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head to head with the the Chicago code.

well that will pushing rating down at least big in the Chicago area.

The Admiral

@JoeTheDragon that show already has failing raitings, and most Chicagoins agree that the show is utter fantasy. I’m more concerned with SGU going head to head with The Event; it seems NBC is going to raitings war with itself. I like both shows, but my heart belongs to stargate so I’m just gonna watch The Event on Hulu. I made ths same decision when SGU was on tuesdays and in competition with NCIS: LA, but maily because NCIS: LA is a dull show.


VCR, does anyone still use that. MGM really need to reinvent the wheel here, get more revenue, just put the show for download for 50cts or free with ads, hey it’s being downloaded illegaly anyway, so they got nothing to lose, also, they really need to cut budget to under 1 million. Was really that new set needed?, i mean, come on is that really needed, could they just come to a alien planet and use the stones to investigate ? I love the show as it is but it’s easy to see why people are blaming the stones, the… Read more »

TV Junkie

Shouldn’t that read, “after its lead-in, Being Human, airs its -SERIES- finale?” Nothing lasts that long on SyFy anymore, and nobody’s even watching that.


get real. If they could have had a better model to save the show, they would have (and they would have done the same for Caprica). The sad truth is that both series didn’t have a wide audience and even if they were there, they weren’t watching it live, which is the most important part.

Chevron Atlantis

@TV Junkie I don’t think so I think that series is still on. Might come back for the next season.

Michael Sacal

VCR? What century do you live in? :P

Michael Sacal

Caprica and SGU were both great shows that died because of bad scheduling decisions, not becuase of content.

Fanboys that hated both wanted regurgitated BSG and SG-1.


Forgive my ignorance but I have a quick question on the Nielsen ratings system.
Are people who rent apartments ever approached by Nielsens to take part or do they only want “households” taking part. And when I write household I mean family with 2.5 kids, dog, cat and white picket fence.
If its households only then what kind of a Bullshit system is at work here.


SGU failed during season 1, because it was trying too hard to be “BSG 2.0”, and too little to be “Stargate”. For much of season 1, I referred to the show as being “Battlegate Voyager”, due to it’s obvious similarities with BSG and ST: Voyager respectively. Now that the show finally shows some signs of actual STORY improvement, it’s cancelled and will end on a cliffhanger. If they would’ve left well enough alone, and leave the show on Fridays, or better yet during the summers, ratings would go up. You don’t move a “poorly rated” show into a timeslot going… Read more »


3 schedule changes and the second episode hasn’t aired yet. Great job Syfy. You’re really restoring my faith in you. /sarcasm


@Michael Sacal: So? They aren’t slaves you know, they don’t have to like something just because someone added the “Stargate” prefix on the last day of production.

Imitation Tofu

Bad scheduling decisions? Universe’s ratings started to tank long before it was moved from it’s original Friday slot. You’ll have to do better than that.


@Michael Sacal- the first year of SGU was on Friday nights at Stargate’s normal day/time. The rating plummeted during the first season with it tanking by half season.

So how do you come to the conclusion that it was scheduling that caused this since it aired on the same night and time slot as other SG shows that did successfully?


Wow. How many schedule changes are we going to make SyFy?



The final and only episode for me of season 2 universe will be Robert Picardo and David Hewlett episode Seizure. Then i am going to just watch doctor who and sanctuary.

oh and the SG1 and atlantis reruns.


Oh and the thing about Battlestar galactica and caprica they are nothing like the first 1970’s version either and much darker. But the key thing is they had over 10 years before the series was rebooted and changed to what it is now being nothing like the 1970 show. It also did stuff that was not really done in sci-fi first so it was more acceptable. (Knight rider reboot does not get the same pass though since that was wrong in everyway possible…A ugly mustang is kitt? What the hell?) Stargate when they decided this Push and change was not… Read more »


[…] from last week, clearly a four out of five stars.  Only eight episodes left for SGU and Syfy announced Sunday, that starting in April, SGU will air earlier on Monday evenings, at 8:00 pm Central instead of the […]


So rating had its field day, and competition with other series … I loved the stargates in general… and it is Sci Fi, imagination, adventure, action, romance… and more in the melting pot. As the latest SG, the Universe had a fantastic potential… but somehow season 1, episode after episodes dragged down in action, and adventure. Romance was a pick up for a while… possibly trying to flirt the feminine audience in. Some woman like Sci-Fi, most prefer their soaps though. Some men like soaps, but most would prefer Sci-Fi. The difference between both sexes, is based on how woman… Read more »