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Preview next Monday’s new episode of SGU, ‘Twin Destinies’

Wednesday - March 9, 2011
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Syfy Channel has unleashed a pair of video promos for next week’s brand new (and much anticipated, around these parts) episode of Stargate Universe! Check them out below. (Beware of some plot spoilers …)

“Twin Destinies” airs Monday, March 14 at 10 p.m. (9 Central) on Syfy.

On-Air Promo:

Preview Scene:

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  • I’m not gonna risk spoiling myself with trailers, i’m waiting for the full episode.
    Looks promising from what i read previously tho.
    We need better SGU ratings!

  • Holy **** the second half is looks so GOOD!!! WTF did SyFy Cancel this? ERRR!!!

  • WTF? What looks to be an awsome does every single one of the back half of season 2 (and yes, I said back half, not final eps!) So where are all of the posts about something positive? If the only time we come together as a group is when we have negative thing to say (And ive said pages about this cancellation BS myself)
    Then We have a problem, Lets all come together now, and spike there Damn ratings through the roof! I have Downloaded (AKA Stolen) every episode of any show I watch since SyFy cancelled SGU, But On Monday I sat my Fat ass on the couch and watched AND Recorded Every Stargate Ep they Aired….And I called all my friends and told them to do the same? Do you love Stargate (as a whole) as much as me? THEN PROVE IT! OR well be watching Reruns for the next 20 years!

  • Looks awsome. So Young does not want to go home after all. I wonder if Rush and Young hiding something from the crew or he just does not want to see his wife and Telford get together.

  • @trinium: I will do just that, after you warp space time so that I live within the US. Cuz that’s the only way I’m going there.

  • Well, Here in Australia they(Channel 11),just aired “justice”. Aside from buying the Blu-Ray discs there is nothing we can do to help.

    This show really has improved enormously though since season 1, and even that got better as it went along.
    It’s always the crap shows that get renewed and the awesome ones that get cancelled.
    I’ve been watching “V” and “The event”, both good shows, but don’t hold a candle to SGU.

    SGU is definitely the best Sci-fi I have seen in years.
    SyFy’s other science fiction shows don’t really rate all that much better do they?

    I bet if this show was on Fox, Abc, or whatever other major network channels You have there, it would have done considerably better.

  • @trinium Do you have a Nielsen box? If not your watching SGU live doesn’t mean,or change a thing.

  • I actually signed back in for the first time in a couple years. I’ll be pushing where I can for the show to be renewed or continued somewhere. I always enjoy the series; even when it’s weak, the premise makes it stronger and with more potential than most anything else left on television. Regardless, I’d love to see next week that the plot covers all the bases as it used to (i.e., few plot holes), such as “Why don’t we test this out by dialing unpopulated but in the Milky Way P3C24 rather than Earth so we don’t blow up another planet in this effort?”

  • We should raise a fund and donate 500 million dollars so they can keep making new episodes..

  • @Wesley32 i think they tried that with Star Trek: Enterprise at the time, they wanted $30million for a full 20 episodes, and struggled to scrape even a million.

    Why would anyone pay twice, and over the odds, to watch a tv show?

    If you’re going to start a fund, SGU cost about $2-3million per episode. Although i’ll bet you’d be looking more around the $3.5-4million mark, as if its not a long series run, you cant save money by doing Bottle Episodes. A TV Movie would be about $7million, and a 4 hour miniseries $14million or more. The BSG Miniseries cost $17million, but they had to build sets. SGU still has its sets up for the time being.

    Basically, you havent a hope in hell of getting a fund to finance much of anything.

  • this pisses me off that stargate is ending this way. and that syfy keeps giving fans the middle finger. all us fans have done is been loyal to the show, but they cancel atlantis for no reason, then have sgu cast members and fans learn the show is cancelled via twitter, then move the show to a bad time slot, and when fans argue they dont want wrestling on syfy, they put sgu up on the same timeslot as the most viewed wrestling show on the planet! so will ratings go up in the next few weeks? maybe a little but what its up against on the time it’s on will be very difficult

  • Oh well, 9 more episodes then it’s all over. Assuming all episodes air without interruption the final episode will air May 10th.

  • What is a neilson box? I have a high def comcast dvr box so do i count as a live viewer?

  • It’s so ridiculous. A paradox. It’s not just SyFy’s fault but just really strange.. Every half season SGU got better, and at the same time every half season the ratings went down a notch ( about 0.4 – 0.3 million each time, but it seems stable now ).. I can’t really blame the show anymore as it’s gotten a whole lot better within the space of a season. SG-1 and SGA were great, but didn’t have such remarkable improvement from season to season. I guess it really, really didn’t appeal to people ( though personally I suspect the hatred out of principle because they ended SGA ( not just SyFy but the producers did, but there was no loyalty or respect for the 15 seasons of SG-1 and SGA they gave us, just outright bitternes and hatred resulting in, at the moment, the end of a franchise.. )

    Ah, I just had to rant.

    Previews look awesome. Just awesome.

    I. Can’t. Wait!

  • This looks great. Unfortunately the UK aren’t able to help with the ratings, but I’ll definitely be buying the S02 complete blu-ray when it comes out (as I did with the first season).

    Beyond that all I can do is hope.

  • @Jauh0

    Still working on Warping space-time….But until I work that out, Just download the show on Itunes (I can’t believe I just recommended apple! GRR) as soon as it comes out! not to mention Blue Ray and DVD’s of SGU….

  • @Jim
    NO I don’t have a nielsen box, But I have a DVR that’s connected to broadband, and they collect all the Data from Tivo and other for Live + Same day, and Live + 7, which is why I said watch it, DVR it, and watch that too! If your on cable, Dish, Or DirecTv, and connected to broadband, then your watching the show counts….

  • @Mike Amo

    The only Blew up the planets because they were using energy from the planets Naqudah Core… So the planet they dial shouldnt have any ill effects, although Id dial the alpha site just to be sure you dont have anything feed back through the wormhole.

  • Actually Imperious ,You are incorrect when you say Well, Here in Australia they(Channel 11),just aired “justice”. Aside from buying the Blu-Ray discs there is nothing we can do to help” StarGate Universe Airs every Thursday on SciFi Channel on Foxtel, we are on the same episode as the USA.Its airs Mondays USA, same episode Thursday Australia. Forget free to air tv there are months and months behind.

  • Moving the show to a better network would be great. the other thing for them to do is do what they did for the pilot episode and show the previews for each week episodes on the big screens before the movie starts. i sure would like to find out where Destiny is going and what they find when they get there. Plus, to even find out if Earth ever gets the right team back onboard the ship. I also would hope to see if Dainel Jackson makes it to the ship as well. Last, all the space battels so far are great. still moving the show to another network would help the ratings. the other thing would be move it back to Friday Nights or maybe put it on Showtime Channel were SG-1 first started on.

  • @trinium If you read the article that Slayme found,you’ll see why Live + same day and + 7,doesn’t really make any significant difference.
    But I respect your enthusiasm for the show.
    One thing is the next few years this status quo will become unsustainable.And things will have to change.Now what that change will look like,it is hard to tell,but if I’d have to guess,I’d say it will probably be some sort of combination between on-line advertising and payed on-demand viewing.For that combination to be functionable a new on-line system will have to be developed and introduced.
    Now,that is just guessing on my part,but a change will happen,because this Nielsen cult really is just an agreed currency,with very little connection to reallity and it is so outdated.A time of Dallas and Dinasty is so long gone,dead and burried.

  • What is the Episode that Robert picardo and david hewlett is on?

    That is the last Stargate universe episode I plan on watching ever… I stopped watching a long time ago but I love those guys and would watch pretty much anything they do. I have been watching for it on the News here and don’t see it yet.

  • @puddlejumper_1 It’s just not SCi-fi channel but it’s also the producers as well.

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