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‘Alliances’ drops Stargate Universe ratings to series low

Tuesday - March 22, 2011
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Stargate Universe fell to its lowest live viewership level yet this week, as Syfy Channel airs the final stretch of episodes after announcing its cancellation in December.

“Alliances” drew approximately 814,000 viewers (Live + Same Day) on Monday night, with a 0.4 household rating in the 18 to 49 demographic. This is down 12 percent from last week.

Stargate‘s lead-in series Being Human drew 1.195 million viewers at 9 p.m., a 13 percent drop from last week.

On the major networks in the 10 p.m. time slot, Castle finished first this week with an estimated 12.03 million viewers on ABC, boosted by the 2-hour premiere of Dancing with the Stars as its lead-in. CBS’s Hawaii Five-0 turned in 10 million viewers, while Harry’s Law‘s drew 8.43 million for NBC.

On USA, 5.265 million tuned in to WWE Raw in the 10 p.m. hour.

Next week Stargate Universe continues its final episodes with “Hope” at 10/9c on Syfy!  Learn more in GateWorld’s Season Two episode guide, and keep your browser locked here for all the latest from the franchise.

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  • The show is as amazing as ever.
    Nobody is watching because of the cancellation.

  • well it’s not as if another season is no the table anyway

  • Posting ratings is like kicking a dead horse. Does it really matter anymore with SGU not getting a proper ending?

  • Well,Atleast its not on Tuesdays at 9pm anymore,It would be going against ABC’s Series “V”

  • At least i watched! I just recorded my other tv shows so I could watch it later and just watched sgu live intstead of the other way around like I assume most people did. But this is trully sad to see the ratings drop this low, it only makes syfy’s decision to cancel the show right. Sure ratings don’t matter much since the show is canned and a movie or two might be made anyways, but if another network was looking into renewing the series, they’re probably looking away right now. Seriously STARGATE..the leading scifi show to which all scifi shows like to look up too, is failing. This is just sad, I can’t believe MGM would just let syfy throw sgu around on such bad timeslots. And I dont even watch Being Human but its numbers are dropping too, to the point of cancellation

  • Something is just horribly wrong with the way ratings are gathered these days. I believe way more than 814,000 people are still watching the series. The way ratings are logged these days isn’t reliable. I don’t have a Neilsen box … I don’t get home until after Stargate airs and I DVR the show on my Windows Media Center so I can watch it the same evening. It’s not being captured for ratings. So, I’d say, obviously the numbers are wrong. I gave SGU a shot and love it!

  • All they had to do was air it during the summer and keep away from the absolutely absurd and unnecessarily long breaks. Either SyFy is completely incompetent at every level of decision making with its schedule or they are purposefully killing off shows, there are no other explanations.

  • With all the fans who are now complaining about Syfy canceling, they are not making an effort to save the show by watching the first run broadcast. I hope Syfy honors the show up to the final episode. We are still awaiting an announcement from MGM as to the shows future.

  • Sounds more to me like SyFy channel’s ratings are plunging on the whole.
    SGU’s ratings don’t mean a lot now, so maybe Gateworld should quit posting these irrelevant figures.
    SGU is better than “The Event” and “V”, and likely would have fard much better on a regular network channel.

  • I’m really going to miss this show.

    Really enjoyed the episode but I didn’t watch it live so I feel like a bit of a jerk.

    Is there any word on the movie?

  • I tend to find the less people know about the Stargate franchise the more they enjoy SGU. The biggest haters for SGU are the hardcore fans of the previous series. Has anyone else noticed this?

  • It looks like SyFy knew what they were doing when they did not pick SGU up for another season. They might as well wrap this thing up and run the rest of the episodes as a midnight marathon before they loose any more viewers.

  • And look as Being Human’s ratings *gasp* its getting what SGU got last fall! Surprise surprise…this series is next.

    I have a feeling more cancellation announcements are on the way.

  • Oh, and I had a quick LOL at the picture you guys posted of Greer and Camille. I double taked because I thought Camille was pointing a lightsaber at Greer’s chest. Of course, I just got done playing Lego Star Wars III, but her flashlight does sorta look like a lightsaber the way its portrayed in that pic.

  • No. Sh!t. Sherlock.

    Seriously? Are we REALLY expecting anything else to happen with the ratings? I know there’s not a whole lot to report on, Daren, but come on. We KNOW the ratings are only going to get lower and lower.

    @Uncle AI: The ratings are dropping with each episode because of the cancellation news, not because of the show’s quality. SciFi didn’t call this one at all, but it will appear that way because of the broken numbers provided by the broken ratings system.

  • Fringe hit an all time low last week too.

    Looks like the nielson boxes need new homes?

    Two brilliant shows getting obviously the wrong raatings statistics.

  • Sad to hear this, but not surprised. I’ve been watching SGU since it first aired (die-hard stargate fan), and although the first season was kinda slow, i kept watching to fulfill my ancient/stargate needs. Second season has been really picking up the pace so it’s more enjoyable from a storyline standpoint.

    The reason however, why I’m not surprised about low rating on ‘Alliances’ is because it was a character development kinda slow episode, which every season of every stargate show has had. It’s a ‘wrong place at the wrong time’ kinda thing.

    I’m almost willing to say that I ‘predict’ S02E15 ‘Seizure’ will bring in high ratings for the exact opposite reasons… well mostly because of mckay ;)

  • It’s so cute that some people still think watching live without a Nielson box will do something for the ratings.

  • Well i think the rate’ing are low beacuse its monday everyone think you know there are so many tv shows on monday like chuck and being human . i feel syfy is doing this all so they can make this tv show fell now stargate ip is very cool ip if they dont keep on going with tv shows and give it all 5 seasons then peaple may feel like they dont want to sopport syfy beacuse of there cut’ing the show now i feel syfy is not even syfy being human is just another remake its sad to see stargate sgu drop beacuse of syfy mgm should work hard to keep sgu on the air and have it up to 5 seasons its to sad that someone one would let this happen mgm was great now it feels like they dont care even james bond and sgu is only at 2 season not even 3 its junk to alow this to happen just put all the eps on dvd and sell every eps and season that way ill buy every one of sgu dvds

  • So what else was happening in America, surely a decline of this magnitude 12 and 13% points. Whole right read the article a other crappy reality TV just begun.

    Scifi should have been expecting at least 10% drop one would of thought.

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