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Little ‘Hope’ for Stargate‘s March 28 ratings

Tuesday - March 29, 2011
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Though Stargate Universe was cancelled by Syfy Channel back in December, we’re still watching the ratings numbers for the final 10 episodes. While “Hope” did stop the erosion in viewership, it didn’t offer anything to cheer about.

The fourth episode to air since the mid-season return drew an estimated 876,000 viewers on Monday night (Live + Same Day) — an improvement of 7 percent from last week’s series low.

While many viewers have clearly dropped the show from their live viewing habits since the cancellation announcement, the situation is made worse by the fact that SGU is paired with another original drama and is losing nearly one-third of its lead-in audience.

Being Human earned 1.299 million viewers in the 9 p.m. time slot, up almost 9 percent from the previous week.

On the main broadcast networks, ABC’s Castle drew 12.56 million viewers with a new episode.  NBC picked up 8.54 million viewers with Harry’s Law, and 5.95 million found a repeat of Hawaii Five-0 on CBS.

WWE Raw also grabbed 6.23 million in the 10 p.m. hour on the USA Network.

Syfy hasn’t announced any data on the DVR viewership for the new episodes of Universe (and we don’t expect them to), so fans are left to speculate over whether viewers are shifting away from live viewing — or are waiting for the show to finish so they can catch up on the last episodes on their own time — or have dropped Stargate altogether.

Next week’s brand new episode of Stargate Universe, “Seizure,” promises to be one of the biggest of the series!  Tune in Monday at 10/9c on Syfy to catch the big SGUAtlantis crossover event.


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  • Nope, fans that read the ratings thread aren’t left to wonder about the DVR viewing, it’s holding about the same so SGU is losing viewers. It’s also dropped under the Syfy weekly primetime viewer average for reruns 2 out of 3 weeks since it’s return. Not a pretty picture.

  • Not surprised, are average Stargate fans even aware that the show is back? If I didn’t follow Gateworld I’d still be wondering if/when SGU was coming back.

  • …going off of that, how many people think SyFy did what they did with Caprica after it was canceled and just pulled the episodes? I know I half-expected them to do that the way they’ve been treating the series.

  • These are the Live + 7 ratings from the Ratings Thread RoX was speaking of:

    Epsiode aired March 7
    HH: 0.9 (up from .6 Live + SD)
    A18-49: .5 (up from .35)
    Total Viewers: 1.5 million (up from 1.0 million)

  • I have [proudly] cut the cord (cable/sat-free since December) so I was using Hulu to watch Stargate:Universe. They used to have episodes up 24 hours after the TV premiere. Now, since 2 weeks ago, SyFy changed its online policy for SGU, and now we have to wait 30 days before we see the new episodes! What a shame.

  • Paying money for terrible Tv shows, i feel sorry for the Americans.
    I will not be supporting any director or producer by watching their future films or Tv series who where involved in this murder of SG-1 SGA, SGU was made for no one except the big ego’s of the (boys) in charge.
    I’m sick of these nothing but DRAMA episodes where’s the action SCI FI

  • its just so sad, because they had such a great Base storyline, im so dissapointed.

  • Rox, Sylvia: maybe I’m wrong, but 1.5 was the number before hiatus, so I think it is quite simple that people don’t watch it live anymore, and significant chunk of fans have dropped SyFy alltogether and watch it from iTunes and Hulu. It seems that MGM recognizes it have proposal for SGU fans with free episodes and reduced price tags in iTunes.

    Josheph Mallozzi also claimed loud and clear that decision about movies (session is not option anymore) will be made without live ratings context.

  • Who cares?! I mean seriously, what difference does it make reporting the ratings? The shows canceled, what is the point of these posts at this point?

  • I agree with gaddorm; reporting ratings seems more to make the bastards that cancelled the show more important. They’re not, and they never will be.

    But then again, the vast majority of shows are not there to actually benefit viewers – the advertisers and network execs appear to be more important than everyone else… it makes you wonder what’s the point of having sci-fi shows if they’re going to be axed at a moment’s notice.

  • I’ll say it again. Another day, another episode without the big round thing on which the show is based on. When will people acknowledge that is the problem.

    You think any of the CSI would be popular without forensic teams, or DoctorWho without the Doctor, or Californication without Moody, Castle without Castle, Dexter without Dexter, Torchwood without Harkness, Smallville without Kent, Sanctuary without Magnus, Prison Break without Scofield, Nikita without Nikita,… Get the point.

    Everything about this show is supposed the revolve around the Stargate first, then the characters. Thats why season 9 and 10 of SG1 worked out even without RDA. Thats why Atlantis worked even if we didnt know any of the characters at first except for Mckay (Weir doesnt count, she was recast and played differently).

    Its all about the gate, always been, always will be.

  • Not a surprise. Monday’s Being Human was one of the best of the series. Monday’s SGU wasn’t.

  • @meo3000

    So it wasn’t any different from the dozens of episodes of Stargate SG 1’s final three seasons that failed to feature the Stargate in favor of a space ship.

  • I wish SyFy would just drop it now and hurry up the release of the DVD/Blu-Ray.

  • @Michael Sacal
    in sg1 episodes where was no gate was no deep sgu like drama to … every show have there few episodes of slow pointless filler drama but not like sgu what is in every episode … even the episodes where is some action the is still over 50% of drama…

    next week episode may get more viewer raitings then this week cause there will be Mckay in it so fans of atlantis may tune in to

    if stargate will continue in the future they need new tv channel to show it or make it as web series …
    stargate needs a channel what have average 10milj. viewers to get good raitings … but how much does the raitings help .. no ordinary family had 5.3milj live viewers with it’s last episode and still got canned (or atleast lots of places say so but the channel where it is shown is not comfirm it jet)

  • Folks, the consumer still controls the free market. The 21st century delivers us additional options for viewing ‘television.’ No actual TV is required anymore. Sure we might have to wait more, but I’m content to wait 30 days to watch it on Hulu just to ensure I’m not throwing my resources (in this case time) to a brand (SyFy) that I’m not a satisfied customer with.

  • I’ll disagree with @meo3000. The stargate itself is a plot device. The stories revolved around the characters. A series doesn’t last 10 years just by filming a wheel spinning around with nifty puddle effects. Its where it took us that was interesting, and the people that took us there what kept us engaged.

  • Vampire sex over mentally engaging science fiction? So…. the only way we can have sci-fi be popular is if we blow a lot of sh*t up and pad our testosterone/estrogen bravada? Good job America. I’m proud. BAH!

  • @meo3000
    I just registered just to thank you for saying what I’ve been thinking since season 1 of SGU. The show should be called Universe or Destiny, they hardly ever use the STARGATE, especially in season 2.
    I know they wanted to make more serious and dark or whatever, but for me, it’s boring, the characters are not very likable, except Eli and a couple of scientist.
    Reciently I finished rewatching SG-1 and now I’m watching SGA, and even a low episode managed to be entertaining.
    Now SGU is all about drama between the characters, ok, a little drama is good, SG always had it, but don’t make all about that. It’s not even a good drama. There are a lot of tv shows that have it, I always watched SG for the action, adventure, ehhhh, SCIFI stuff.
    Why do I still whatch SGU? I’m trying to give it a chance, but it’s not working. I’m just glad to see episodes like the next one when Rodeny appears. And I see it because I know it’s been cancelled, but I wouldn’t watch if they made another season.
    I respect all of you who like SGU, unfortunally for me it lost the things that make it a Stargate series.

  • I already stopped watching ANYTHING on SYDIE…and as far as Being Human, the UK version is 100X better…I have come to the realization that BBC America has more and better Scfi then SYFY….I think the show started slow and “Yes” they should have spread the character building out and focused on more action, advanture and the gate..letting us catch up with the characters after a longer priod…but they didn’t..They focused on Character building and completed that in the first season better half of the second..The show is now hitting a stride and is beginiing to focus on the story, the gate and action…Yes it has played out more like a book then the; have sex, kill it, come home, put your feet on the table and smoke a cigar typical shows on TV, and I liked it…I like all the SG shows…kind of had a hard time with SGA, not sure how many Arora class ships you can find and crash in one season…but hey it had it’s own flavor

  • People trying to blame the network is funny to me if you really like a show you will check when it on and watch it… it not new that the show has mid season breaks or get changed, the problem is the show leave no impact on it viewers and it easy to forget….

    I have seen every ep of SG:U and think Season 2 has been better but it was too little too late but the disappointing fact is no Atlantis DVD because this was cancel is a joke… good way to p**s the fans off.

    And i agree the show should had been called Destiny or the incredible Chole (as for someone with no skill is super at everything)

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