertising campaign that kept making people wonder what it was about along with intentionally deceptive story-lines that were meant only to just keep people coming in. And Lost suffered from the same issue in that new people couldn’t follow it. The numbers fell pretty steadily from season to season.

  • @mythos Why do you find it falling short as far as sci-fi?I hear people that have some issues with the lack of action,or humor,or gunfight and..well yes I can see their point..that’s what they want,or in other words they want more of that.If you’re one of them,fine..but those elements are not essential for a good sci-fi.So where do you find it lacking as a sci-fi genre show?
    I personally do not have to hear Sam Carter’s techno babble in every episode,nor do I need McKay saving the day in a completely grotesquely unbeliavable way,at the last nanosecond,nor do I need O’Neill’s,or Sheppard’s voicing and pointing to those very things in an autoironic and selfparodic fashion in every other episode.
    This is more realistic sci-fi and I personally like it that way,like it for what it is,instead not liking it for what it isn’t.And if I miss more action,or space battles,or close encounters with other species..then I say so,but that doesn’t make SGU any less sci-fi.
    It may make it less action oriented,or less of a war show,but still I for one applaude them for making the choices that they made,even if it doesn’t give them the 4th,or 5th season.
    Why,because I’ve watched enough of those old SG series and I’m mostly satisfied with their new approach,which by any account is still good sci-fi,if not better sci-fi and it keeps me interested.In a diferrent way than SG-1,or SGA..,but then again it makes me compare it with better sci-fi shows,than SG1,or SGA ever had been.or could be.
    Don’t get me wrong..I respect those other franchise shows for what they were and being the ex-military I’d always appreciated those aspects,the effort they took in making it as realistic as possible on tv..the way they moved,while in action,the hand signs,the fact they made it obvious Jackson was not military and the kind of sci-fi they were introduceing.
    But in my view the time really has come for something diferrent and even with those changes it still is great sci-fi by any definition.In some aspects it’s even better,deeper,more human and smarter.Also more and more people are excepting it.I really don’t need two or more warring sides,kicking each others buts in space to enjoy good sci-fi!
    But,that is talking about the sci-fi aspect..if I start speaking about other aspects..that’s a diferrent story.There I’m just as puzzled and confused as many other people in what the hell are the producers and especially Sy-Fy doing.
    In this I may even be in minority,but I really didn’t see such a great mid-season finale in Resurgance.
    And now,what four months,half a year hiatus..I’m sorry,but that just makes no sense.
    Are they purposefuly trying to kill off the show?Why,in Gods name,why?What are we gonna be left with..wrestling and James Bond marathons?
    On the other hand they’re greenlighting BSG:Blood and Chrome!It seems to me someone has lost it!As far as Battlestar’s concerned,that is a finished story..we’ve found out all about the Humans and the Cylons and their mutual future/destiny and how the Cylons were created,why they believe in One True God..and now what,they are gonna go back and tell the story about the first Cylon war!!?
    Wanna talk about the sci-fi..the future of sci-fi looks very dark at the moment.The movies are BS and now the tv is going in the same direction.It’s just sad..
    And talking about shows like Lost,shows that you need to be involved with to be able to follow them..I’m all for it.If people can tune in and follow the soap opera crap,why wouldn’t they tune in and follow something better that has an arc.I like Event.
    But Stargate and Sy-Fy’s Sci-fi instalements really do seem as victims of a sabotage at this point!

  • @mythos
    In the UK there are no commercials. To have tv they pay a tax for it. That would explain the US ratings needing to be high as we all know commercials are what pay for networks to exist at least in part.

    There has definitely been better writing this season, but I agree, it does fall a bit short of a “True” sci-fi action series. It’s more like sci-fi soap.

  • Some spoilers, don’t read if you don’t want to know.

    I started watching stargate during the seventh season of stargate SG-1. I immediately fell in love with it’s charm and presence. When Atlantis came out, I liked the pilot and the original few episodes, but then I started to grow a little bit adverse to it. When the Michael arc started to show promise I got into it again and later with the replicators. I was mad when weir got removed and almost wouldn’t watch the show even with Carter added to the cast. But, in time, I ended up enjoying it about as much as I did in the beginning. When Samantha got the boot I had hopes for Weir, but that fell flat. The fifth season felt like three seasons, cut, chopped, and pasted together. Most of the episodes bore little to no connection to the previous ones and long standing arcs, such as michael, were dealt with swiftly and in a very indigenous manor, same with the replicators and Weir all dealt in one blow. Wolsey, Todd, Shepard, McCay, Zalenka, and Lorn, were all exceptional characters. Ronan seemed out of place, Jennifer Keller was good, but she was no Beckett, and Telya never really settled in on an actual role on the expedition. Her role constantly shifted and I never really grew to like her as I did some of the other cast. I enjoyed SG1 and SGA, keep that in mind when I say what I have to say.

    SGU is something different. Yes, we all know this. Different isn’t necessarily bad. Season 1 was divided between good and bad. And the bad outweighed the good, especially since they were all pushed together into 8-18 episodes. I would have quit the series if not for the Lucian Alliance showing up. Call me shallow, if you want. The Lucian Alliance added something to the crew of Destiny. But most of that something was taken away. Khiva was killed, again in a disingenous manor. She should have stayed there a lot longer, even though her character would never have allowed her to be anything less than the total leader of the ship. It would have lead to some interesting conflicts, there could have been far more exploring into the ship. Out of the entire ship we’ve probably seen… 5-10%? maybe, MAYBE 12. She should have died on episode 10. I mean, the last episode should have been her last hurrah and Destiny finally settling in with the Lucian Alliance. Instead she get’s three episodes, and one where she’s dead. You can call it slow paced, but it doesn’t have to be, there’s an entire ship waiting for exploration, possible dangers, and possible insights which could have easily fit in 10 episodes, there even could have been an unofficial truce inbetween the episodes where an alien ship attacks, consuming two episodes. That’s something that could have done the show a lot of good, but it didn’t.

    Apart from Khiva there were three others with some personality, Varro ‘the human’ archetype, Ginn ‘the lover/collaborator’ archetype, and Simeon ‘the villain’ archetype. Ginn was brought in most likely to give Eli a muse, someone to develop his character. The thing is, she became something more than that, and I was beginning to really warm up to her presence. Simeon killing her was merely just another plot devise, and it was very disingenuous. One wonders why of all the Lucian Alliance members to come aboard Destiny, the most violent and unstable of them get’s to stay aboard? Sure, we realize he was meant to develop Eli, and to some extent Rush who has recently lost whatever goodness that was given to him putting him back at square one. Then we have Varro, Varro hasn’t gotten 1/2 of the screen time he should, he was brought in briefly with the Ginn incident and to attempt to put Simeon in his place. Apart from that he only has one real showing, the latest episode. He’s now the last of the Lucian alliance members, or at least, the last that matters. That said, there is still a lot of potential for his character. He still has a lot to offer. It’s just I’m apprehensive to get attached to him for the fear that he will get killed by some other silly thing for another plot devise to make Tamara’s character develop.

    With those complaints aside, this season was light years ahead of season one. The characters are developing, supporting characters are getting more importance, and everything is getting, well, more likable and approachable. It would be a shame if SGU got cancelled, if it did then the franchise would suffer greatly. The books have a nice niche, but I haven’t touched them. The movies may happen, eventually, but I doubt it. I have hopes that SGA will get a miniseries to put Atlantis back in the Pegasus Galaxy, at least to resolve the problem of a giant cloaked city off the coast of California.

    For those who are complaining about the ratings before they resume their interest in watching the series, first I must say I empathize. Season 1 was bad, and you didn’t want to invest in the second. You saw it’s ratings plummet and you only saw the truth in your original beliefs shine through, but I just want to show you something.

    Ratings are not what they used to be. People don’t watch television as much as they used to. Does this stop mindless shows from getting millions of viewers? no. That’s mainly because of the brand. Syfy has struggled with that for a while. It may get high ratings for miniseries, or the beginning of series, but after that they decline and decline and find some steady region between 1 million and 2.5 million viewers. Syfy will never match CBS, FOX, or any other three letter combination television channel, nor should it. Those people are not Syfy’s niche. Now don’t get me wrong, I do like NCIS, NCIS Los Angelis, House, and Burn Notice. I also like some premium series. But the total viewers watching television has been in decline for a long while, blame the internet.

    Syfy’s refusal to host the series episodes themselves online only hurts their ratings. People flock to megavideo or other illegal websites to watch it and nothing get’s put into the Syfy’s charts. The only one that has anything that’s free is Hulu. Which… is a serious problem. Their dismissal of this is not good.

    The second thing I wanted to say is that ratings for SGU jumps up some 40% on DVR recordings. So if you don’t want to watch a television show that get’s fewer than 1.3 million viewers, don’t. But SGU has 1.4+ if you take into account DVR recordings. I mean, this is Tuesday night, people have better things to do and if I may be so bold, some better things to watch. You can bash NCIS, but I like it. Given the choice between NCIS or SG:U I, and many thousands would go with NCIS and simply record SG:U or catch it latter on, on Hulu. We all have lives and work, Fridays are normally free. Tuesdays are not.

    And, for anyone saying they would give up on Syfy if SGU is cancelled, Eureka and Sanctuary are still very good shows. But they may not have the “depth” that you’re looking for, but Eureka definitely has the science and humor while Sanctuary has the adventure and mythology.

    I’ve said my piece. SG:U is a good show, I would look forward to it continuing it’s run. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. If it does, it does. I would hope that anyone who has not yet given up hope on the series will watch it’s return in the spring, as it would be a shame to lose the stargate franchise forever, or worse be damned to the re-imagined stargate.

  • @Mythos You make some great points. Ok, I’m more bummed out than ever. I can’t wait for Star Trek Movies every 3 – 4 years; BSG was sooo good on so many levels, and SGU is shaping up beautifully – surely there have to be enough Sci Fi fans out here to make something decent and make it last?

  • For example if they start introducing SG-1 and SGA elements in SGU,I’ll be very disappointed.
    That in my opinion would be grotesque.

  • @Mythos – forgot to ask this sorry, what was your fav episode in season 2 ( mine was Cloverdale).

  • @scholar I absolutely agrre with you.Except for the fact that I can’t stand CSI series.They’ve been done literaly to death.
    But I never judge a show on it’s ratings and I have to admit I almost never watch anything
    I also had a feeling that those Lucian Alliance members were nothing but plot devices and in such an obvious way,it’s a shame.And Simeon..well that was just dumb.
    That whole storyline was forced on us,thinking it would somehow be a pipeline to SG-1,plus as you said served it’s purpose in establishing some of our characters..not too succesfully,I have to say,because it was rushed.

  • I’m not a huge CSI fan. I used to like it, but it’s gone down hill and I have literally no interest in the newer series. Sometimes, if I’m incredibly bored and I literally cannot go anywhere I may consider watching it over an old sports program or the news. NCIS, however, is different. I enjoy it, there’s always some nice developing plots over the season and something to get interested in. But enough with helping a show that doesn’t need it.

    The Lucian Alliance thing is almost over, or at least I think we can all hope it is. Varro’s still there, and hopefully he won’t get shot any time soon. There’s supposedly a Lucian Alliance attack planned on Earth, but I have a feeling it won’t happen either with it being stopped before it begins or it just never materializing.

    But regardless of how poorly the story was told, it did, in some ways, bring back some life to the show. It may just be me, but if Khiva didn’t storm into Destiny with her sheer presence consuming the screen then I probably wouldn’t be watching it now, regardless of how good it became, and we can all agree: It has gotten better.

  • @ Jim

    SGU is very different than SG1/SGA, but I don’t think it is “more realistic”. All three series and their characters are completely unrealistic just in a different kind of way.

    @ waveuponwave

    “In the UK there are no commercials. To have tv they pay a tax for it.”

    Not all channels in the UK get money directly from the population like the BBC. I am sure that there are many channels, which air commercials.

  • @waveuponwave Says:
    @mythos In the UK there are no commercials. To have tv they pay a tax for it. That would explain the US ratings needing to be high as we all know commercials are what pay for networks to exist at least in part.

    Sorry waveuponwave but your wrong the ONLY channel here that does NOT have adverts is the BBC, because we have to pay annual TV licence for all BBC programs and radio, this is set by the Government and BBC bosses. ALL other TV channels are commercial and they have just recently also won the right to have product placements on those commercial show as well.

    There are loads and loads of channels via Satellite subscription and quite a few that are clases as “freeview digital channels which again are ALL commerical stations eg: US channels like, CBS, FX, Univeral, Five US, Comdey Central Sy Sf etc.. the list goes on and we also UK commercial channels as well like ITV1, ITV3 & ITV4 as well as Five, Fiver and Channel, Gold Watch and Dave, I’m sure there are more but at the moment I can only recall the actual ones that I watch the most.

    We also loss shows on commercial channels due to ratings and costs of production which is why we recently lost a show called The BIll and poor Primevil feel foul of ratings vs costs ect..

  • Sorry for my bad spelling and grammer did’nt spell check first.

  • Common guys please watch Stargate SGU. In Australia we love the show

  • @Jim – Obviously if you ask 2 sci-fi fans what it means to be ‘sci-fi’ you can get different answers. For me, it is the ‘techno-babble’ and the attempt to explain things that matters The ‘sci’, if you will. It obviously doesn’t have to be completely correct, but it should be consistent. Sci-fi stories/shows/movies are often referred to as taking place in their own universe because they obviously can’t get it all right. But they at least try to not contradict previous explanations or when they do, explain why the previous one was ‘off’. SG1 and SGA would regularly do this. SGU seems to have no interest in doing this at all. For me, this puts it more into the genre of fantasy than sci-fi. Which I’m not necessarily against, I just prefer my sci-fi to be a little more sci than fi.

    As for the ‘save the day in the last moment’ mentality, the same rules still apply to SGU. You won’t see a primary killed off just to further the story. The only reason they’ll be killed off is if their contract doesn’t get renewed. SGU just drags out that ‘last moment’ much further. Like the aliens on the other ship attacking the Destiny crew and then surrounding Telford at the last moment only to befriend him later? Can you really say that’s not the same as McKay saving the day at the last moment with some sort of scientific miracle in one episode? It’s really the same story just told from a different perspective.

    And I’m not completely against the idea of a more character-driven story. But I was hoping for more of a happy medium. Letting the sci-fi be sci-fi and letting the drama be drama. It can be done. But for whatever reason, no one seems to want to do it. Also, as concerned as they claim to be about character development, it seems odd that none of the characters seem particularly realistic to their roles. To me, the only truly believable character has been Eli. The rest of the military officers are largely unfit for duty, yet alone in such an important role. Rush seems to have dissociative personality disorder. Everyone else is just kind of there. Wray is somewhat believable, but her importance as a character has been pretty inconsequential so far. Talented actress, just not really necessary. Telford may qualify as believable but there hasn’t been enough of him post brainwashing to be certain. Now they have started to come around. More recently, the characters have been more ‘functional’. But it took nearly 1.5 seasons and the better part of a year of time on the ship from the show’s perspective to get there.

    As for trying to kill off the show, I don’t think so. I think they’re trying for a model of having shows that draw similar audiences available all year. They just haven’t figured out what those audiences are or how to schedule the shows. And I also don’t think they were prepared for SGU to be a ratings failure. They cancelled SGA for the promise of bigger ratings and wider appeal which just hasn’t happened. So now they’re kind of stuck. Syfy only has a handful of flagship shows and so they can’t really afford to lose any more. The BSG shows are being offed as replacements are being created. I’ve heard of no other Stargate shows being pitched so far. This is one of the things keeping the show alive. And I think it will survive, just with a high probability of budget cuts. If the SGU people are smart, they’ll keep their lips sealed about any ideas for another Stargate show until SGU hits it’s 5th season.

  • @waveuponwave – Just out of curiousity, how many television channels do you have to choose from? I’m guessing not as many as are typically available in the US just because we’re generally the tv junkies of the world.

  • @Serendipity – There are enough sci-fi fans, they’re just not watching SGU. As for my favorite episode of season 2…I’d have to say Visitation. Other than a few issues, such as the ending, I thought it was at least interesting.

  • @mythos I totally get what you’re saying about SGU and in fact I agree.
    When those aliens surrounded Telford,i was immediately certain he was gonna be fine..and I’m pretty sure that was the case with most viewers.
    Don’t get me wrong,I love science as well..when I mentioned techno babble,well I was being kind of an ass.
    But my point was,is..I was actually speaking in more general therms about sci-fi nowdays,not necessarily just SG franchise.
    It seems to me it is just not in a very good place at the moment..sci,fi,both or whatever!
    I’m kinda not pleased with wherever it is all going.

  • @Jim – I do agree that sci-fi has gone to a bad place. I just really don’t understand why it’s so seemingly hard for the people making shows to understand where they’re going wrong. You can’t just package a soap set in space and call it sci-fi. You also don’t get many chances with sci-fi fans. Hearing now that the people calling the shots on SGU feel that they’re on the right course is amazing to me when the numbers are the lowest they have ever been in Stargate’s history. Particularly for a show for a US network where it’s the ratings that decide the success of a show.

  • Oh and yes we all seem to agree,SGU is improving and it is,that’s good,but is it enough,or is it too little too late,we’ll see.
    My point was,choose a direction and stick with most of us agreed there’s so much potential here,so you don’t have to change the whole concept of the show..hope they won’t.
    Use what you have,stop humiliating your own characters..the actor talent is there as well.
    And stop making stupid airing decisions and experiments.
    I’m sorry to have to say this,but it is obvious that at certain point,some people thought they could do literally anything with the Stargate franchise and all of the fandom..old and new would praise them,as they could do no wrong,no matter what they did.
    Whatever my personal opinion on this is and it is definitely somewhat diferrent than the one of many old fans,I have to admit that those people got a big time reallity check.

  • @mythos Agreed and since my previous comment is awaiting moderation,once it hopefully gets moderated you’ll see just how much I agree.

  • @psw
    lol..Good point!Can I say less unrealistic then?

    Also for those of you in the UK,so you actually pay taxes for BBC and that means BBC has got no commercials at all,right?
    How is that being enforced,what if you don’t pay?The reason I ask is because taxes are a very strong concept that apply to all and I wonder if that’s the case here.Are we really talking about taxes,or some kind of a fee?
    I mean,can you choose not to pay and then not have the right to watch BBC and since BBC is a national network,not cable channel,pay per view,or anything like that,what can the consequences of not paying for it be?
    All in all,are we really talking about a tax here,that’s what I’m interested in?

  • @ Jim

    We all have to pay unless you are over a certain age 75 I think. Yep its commerical free no ads at all, so a hour long programe is an hour long, that why when the show US programes on the BBC they only last about 40 something minutes once the ads are cut out.

    Yes, it’s mandatory everyone has to pay bar certain exception like being older or care homes/ hospital etc.. Therefore, you not only pay for your cable or satalite subscription, if you want to have them, you still have to pay the licence fee as well not opting out. The BBC consists of BBC1 ,2 ,3 and now BBC 4 not forgetting all the BBC radio stations.

    Alternatively, you can buy a free view box to get more free view digital channels. Because every body has access to ITV 1, and Channel 4, Channel 5 with out a free view box and the BBC 1 and 2 of course ( BBC 3 & 4 are only available with a free view box though) but the licence is solely for the BBC, the other 3 commercial channels have nothing to do with it its just there available to everyone.

    Its currently £145.00 for a colour Licence and £49.00 for a black and white one, that’s an annual one off payment or you, can spread via DD ect..

    If you don’t pay that’s it’s a criminal offence and £1,000 fine, they used to have detector vans that were used to go around and if a signal was detected with out a licence they contacted you. Don’t know if they still do that but they obviously still do have means to find you. It also applies to anyone using a computer to watch TV programs, I didn’t know that until now, as I checked on the TV Licensing website for the current costs:

    This is what is stated on the website:

    ” Penalties for TV Licence evasion

    Using television receiving equipment to watch or record television programme services without the correct licence is a criminal offence. You could face prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000″

    “You need a valid TV Licence if you use TV receiving equipment to watch or record television programmes as they’re being shown on TV. ‘ This includes a TV, computer, mobile phone, games console, digital box, DVD/VHS recorder or any other device.”

    “Computers and laptops
    Many TV channels are now available to watch over the internet. If you’re watching programmes on a computer or laptop as they’re being shown on TV, then you need a TV Licence. However, you don’t need to be covered by a licence if you’re only using ‘on-demand’ services to watch programmes after they have been shown on TV. So, you need a licence to watch any channel live online, but you wouldn’t need one to use BBC iPlayer to catch up on an episode of a programme you missed, for example”

    Hope that clarifies it for you hun.

  • @mythos

    You completely read my mind. Especially on everything character driven/related. But the place where I am most aligned with you is the “balance” aspect. This show has finally revealed its intended mission, and it needs characters that measure up to that task.
    It’s time to introduce the philosopher-king. The journey and exploration have suddenly become secondary to the mission. Now is the perfect time for either Eli or Rush or someone brand new to become the leader of the mission. The philosopher-king’s problem was that he had to be convinced to rule. Rush fits the bill. The philosopher’s quest for knowledge must never be distracted by such trivialities as “ruling” or “leading” as in our case. Rush’s obsession with Destiny and its mission is the scientific mirror image of the philosopher-king. I sincerely believe that the only thing that is going to save this show (at least creatively) is balance.

  • They never had to cancel Atlantis. No matter how the fans wanted and now they are paying invoice. With this new series so bad, no
    chemistry between the characters and the solidarity that we were accustomed to
    seen in the Stargate teams have jettisoned the franchise.

    Sorry by then and Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, they were the best series ever.

  • @Atlantis Rocks
    So BBC is not included in your cable,or satelite need to pay extra and we’re really talking about tax,since evasion constitutes a criminal offense.
    Ok,thanks,I didn’t know that.
    Btw I don’t know what you mean by calling me hun,but if it is what I is spelled by capital H..Your Highness.
    If only we could have such quality tv as you brits do..Merlin

  • Comparatively speaking, just calculating the population percentages, it’s roughly 6 million viewers in comparison in Australia, since we have 250 million people over here (though that’s not accounting various statistical properties and differences between US audiences and Australia’s). I’d be interested in Canada, the U.K. and, perhaps, other countries ratings for the show.

  • Every Country has it’s stupid, unjustifiable taxes, in UK TV licence tax, here in Australia there is a 3% stamp duty when You buy a car, and there is no limit to that, buy a million $ car, pay $30000 stamp duty, otherwise known as registration transfer fee.

    IF SGU could rate that high here in Australia, it indicates that SYFY channel is doing something wrong to only get 1 million+ viewers, or maybe there is a massive oversaturation of available channels there, too many choices perhaps.

  • @Jim
    “So BBC is not included in your cable,or satelite need to pay extra and we’re really talking about tax,since evasion constitutes a criminal offense.
    Ok,thanks,I didn’t know that.
    Btw I don’t know what you mean by calling me Hun, but if it is what I is spelled by capital H..Your Highness.”

    Yeah I guess technically you would call it a tax, but its just that its classed as a TV Licence here and not called an actual Tax as such.

    Sorry not sure, what you mean by the your Highness remark?:

    The use of the word hun or Hun, is just a simple way of addressing someone whom you either know and don’t use there actual name or if you just, don’t know the person at all. Usually I can’t remember their name (so that’s my main reason for using it “ha ha”). I also use it all the time for people I don’t know, like cashiers in the supermarket or call centres/ work colleagues male or female etc. Just general everyday usage. It’s just like using the words mate/matey or babe instead of a person’s name.

    And yeah Merlin’s is brilliant ,season 3 just finished a week ago and it was awesome but its having a year long break now and wont be back till 2012 for its fourth season. That’s already been agreed by the BBC, according to Digital Spy there’s also in discussion about a fifth one too, its being doing quite well in the ratings so things are looking good. There having the yearlong break to cut down on production cost to enable lots more of Merlin, again according to an interview on Digital Spy. So that’s good in one way and bad in another, as we don’t have Merlin next year.

  • @ Jim

    “More realistic” and “less unrealistic” is the same. I still don’t think that SGU and its characters is closer to reality than SG1/SGA.

    @ scholar

    The ratings tanked in the UK. In Germany SGU lost 50% of its viewers from the premiere until the end of season 1. You can find more information elsewhere.

  • @Atlantis Rocks Nevermind about Your Higness,that was just me being stupid and not funny.
    I get what you’re saying.
    Btw I mostly know BBC for it’s amazing documentaries and I’ve also watched some of the Top Gear on BBC 2,I is hilarious!

    @psw Really,it’s the same thing..thanks for that,I learn something new every day.
    I was kidding,which I am not when I’m talking about the realism of SGU as opposed to previous shows.
    Why,well because it is really very realistic that the entire galaxy speaks english,plus if this was SG-1 we wouldn’t need a team of people at all..Sam Carter would have figured out everything there is about the ship in the pilot,O’neill and T’ealc would have already infiltrated those other alien’s ships decimating them in the process,because that is realistic,with T’ealc shooting out of two M-16,each in one habd,because that is realistic,that’s how real soldiers do it,not these wussies who need both hands to hold a rifle..and we would have already been in war with creators of big bang,who would also be speaking english,probably with some failed attempt at some slavic accent!
    And reg realism of the characters..if you ever found yourself in an exrreme situation,espesially with a bunch of civilians unfit to be there,which I’m sure you haven’’d know that everyone has coping mechanisms..yes they are whining,moping,being annoying and so on..and then they come together and start cooperating.
    I for a change want to watch a realistic show,exploring human condition within the sci-fi parameters and the shows producers obviously also wanted to explore that.I applaude them for that and am actually happy for this hiatus,because people like you least for a while loose their outlet for their own frustrations,using ratings for it,while your torrent programs work overtime!!

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