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‘Twin Destinies’ slips below 1 million viewers

Thursday - March 17, 2011
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The cancellation shadow is looming large over Stargate Universe‘s live ratings.  An estimated 928,000 viewers in the U.S. (Live + Same Day) tuned in for “Twin Destinies” on Monday night.

This is a drop of 10 percent from last week’s mid-season premiere, and SGU‘s third trip south of the 1 million line (chart).  It is also the series’ lowest to date — not a great surprise, considering that Syfy cancelled the show back in December.

The show did hold on in the adults 18 to 49 demographic, with a 0.5 household rating.

Being Human — which Syfy just picked up for a second season — earned 1.372 million viewers at 9 p.m.  Despite the good lead-in, Stargate lost more than 32 percent of that audience.

On the broadcast networks at 10 p.m., with NBC’s Harry’s Law drawing around 10.2 million viewers.  Almost 7.5 million caught a repeat of Hawaii Five-0 on CBS, and ABC won the hour with 13.96 million for the special The Bachelor: After the Final Rose.

Over on USA, 5.87 million were watching WWE Raw during the 10 p.m. hour.

As noted by the usually excuse-wary TVbytheNumbers, Monday night shows were expected to see slight declines this week due to the arrival of Daylight Savings in the U.S. — since casual viewers in particular were more likely to stay out later.

Tune in next Monday at 10/9c for “Alliances,” a brand new episode of Stargate Universe!  French Stewart (Third Rock From the Sun), who appeared in the original Stargate movie in 1994, guest stars.

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  • Not a surprise, with an extremely long break and the fact that the series was canceled and everyone knows that the show will air on a cliffhanger, despite what SyFy is trying to tell us in the ads isn’t helping.

    That being said, the comparison between he most recent ratings of Being Human and SGU is almost like comparing SGU’s ratings in the fall to Caprica’s ratings. I honestly wish I knew what to do to get more people to watch live. I think the problem is that people feel that “I’m just one person, my viewership doesn’t count” thus they don’t watch it – at least those who continue to watch the series via other means despite its cancellation.

    It would have been smart for SyFy to just run through the entire season like they did with Atlantis instead of these stupid breaks. I choose to watch two shows live because I want to see them continue: Fringe and Stargate Universe – that’s all I have time for these days sadly.

    And for the record, I’m sick of Nielsenn ratings. Really sick because they’re just really depressing these days. Everybody I know who watches SGU (and my mom and I are the only people I know who watch live) really like it and say that its been great since it returned, and its a shame Twin Destinies didn’t get better numbers because it was a great ep.

    *sigh* meanwhile, people flock in droves to popcorn fare and vampire/werewolf crap that is flooding the networks right now. I can’t wait for this fad to die off (and it is a fad).

  • One of, If not the best Episode yet. I was wondering how they were going to get ahold of another shuttle. The only thing that bugs me is how Telford ended up back on earth..It’s almost as if it was added as afterthought to get rid of the duplicate Rush, but still keep Telford. He went back on his own Timeline, which would have, and did prevent Telford from going to earth in the first place!

  • In the past Stargate has been pretty accurate in these matters, Exept for Episode 1 season 4 of Atlantis when The Apollo was able to talk in real time to the Midway space station in Real time. Being as how each gate in the bridge has to accept incoming matter/Transmissions, and then shut down and dial the next gate in the bridge. They could have sent a Data burst, but that’s it.

  • this was trully a great episode, but its just sad to see the ratings drop this low. Its just up against other good shows on a bad timeslot!!! I’m wondering if their adding the ratings from the second showing that plays on monday’s because thats when a lot of people are watching it then too

  • Really, really sad. I’ll never understand how they could kill such an amazing franchise, and a show that was just beginning to unfold its true and glorious potential. As for the Telford matter, I think the timeline shift must have occured while he was mid-travel, similarly to what occured in Continuum. So even though the timeline was altered, he was unaffected. But well, time travel eps are always a bit funky when it comes to logic… Tropers already know all about the “Timey-Wimey Ball” =)

  • This was my favorite episode so far, syfy really shouldn’t have moved stargate to a new night in the first place. As it is, hopefully the DVD, iTunes, and, and other sales of not only SGU, but of the franchise at large stay strong so that there can be a future for the franchise.

  • Did you guys see that Netflix is getting into the producing original TV show business? Maybe that is where Stargate could go? Not any time soon I suppose…

    SciFi in general would do betterff o with an online only model.

  • As much as I love the SG series, I am not surprised about the number of viewers (on the Nielsenn ratings). In fact, I DVR’d it and watched it just last night. Watching it live (whether or not your are a Nielsenn ratings viewer) will not do any good or matter for that fact. Plus, the SGU s.2 will be on DVD over the summer anyways. In addition, being on at 10pm EST is not really worth staying up for these days – thank god for DVR.

  • i dont see how the ratings are so low. deliverance and twin destinies were soooo good.

  • I see a pattern.. the better the episodes get, the lower the ratings go. Paradox.

  • That’s always been my complaint about the Stargate series…why does SyFy ALWAYS HAVE TO HAVE THEM ON SO EFFING LATE?? I mean, its no wonder nobody wants to watch them live at 9:00 on a Monday night, if I had to choose I’d probably choose Castle since that’s probably a better show to wind down to on a Monday (but I choose SG out of loyalty) – at least its on at 9. If it was on at 10, I’d say forget it. I’ve never understood that, I mean, its no wonder Stargate has gotten such low viewing ratings this season, especially given the fact that it was on the first two days a week – that late at night who wants to watch a serious SF drama after a long day at work/school?

  • I should also add that to my knowledge, Stargate is on at a later timeslot than any other sci-fi series. The most any other sci-fi series that I’m aware of this season has been on is 8:00 (Fringe on Fridays, V on Tuesdays, and I’m sure I’m missing a few). In fact, in all my years of watching sci-fi, SyFy is the only network to program new episodes of a SF series so late at night…

  • great frakin episode at liest it will go out on a great note and im shure the books will come to finish the story and who knows what the future holds i have a fealing we havent seen the last of stargate galactica took like 25 years off and came back great so heres to the last few chapters in this book but not the series

  • and im still hopein for a movie i mean they gave firefly 1 and it only made 1 season and it was good but not watch it twice good and i have watch stargate episode over and over and over

  • Its rediculous that a show this good can have the ratings that they do, but it doesnt suprise me. They love those stupid reality shows the cake shows and the jersey shows. It makes me so mad!!!!! I mean look what its up against… harry’s law? NCIS with LL? wrestling??? I couldnt even sit through a whole episode of that mindless garbage. I really hope that they make a SGU movie, u can’t leave a story this good go unfinished

  • As much as we disagree on Stargate Universe quality, you have to admit, when wrestling of all things draws well near 6 mil viewers, something is wrong with all these people.

  • @Togame…. amen…. the American audience is deplorable.

    The 2nd season of SGU has been some of the best science fiction EVER, yet…. somehow… it’s ending???

    Wow America… enjoy your over-sexed vampires.

  • OK…. been a long time fan since the start. Yeah theres gonna be a SGA wrap-up movie or two. but what they should do is a three-way mini series with all the franchises. ALL the main players. It’ll cost a bundle, but that would be a helluva finish.

  • If they wanna improve their ratings, first things first: Give us an additional HALF season atleast, to try and tie up some loose ends, and not end the show on a cliffhanger.

    Second, move the show off of Mondays/Tuesdays. Those two nights are the busiest for network shows, and will instantly cause a distinct drop in ratings numbers.

    Third, FIRE whoever was in charge for SGU’s “BSG-style” direction of Season 1. Season 2 has been leaps and bounds above Season 1, but the fact that the show is currently considered cancelled, and ending on a cliffhanger, won’t make people “Tune in”.

  • Also, as I stated above:

    Fourth: don’t put the show on so late at night unless its on Fridays or Saturdays. I honestly sometimes have problems getting to bed after watching an episode of SGU because my mind is thinking about it.

  • For Crying out loud!
    17 comments so far and all you see is excuse after excuse for the ratings.
    It was the wrestling
    It was the night
    It was the Competition
    It was the time slot
    The G.P. are a bunch of morons
    It doesn’t suit me to watch it live
    I don’t have a nielson box so what does it matter.
    (and those are just the “common ones)
    and it just rolls on and on.

    How many excuses does it take before the simple realisation that the show just wasn’t interesting to the “general viewing audience” starts to sink in? Is that a tragedy?, well to it’s fans, sure it it, they feel like they have lost something they enjoy to the “vagaries” of a system they (mostly) simply don’t understand, or, if they do understand, just choose to ignore.
    Simple truth is however, all the excuses in the world are just an attempt to “shift blame” onto some other reason besides the show being a *commercial failure* because if it was a *commercial success*, every reason given for it failure would be turned into “proof” that the show was a “good show”. You can’t “have your cake and eat it” folks, it’s as simple as that.

  • @ darkthunder
    “Second, move the show off of Mondays/Tuesdays. Those two nights are the busiest for network shows, and will instantly cause a distinct drop in ratings numbers.”

    You do realise that those nights also generate the largest potential viewing pool, because apparently most people watch more TV on those nights as well yeah?

  • @Browncoat1984: Earlier time slot = much tougher competition.

    Look at USA Network’s winter ratings for Burn Notice and Royal Pains (their best rated shows in the summer!), that were moved from 10pm to 9pm – 30% slip. Which is why they didn’t air White Collar at 9pm in winter, but they will air it at 9pm in the summer, less competition in that time slot then.

    SGU aired at 9pm on Tuesday and the ratings dropped like a rock. Would you want it to air even earlier? Against House or NCIS/Glee or AI/Survivor or AI/TBBT? That would flatten the show completely.

  • Another good season 2 episode betrayed by bad scheduling and cancelation. Has someone at “Syfy” got a grudge against stargate or something?

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