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No ratings help for SGU‘s return

Tuesday - March 8, 2011
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The move to Monday couldn’t help the show that Syfy Channel canceled last December, as Stargate Universe began its final run of episodes with a typical performance of just over 1 million viewers last night.

“Deliverance” drew an estimated 1.035 million pairs of eyes (Live + Same Day), slightly less than SGU‘s ratings average for the first half of the season, which was 1.078 million viewers (Live + Same Day) (chart).  It’s also down  5 percent from the mid-season finale, which aired on Tueday, November 30 (1.094 million viewers).

The mid-season premiere earned a 0.5 rating in the all-important demographic of adults age 18 to 49.

This is the Stargate franchise’s first time airing on a Monday night, where Syfy has paired it with lead-in show Being Human. That series — an adaptation of a successful U.K. show — premiered in January to nearly 2 million viewers, and has averaged 1.55 million over eight installments.

Last night Being Human drew 1.46 million viewers.

Stargate on Mondays is trading in the Tuesday night champs of Dancing With the Stars and NCIS: Los Angeles (each of which averaged north of 16 million) for some new competition. ABC’s Castle and CBS’s Hawaii Five-0 were in repeats last night, and drew 5.6 million and 7.7 million viewers, respectively. NBC won the hour with a new episode of Harry’s Law, picking up almost 9.6 million. (FOX turns its 10 p.m. time slot over to local news.)

Not only was the show displaced from its Friday night time slot by wrestling, but it’s now up against WWE Raw on USA.  That show earned more than 5.7 million viewers in the 10 p.m. slot.

Next week on SGU is “Twin Destinies,” an episode we’ve been very excited to see. Tune in Monday, March 14 at 10/9c on Syfy! You can read more about the episode in GateWorld’s Season Two episode guide.


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  • That’s it then. No chance for revival or a season 3 and beyond.

    Sci-Fi should’ve kept Stargate as a “summer show” as it used to be, or atleast leave it on Fridays. Less competition during the summer, and on Fridays. But nooo… let’s put SGU on the busiest night(s) of the week.

    Shame really, since I thought this weeks episode was rather good. Thou I’m fairly certain the continued drop in viewers, may have something to do with the show ALREADY being cancelled.

  • I still don’t see how 1 million people is low ratings. With each episode costing about 2-3 million to make that’s only around $2 per-person watching. Then there is the DVD sales, and the world wide distribution sales.

    Stargate needs to go 100% on-line distribution…all SciFi show’s for that matter since they don’t bring in the millions of mindless masses.

  • Also who the hell wants to live your life around what time a show is on? Either Tivo, or download is the only way to go. I “cut the cord” over 4 years ago.

  • Yea its a shame the viewers werent there i thought it was a really good episode. i dont understand why sgu has to spend 2 to 3 million an episode. The special effects are really sick (better then most big budget movies) but they dont have any stand out stars on the show. Cut the overhead down to 1 to 1.5 mil an episode and 1 million viewers wont be that bad. The show would turn a profit when u throw in dvd sales and online purchases. Its like living above your means, if your a 1 to 1.5 million viewer show then budget your money accordingly.

  • drawing in 1mil views a night isn’t bad. also sgu came on twice on monday, i will be honest in that i did watch monday night raw, but recorded sgu the first time it went on. i later watched the second showing on 11/10c. 1mil viewers is fine for a sci fi show since obviously not many people watch it. so syfy should just face the facts and not expect 5mil all the time. seriously 2mil other people probably couldnt see it or much rather have watched something else, but recorded it so they could have watched it later. this is just ridiculous, if they dont have many viewers to put it on the air then fine! how about making it a webshow where 1mil is amazing, and where most people watch it anyways. It will also be cheaper

  • You people seem to keep forgetting that Syfy does not profit from DVD sales and nor would they necessarily from pay per viewing and download services. Distribution and DVD sales benefit MGM.

    I still can’t believe that only 1 million tuned in last night after all the buzz. It’s super frustrating to know that in this age of uber connectivity and bi-direction device(DVR, SATdish) data exchange, that the individual live viewing count is still a calculated total estimate. How on earth do fans save a show when we are not truly part of the count. Very disappointing numbers, considering the intersection of all the main and sub plots in the SGU story in last nights episode was too great to miss. Looking forward to 9 more episodes, and still hoping for more to come.

  • By the might of Thor! Clearly the folks at Syfy are just doing everything they can to kill Stargate. Pretty sad after such a long, profitable run for the franchise!

    I do blame Syfy mostly for moving it to very active nights of television… I know I’ll opt to watch new episodes of Castle before SGU, and I actually ENJOY SGU. Not to mention the competition of Monday Night RAW (which is very active because of Wrestlemania right now).

    That said, it’s taken 1.5 seasons to get the plot going, which is precisely why “V” is failing on ABC as well. People loved BSG for the drama but it had a clear plot and destination to reach, and we could have loved V and SGU if the plot came more rapidly. Clearly the PTB need to work on this for future endeavors.

  • @asindro
    yeah it is dissapointing i was at least expecting 2mil. of all the save sgu groups and campaigns made you think some type of impact would have been done. though 1 mil isn’t that bad, its dissapointing. stargate holds its name up with star trek, and star wars(imo) for god sake

  • @GoodThings2Life
    +1 on everything! I am guessing that is why Sky One is holding showing is the back 10 until at least May, probably along with Fringe and Lie To Me, after Bones/House wrap up their seasons. If I could pay for it online I would (but live in Ireland so no services). Will just wait and DVR when they do start, and I DVR because Mon-Fri I usually do not have time to sit and watch. It was a good idea, SG’s Voy, but they should have kept it at a sprint before ‘settling’ in, not the other way around.

  • Well let’s see here:

    1. news of cancellation
    2. ridiculously long hiatus
    3. only 10 episodes anyway
    4. yet ANOTHER poorly advertised time-move

    Are we seriously surprised the ratings didn’t uptick. I mean, it’s not like anyone but hardcore fans had any real reason to come back to SGU.

    “Before we show the last 10 episodes after our 4 month long hiatus, we’d like to announce that we’re canceling the show (*whispered* and we’re moving SGU to monday nights at 10. That’s almost a polar opposite from it’s home on friday nights).”

    Yeah. Sounds like something I’d want to come back to if I were a casual viewer.

  • SyFy has been making fraking mistakes when they moved it to Tuesday Night as well as Monday Night. They should have kept iy on Friday Night as well as in the summer too. Just like who SyFy no longer show new episides of Doctor Who or Sarah Jane Smith. They sound show clips or preview of the next episode on other networks as well.

  • ha… I just had a mental note that it was airing this week, didn’t realize or notice that the night changed again so I’ll have to watch it later.

    SyFy’s scheduling and extreme hiatuses are definitely half of the 1-2 knock out punch (the other half being the horribly slow, soap-opera beginnings ie most of season 1).

    Oh well. Hopefully we’ll see a return to Stargate in ~5 years. Maybe sooner, depending on if/when/how online viewing gets mainstreamed and becomes attractive to air shows that way.

  • I’m very surprised that they got the numbers for Deliverance that they did,considering eevrything that’s been said here and before in other post threads!SyFy’s insane programme scheduling carries more than just half of the responsibility for everything that’s happened,I think.They wanted to compete with big players,network tv shows,without any real vision and/or a plan.They just desperately wanetd to build up numbers,which naturally ended up in a complete failure.And the thing that amazes me the most is that they do not learn from their mistakes,they just keep on stubornly going the same way,not only with SGU..that’s dead and barried,but with the rest of their shows that haven’t been canceled YET!!
    In fact,I cannot believe it is possible that they are that incompetent.
    So,I had already said that I wouldn’t be surprised at all if NBC decided to send their cleaner..”Mr.Wolf” with a soul purpose to draw,suck the capital out ASAP and then hit the kill-switch on this NBC division,that hasn’t been profitable enough.That is cruel and sad,but it is also the nature of business.And whenever business gets confronted with creativity,art,human values,nature,culture,you can be sure that in the end numbers will win,which some of those times really does make me sick.
    Sure,this SGU situation is not one of those sickening moments,because it simply isn’t serious at all,not to mention enough,but it is indicative as a showcase.

  • I can’t say I’m suprised the numbers didn’t go up. I didn’t expect the audience to grow dramatically anyway, but cancellation is a pretty big buzzkill for many people to continue watching a show, knowing it’s going to end soon.

  • What I meant to say was that I’m surprised they got even this much viewers,I expected even less.

  • @asindro:

    “You people seem to keep forgetting that Syfy does not profit from DVD sales and nor would they necessarily from pay per viewing and download services. […] I still can’t believe that only 1 million tuned in last night after all the buzz. ”

    You seem to be forgetting that ratings do not include everybody. I can’t believe the networks are still hanging onto ratings SO stringently when they represent just 0.02% of the US population. How in hell can you gauge interest on that?

  • 1.000.000 viewers for a cancelled show is not that bad. Hopining for at least one movie.

  • Hi Everybody,

    Well I actually do not think that Syfy or MGM want to lose Stargate in principle…
    There are not many shows to replace it – first and second – there are not many proven shows.
    Syfy in principle will continue to exist under this or another name ,because this is a huge chunk of the modern TV and in this line so sure they will need shows to put out there,so…just relax for now….I think what all are looking in this moment ( MGM and Syfy ) is a way out of this situation and how to improve the shows in principle. To evaluate new strategy they need first to “clear up” and put “hold on”…this may sound as “death” but I really do not think so….too much is invested already and the evaluations what go wrong are in process. I think as soon as they are ready with it – we will be the fist ones to know.

    On my opinion it should happened by mid. Aprile and the numbers of viewer have nothing to do with it. They know what is the max. possible and they see where the “bottom line “can be….so is all about finding the right formula between ( 1) all the shows and ( 2) for each of them…..and this need time

    A lot has been spoken online in all fans webs and I can say that in a way all the anger and words help this companies to realize that there is a potential , but how I can say – before they are ready and completely sure in what they are going to do and most important HOW – nothing will change. At this point what I think they clear understand is that disconnecting with the public ( in producing, in timing, is development in principle ) is something what can turn deathly for even successful top franchise as Stargate .

    So relax…only thing what is needed now is great flexibility from producers and diplomacy from the owners in order to get out of all this and to give a financial prospective as well……hope they can achieve a strong consensus….There NO stupid people there…let not forget that we all can make mistakes and misjudgements!!!….

    Greetings from Holland,

  • they really need to think up some new way to show there show to the world and not only to US people who sure dont like scient fiction shows as the raitings say … US people like csi and all the criminal investication shows … there is like at least 10 tv shows in a week what is about police investicating some criminal activity and these shows get 5+ miljon viewers raitings … if the scient fiction shows would be world wide then the raitings would be a lot more then it is rite now to … i have Syfy channel but i live in europe and i have russian version what dont show anything good .. charmed warehouse 13 , clark and luice , sgu (season one only) and sanctuary is in the second season … mostly shows only charmed and the pointless clark and luice shows .. 3 eps straight every day and 2 times a day

  • Jauh0

    @an72: I lost my faith in tv business executive’s competence a long time ago.

  • As of Wednesday, March 9th, the episode has not been put up on HULU. Syfy does put the episodes on HULU and monitor how many people view it. I am not sure how much they profit from that, but they run a few quick ads where there were commercial breaks.

  • High or low ratings this show isn’t getting renewed the fanbase has moved on.

  • A Million Viewers? Are they sure? because I’m from the Bahamas and I watched, and that dude from Holland watched. So that’s two more than a million. Makes one wonder, how many of us foreigners watch the show. i know, how about those from syfy as us foreigners which commercial was the most memorable? I know denorex dandruff shampoo was the most memorable for me, because i have dandruff BAD!. And when i get some coin, i’ll buy it, and the selsun blue shampoo, but after they brought on the denorex commercial five times, i think i’ll get that instead. SEE SYFY, WE FOREIGNERS WATCH AND BUY YOUR ADVERTISED CRAP, BUT ACCORDING TO YOU, WE DON’T EXIST.

  • Did anyone REALLY think the ratings were going to jump much? Now that the show is cancelled? I think it did quite well, considering. I also think that if the show had the same tone as Deliverance all along, there would be a third season. It was actually a pretty good episode. And they showed signs of dropping the ‘whoa is me’ undertone, they were just a year late in doing it. If the rest of the episodes are like Deliverance, I’ll at least say that the show is going down with it’s head held high. But I doubt that will be the case.

  • @ Jim

    You are quite right. SyFy has proven time and again that it can’t (should I say won’t) learn from past mistakes. We only have to look at one of their earliest and biggest blunders. I’m talking about Farscape of course. Then Sci-Fi indulged in multi-month hiatuses in mid season, changed the day and time from the top performing block to a worse one in order to give newer programming the best slot.

    I found this the other night […] […] and read it all. I found it’s contents to be eerily familiar. Give it a read and tell me SyFy learns from past mistakes.

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