Second Stargate live auction a week away

Hundreds of props, costumes and set pieces will be going up on the live auction block one final time through Propworx.

The second and final Stargate live auction is just one week away, during which some of the most iconic items from SG-1 and Atlantis will be sold.

The auction, which will be held live online on Saturday, March 19 at 11 AM PST, will sell arguably the most famous props, costumes and set pieces from both series, not to mention a special piece from the feature film.

Here’s just a handful of the items going on sale through LiveAuctioneers, the Web site hosting the event.

If you wish to bid on any of these or over 400 other lots, you must register at Since bidders are approved in advance,  it is a good idea to register sooner rather than later. However, you will still be able to register even after the auctions commence.

Unlike the first live auction, bidding for this event will be held entirely online (i.e. no live auctioneer). Propworx is, however, hosting a free party to coincide with the all-day event. The party, located at On the Rocks Restaurant in Garden Grove, California, will feature Wi-Fi access, a Stargate on display for photo-ops, giveaways, and special guests. If you will be in the area and wish to attend, please email [email protected].

For complete information on the sale and party, visit the Live Auction landing page at Propworx.

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no way can i afford a bolt holding one of the chevrons to the stargate. :p

i hope this money made, though, goes to funding the 3rd sg1 movie and the 1st atlantis one…


SG-1 and Atlantis are over there is no way they will ever make a new movie of either. Maybe just maybe they will for SGU and finish it up after that I believe that will truly be the end of Stargate.


I have to agree with addysdad. The chances of seeing any more SG-1 (much less Atlantis) are very low indeed. In retrospect, I think three mistakes were made through this franchise : – 1) SG-1 should have ended at the end of season 8. What became season 9 & 10 should have been a seperate series (“Stargate Command”) – or even better, a run of movies. 2) Atlantis should have been given a wrap up season. 3) Stargate : Universe should never have been greenlit. After 3 episodes I knew SGU was going to be cancelled. Brad Wright called it… Read more »


Wouldn’t if make much more sense to keep the props if you going to make some movies? Its like saying your planning a road trip but selling your car the next day. I understand that they can remake these props because their selling them for much more than it cost to make them, but cutting the gate up in little bitty pieces is like a punch in the gut.


Again, understandible but very sad too.


I actually bet it’s fairly cost prohibitive to use the old props, special effects-wise. If they do the movies, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it Sanctuary-style (All CGI sets) since the original sets for both shows were taken down.


I would LOVE to get something in this, unfortunately I couldn’t justify spending the money on it right now. Pity. But as has been said before, I’m glad these are going to fans and collectors rather than being tossed out.
I would be very and pleasantly surprised if they make an Atlantis movie. Just because if the SG-1 movie is about the Gate going public you wouldn’t really have to build any major alien or Gate centric sets. Also a pity. Hoping for a SGU movie and for the franchise to continue. Twould be a sad world without Stargate.


I think i am going to hold off until they auction one of the F302s or F304. I think the Odyssey would look pretty awesome in my driveway…


@kellx: I wonder if they still have a 302 model lying around. I want a jumper.


i bet the F302s and jumpers will be amoung the last to go. I would imagine that they would easily re use a 302 if they ever make a movie

Ancient Scientist

I wish I had enough to buy some of the things, you know, for memory’s sake.
I guess there aren’t any plans for a SG1 or SGA movie (at least not right away).