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  1. Sylvia
    April 5, 2011 at 8:33 pm |

    I was hoping for a ratings spike for this ep, but guess the fans who looked forward to seeing McKay don’t really make a difference in the ratings game. :(

    I’ve been reading around the net, this ep is not receiving the positive reviews I would have anticipated. Sad.

  2. Coremae
    April 5, 2011 at 9:25 pm |

    ^^^^I didn’t like the milkyway part of it. I wanted to see something phenomenal, but instead I got a boring SG1 rehash. The Amanda/Rush G/Eli bit was different, and interesting. But the milky way clandestine boring **** **** killed the episode.

  3. Coremae
    April 5, 2011 at 9:28 pm |

    I want to save the show, but guys, you’re on the other side of the Universe, and we’re still dealing with story ideas that got addressed in SG1 and Atlantis. God, you’re on the other side of the universe—think THIRDSPACE Babylon 5, or the God Hand Babylon 5 legend of the rangers, or Lexx the end of the light universe and the beginning of the dark universe. Startrek search for god—Startrek Voyager, Fluid space.

  4. EsbenWitch
    April 5, 2011 at 9:56 pm |

    Glad the ratings “held steady.”

  5. colin15watt
    April 5, 2011 at 10:34 pm |

    Nah, I didn’t enjoy the episode at all. There was no real purpose in it, we didn’t gain anything from it at all. I think it’d of been far better if they’d gotten rid of the stones completely. Ah well, what’s done is done.
    Can’t see any conclusion gonna happen in the form of a movie or whatever with these ratings, not to sound all ‘doom and gloom’ :P

  6. Starscapesg1
    April 5, 2011 at 11:15 pm |

    @colin15watt MGM knows that Stargate Universe has a worldwide fan base not just who watches it on syfy. So I think that will go into they’re calculations on wether a direct to dvd movie would make money not the ratings.

  7. Uncle Al
    Uncle Al
    April 5, 2011 at 11:36 pm |

    Held steady? Down 6 percent from last week? That puts it at 1 percent above the week before’s franchise low.

  8. puddlejumper_1
    April 5, 2011 at 11:59 pm |

    Ratings this season will have no effect what so ever on the movies. So lets all keep that in mind. However ratings, will go a long way if another network decided to pick this show up. Its also very obvious that syfy put sgu on the worst time slot imaginable to make their decision to cancel the show right. The facts are right up in this article. It would also make more sense to put a rerun show(terminator scc)on this time slot and SGU on thursday’s instead. Syfy said it themselves…their not looking to renew terminator.

  9. shermacidal
    April 6, 2011 at 1:09 am |

    Seizure was a great episode, it doesnt suprise me tho that half the viewers of being human tuned out for SGU. Seriously if your a being human fan u probably have horrible taste in tv and wouldt like a quality show like SGU

  10. ocdtrekkie
    April 6, 2011 at 1:12 am |

    I thought this was a great episode. Yes, it had two pretty much completely separate storylines, and given the content of the plot, the Langara half really should’ve been granted the full attention of the episode.

    But it was serious, had all the risks and whatnot of Universe, had a flavor of humor due to the awesome that is Hewlett, and had the political stuff from SG-1 which was always an interesting touch as well. This was like a little half-an-episode tidbit of what the show could’ve been if the heads of the franchise didn’t obsess about going SO far different than any previous Stargate.

  11. Star4Gater
    April 6, 2011 at 1:14 am |

    puddlekumper_1 : Joseph Mallozzi has made it clear that another network picking up the show is not an option at this point. Also, SGU was on Friday night teamed with the Syfys best rated show WWE and still had the same ratings. We really can’t blame the network for its timeslot hurting the show.

  12. Cube
    April 6, 2011 at 2:30 am |

    You know what this episode did for me… Reminded me how much most of the characters on Stargate universe are total A-holes.

    Seriously.. Rodney and woolsy are going on like normal episodes of stargate and then you got the universe cast

    (except for ELI and that other dude in the chair I always forget everybody else on the shows name.)
    Trying to take over the goverment by being backstabbing jerks and woolsy saying he will have no part in most of what they are planning but ends up having to stop them from going to far by the end of the episode with rodney.

    Oh and then there is that one dude trying to get Rodney to join him and use him for his own personal back stabbing ways…

    I mean god the cast of universe is slime even the most slimeish backstabbing guy on SG1 or atlantis was no where even near the level of slime the cast of universe is and you could still like most of them on SG1 or SGA.

  13. sbmeiniv
    April 6, 2011 at 2:31 am |

    That episode was awesome. Just when SGU is getting really good, they cancel it. I want more stargate! :-(

  14. puddlejumper_1
    April 6, 2011 at 3:01 am |

    @Cube I agree with you that it was wrong for us to jeapordize Langara, but they thought Langara was working with the Lucian Alliance. They had to act and do something, Destiny doesnt have a shield or iris system so if the Lucian Aliance delievered a bomb then what? Also sending supplies to Destiny would have been a great outcome, and Telford wasn’t being “slime”. He just asked Mckay if he would join their expedition. The crew of Destiny are all the wrong people, they dont have men with off world experience, a doctor, and proper scientists.

  15. Xyla
    April 6, 2011 at 3:54 am |

    There would have been a ratings spike if any of the people with Nielson boxes were Stargate fans. This is yet more evidence that the Nielson system cannot represent a niche like the sci-fi audience.

  16. johnskeedvabbq
    April 6, 2011 at 4:29 am |

    Perhaps it’s a misunderstanding regarding the definition of ‘hold steady’. Where does ‘Dip’ come in? 7%; 10?

    Anyhoo, obviously I’m still not being counted; although, as far as syfy and affiliates are concerned, I never have been, hence cancellation of both Farscape (you guys were obviously never taught not to tease the dog) and Atlantis.

    Here is a tip: You can also save money by not airing anything. There, no charge.

    No love,


  17. johnskeedvabbq
    April 6, 2011 at 4:30 am |

    Amen, Xyla.


  18. johnskeedvabbq
    April 6, 2011 at 4:33 am |

    I can’t believe I’m actually chiming here in, but I did watch the episode, so… Plot Hole Alert: All the worried discussion about cutting losses before ‘going too far’ at the end of the episode? Dude. You ‘went too far’ when you kidnapped two government officials. Kidnapping… let’s see, that’s a … felony offense right? Well, at least it is the the United States. I guess not in the Stargate Universe; which, come to think of, explains alot.


  19. Jim
    April 6, 2011 at 6:16 am |

    This entire ratings discussion is beating a dead horse…and considering what @Xyla says,pointless to begin with(even while the proverbial horse was still alive,lol!).

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    April 6, 2011 at 6:50 am |

    […] after finishing the episode to make it to my vanpool rendezvous. Wednesday morning ratings report: Holding steady with SGA crossover. Seizure (aired […]

  21. StargateDominator
    April 6, 2011 at 7:02 am |

    i still don’t get why it got cancelled,you don’t determine a show on its first season,everyone experienced in show business knows that, Almost,i said ALMOST all shows start out with a first season, or shall we say cheezy and badly produced,so, syfy was being retarded when they cancelled SGU,its getting better,and way better,because this is how its supposed to be, but i guess its the fan’s fault since they were stupid enough to determine SGU to get cancelled or not on its first season and first half of its 2nd season….Good job! (Sarcasim)

  22. Coremae
    April 6, 2011 at 9:25 am |

    @Xyla—I agree, we’re never told who these nielson people are; and what they like or dislike. We need to know what other shows they watch since; if they’re true fans of science fiction shows, then there would be particular shows they’d watch. Sure this demographic (reportedly) watches Warehouse 13 (an X-files esque show) and Eureka (billed as an American Apple Pie eating seemingly simplistic community with a twist— and it’s relatively comedic, with glow in the dark sun bright characterization—with guaranteed Weird Science Themed Leit Motiffs) But Neilson has become the camera in the lonely one stop mart, in the middle of nowhere, that doesn’t work, but still retains the red dot laser shooting from it’s side, in the hope it’ll convince any would be villain that they’re being constantly observed, even if they’re not.

  23. Tazhyngarth
    April 6, 2011 at 9:33 am |

    What people need to do if they have multiple Cable Boxes in their house, is set up at least one of them to the SyFy channel so that it’s registered as being active, then they can watch whatever they want Live on the other Box. This way it at least counts the vote from the Active box, even if it’s not actually being viewed on the TV……that’s what I’ve been doing since I haven’t been home. I tune in before I leave the house and it just runs all day.

  24. mythos
    April 6, 2011 at 9:57 am |

    Getting ratings like this on the same night as the NCAA championship game, which draws WAY more viewers than any of the typical monday night shows, is very impressive. The typical Nielsen viewers are way more likely to watch it than SGU even for those that regularly watch SGU. Even with McKay in it, I was really expecting the numbers to be half of what they were. By not even getting their worst ratings of the season, it shows just how much interest there was in McKay and Woolsey being on it.

    @puddlejumper_1 – There’s no third season to be had. Mallozzi has already said more than once on his blog that it’s not being considered at this point. Much of the key cast and crew has already moved on to other projects. While it’s not entirely impossible that another show may not rise based on the idea, SGU, as it is, is over as a show. Even if some crazy suit at one of the big networks decided to throw a bunch of money at it, the cast and crew have signed contracts on other projects that make it impossible for them to pull it off. There was a time when enough money could make it happen. But even that time has passed now. As has been mentioned in more than one place, the main focus right now seems to be a movie that would involve cast members from the various stargate shows, likely to fill the holes left by those whose new contractual obligations wouldn’t give them the opportunity to be in it in the near term.

    @Cube – My biggest issue with the episode was what they did with McKay and Woolsey’s characters. There was a time where they would have been involved in such a thing, but their characters evolved too much by the end of SGA. They would never have gone along with a plan to risk another planet’s entire population and to use force to do so. And I also called BS when Woolsey suddenly just stopped protesting and went along with it. SG1 Woolsey may have caved, SGA Woolsey wouldn’t have.

    @Coremae – You can easily find out what shows the people with Nielsen boxes watch. They’re called ratings. :P As for who the Nielsen people are, they do very large surveys and go with whomever fits into the most typical results. ie The Average American.

    @Tazhyngarth – You’re kidding, right? You’re wasting energy and time. Unless you have a Nielsen box, which you don’t because if you did you’d know you had to punch in a code intermittently to verify that you were actually watching the show that you’re watching, then doing what you’re doing accomplishes nothing but wasting energy and time.

  25. kellx
    April 6, 2011 at 10:02 am |

    I wouldnt call it much of an “Atlantis Crossover” There was not one mention of Atlantis

  26. ocdtrekkie
    April 6, 2011 at 10:17 am |

    mythos, I disagree with what you said about Woolsey caving. He specifically said he would not take part in taking their facility by force, and that is NOT what they did. Their intention, was to prove it was safe, by sneaking in, and activating the gate BEFORE they got caught.

    As soon as the Langaran government brought their guns in, Woolsey knew it would become a combat situation, and that’s when he began to urge them to shut down the mission. Because while it might very well be possible for them to hold off the Langaran government, especially given their advanced technology, he *wouldn’t* support taking the facility by force.

  27. ocdtrekkie
    April 6, 2011 at 10:19 am |

    Also, random sidenote… if I remember correctly, the ninth chevron dialing sequence has a much larger backflush, and the balcony in front of the gate really wasn’t that far from the gate.

    If they had completely the dialing sequence, I think the gate would’ve killed the Langaran leader dude on the balcony.

  28. jjs
    April 6, 2011 at 11:19 am |

    I have to say I was completely bored with this episode. Instead of bringing Rodney to Destiny to do something with the ship, we spend yet another epsidoe using the freaking stones and focusing on the Milky Way. Sigh. What a waste of what could have been a great crossover episode.

    And the plotline with Rush…bored me to tears. I cannot say enough negatives things about this episodes, so suffice it to say I would rate it a 1 out of 10.

    The ratings this show is getting now do not surprise me given the last few boring episodes. The writers do realize we are on an Ancient ship that we have barely explored, right? It might be interesting to actually, of, focus on Destiny a little bit before the show ends.

  29. Jenks
    April 6, 2011 at 12:20 pm |

    The title is slightly misleading, the ratings didn’t really hold steady, they continued to fall, just not that much.

  30. dendu
    April 6, 2011 at 1:58 pm |

    Seizure was a fantastic episode. I’m a fan of Universe, but I’m quite confident that it doesen’t deserve the title of stargate. I really like this show! Story, humor, drama etc. It’s a shame that it’s been cancelled. =(

  31. xsack
    April 6, 2011 at 3:20 pm |

    I watch every episode of SGU same with SGA when it was on and think they are/were both good shows. To cancel SGU and keep shows like Ghost Hunters and that cooking show and Destination Truth, wow who watches that? Oh well hopefully the next Star Gate show to come out will be on network tv of Showtime where it all started and will be given a fair chance instead of phoney SyFy!

  32. Duneknight
    April 6, 2011 at 3:33 pm |

    i think SGU wouldve been the best thing ever in Season 3. I dont believe the writers meant for it to be a 5 season arch, i think it was more like a 10 season one at the pace we have now. Season 3 wouldve been awesome.

  33. Jim
    April 6, 2011 at 4:12 pm |

    @jjs Couldn’t agree more!It’s the result of showrunners trying to save the show by going back to old sg1 plot threads like The Lucian Alliance treath,the only remaining one.A bunch of thugs that with all of the thechnology and allies we’ve picked up along the way,including all the Asgard knowledge,cannot present any viable threat to Earth,or it’s interests at all.
    I as well expected McKay to be involved more with the ship,or this sort of mission to be successful,so that we can finaly focus on the ship and going forward.

  34. Duneknight
    April 6, 2011 at 5:21 pm |

    Eli is a redundant character. right? We got Rush, hes supposed to be special. And Chloe was supposed to be special. but Eli ruins that.

  35. Gatefan1976
    April 6, 2011 at 7:19 pm |

    @ Jim
    SG-1 plot threads? You are joking right? The Lucian Alliance was established as “the big bad” for SGU in the first episode of SGU (what anyone thinks of that is neither here nor there). No possible threat to Earth?? why not. All they had to do was remote pilot a cloaked Alkesh with a Naquadria enhanced nuke into one of the many supervolcanoes here on earth and we can kiss our existance on earth goodbye. What “allies” have we really got? The Jaffa nation?, not exactly stable, the Asgard?, The Tollan?, nope, their all but gone. The Nox, nope they won’t interfere.

    The Showrunners trying to save the show??
    Not buying that either. They have vehemently defended the show as being “the show they wanted to make”, Despite many “misgivings” on the part of some fans.

  36. jonah1956
    April 6, 2011 at 8:07 pm |

    Going to watch it later tonight still on PVR, looking forward to it though! :D

  37. wartsttocs
    April 6, 2011 at 8:41 pm |

    It is too bad this show didn’t make it. “Seizure” was a decent episode as I think almost every episode since the second half of season was also. Of course I would like to see more gate travel and less stones. The wormhole concept has been exciting since the original feature film. Wormholes are accepted science by great minds like Einstein, Hawking, and Sagan to name a few. In my view another big budget feature film like the original stargate would be the best. At first I wasn’t a big fan of SG-1 because it was so cheesy compared to the movie. Then it grew on me. Same thing with SGA and SGU; it took a little time for me to get used to and like each show. It is a real shame that the franchise is now dead. Like I said I would love a new feature film, but at this point even a low-budget series would be nice. Times are tough in the “new economy” and if stargate needs a low-budget show to make it viable then so be it. I would watch. High-priced actors, effects, sets, and the like are not the be-all end-all IMO. I just want to see the stargate/wormhole concept continue.

  38. puddlejumper_1
    April 7, 2011 at 1:20 am |

    @mythos Wow, so SGU is trully over. This is just sad. But like Darren and Dave said in a podcast, one of the board members at MGM is a die hard SG fan just like the rest of us, and he said they’re not done with stargate. I just hope SGU will get some closure, and pray that Extinction and Revolution will get a green light. MGM has the money, the downloads on itunes and such are high. So I think Stargate Extinction should get the first green light, the actors are ready and the script is done, SGU’s actors are busy now, and their script will take months to prepare.

  39. Ancient Scientist
    Ancient Scientist
    April 7, 2011 at 1:31 am |

    Some of the comments up above really cracked me up.

    Anyway, I was really excited for this episode; this episode was the only episode that I really was looking forward to see, I mean really was looking forward to it. I had high hopes for it. After all, Mckay and Woolsey are in it.

    Man, my hopes were obviously way too high. I was kind of disappointed at the episode. Yeah, there were good parts, but I really was expecting something else.

    I’m not saying it was a terrible episode (believe me, there are worst episodes); I’m just saying it disappointed me.

    Wonder what the ratings would have been if Sheppard made an appearance (or someone else). Just thinking out loud hear.

  40. Rory
    April 7, 2011 at 2:39 am |

    I agree with jjs, it feels like Destiny has hardly received the exploration she deserves. I would have liked more Ancient knowledge or tech revealed in the show, especially after the master code was broken. Would that have improved ratings? Probably not, but it would have been cool.

    And then tonight, Gin and Amanda pretty much get killed off before they can provide any valuable Ancient knowledge or info about Destiny. Clearly, getting intimate with Rush is far more important (not that it wasn’t an interesting episode). No doubt a lot could have been revealed if they got the full 5 seasons. I was dying to see what they’d come up with regarding the pattern in the fabric of the Universe. But no, most people are too busy watching trash TV to tune into a quality show like this one. So I guess we’ll never know.

  41. xandder
    April 7, 2011 at 3:38 am |

    So the ratings went down even though the beloved McKay was in it. Its so funny seeing people defend this by saying there was something else on tv that was drawing away the viewers, even funnier seeing that its the same people who said ‘if people wanted to see the show, they would, no matter what else was on’ but that clearly doesn’t apply when there is a ratings fall on the very episode they all said would have a ratings spike because of the ‘atlantis’ connection, it’s pretty LOL worthy!

    It would even be believeable that a number of SGU fans actually tuned out for this episode because of just that, McKay belongs in his ‘disney’ version of stargate, having him in SGU makes no sense, and in the end, it didn’t work what so ever, but tbh, did anyone really expect it to? because I for one didn’t, and I was proven right :)

  42. smeer
    April 7, 2011 at 9:35 am |

    I don’t blame SGU, or Syfy for the poor ratings (though the showtime could be better!)SGU is a good show and Syfy put it out. What I find sad is what TV viewers DO watch – according to the ratings.

  43. The Tenth Doctor
    The Tenth Doctor
    April 7, 2011 at 10:19 am |

    Some people STILL think the films will get green lit?

    Never. Going. To. Happen.

    You are delusional if you think they will be.

  44. mythos
    April 7, 2011 at 10:25 am |

    @ocdtrekkie – But he did cave. He still went along with it. He didn’t know it would work. He didn’t know that force wouldn’t be used. He wasn’t the same character that he was at the end of SGA. Now I’m not saying it’s impossible for him to change (again). But there was no indication of it based on his earlier objections. And it’s not like they went unarmed. They were prepared for a military confrontation. As for the backflush…they probably knew when building the set that it wouldn’t have to be accounted for so worried more about aesthetic than proportion. I can’t imagine it was a cheap set to build so they probably didn’t want to spend more money than they had to. There also wasn’t the rumbling when they moved past the 7th chevron. This could have been explained in numerous ways but it wasn’t.

    @puddlejumper_1 – SGU the television series, at least it’s current form is, yes. Brad Wright is still trying to get something to happen (presumably tv movie or direct-to-dvd movie). The only character right now that may not be available for it that could be awkward to deal with is Rush. But every day that passes, the list of those who wouldn’t be available is going to increase. Most of the key cast members will likely find other work pretty easily. And an SGU movie isn’t very likely to have the kind of bankroll to afford to convince them to work around their schedules. And with several key people who controlled the story for SGU gone already, such a movie may not even be the same as what people expect. So there’s an equal chance that such a movie may alienate both the old fans AND the new fans.

  45. Tazhyngarth
    April 7, 2011 at 10:36 am |

    @mythos, How are they tracking how many viewers are watching if what you’re saying is that they are only pulling the Nielsen box stats? How many people actually have that device? As I understood it, just by having the box tuned into the Channel was enough to get the validation that the Channel was being accessed. If you have an active Account with a TV Service Provider, then that alone should be enough to count for whatever stats they are tracking. Active Account for a valid TVSP + Cable box tuned into Channel = 1 point

    I don’t mean to sound stupid or naive in what I just typed, but if what I typed is not the case, can someone please explain to me the actual procedure of how they gather the Viewer Count for these episodes? Otherwise, as I’m reading it, it’s seeming that watching TV at all is pointless if what I do doesn’t even count for a 1 hour a week show.

  46. Piernik
    April 7, 2011 at 12:38 pm |

    Great episode of a great tv series!

  47. deathil93
    April 7, 2011 at 1:36 pm |

    That’s what happens when you put a great show in a crappy time slot.

  48. mythos
    April 7, 2011 at 5:38 pm |

    @Tazhyngarth – Television ratings, at least in the US which is the only ratings that mattered in this case, are based on a system created by Nielsen Media Research. All of the networks agree to use their rating system as a way of keeping a level playing field for advertisers. More information on Nielsen can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nielsen_ratings

    It’s based on statistical sampling, so no, keeping the channel on in no way affects their ratings unless you have a Nielsen box. And as previously mentioned, they do take measures to ensure that people are actually watching such as requiring them to input a code intermittently. This is to help prevent against things like people falling asleep or doing other activities that could skew the numbers.

  49. Jim
    April 7, 2011 at 8:32 pm |

    @Garefan1976 The Lucian Alliance was not established as the “big bad” in the pilot.It was just a plot device to start things rolling.
    The Lucian Alliance and the big bad cannot even go together in the same sentence seriously.
    And yes we now have tech advanced enough to detect and avert any tuggish attempt on their part to endanger Earth.Alliances was just a bad episode.And your scenarios of their possibilities to attack Earth seem as something from Superman IV.
    Basically again the point is lost on some people..so let me picture it 4 ya’..the emphasis should be on Destiny,not sg1 leftovers..that clear enough?

  50. Gatefan1976
    April 7, 2011 at 10:35 pm |

    @ Jim
    Well for a “plot device just to get the ball rolling” they certainly have had an inordinate amount of influence on the story haven’t they?

    Besides I did say that discussion of what people thought about them was pretty irrelavent seeing as though they were the organisation the writers chose to use, weather anyone likes it or not.

    As to my “superman IV” like scenario, with all due respect, people used to think that about “fringe terrorist organisations” on earth, and we know how well that worked out don’t we :(
    (again, all due respect to those affected by the events of 9/11)

    Should the focus be on the Destiny?, Of course it should, I don’t believe I have EVER argued that it shouldn’t be, so I’m just wondering why you felt the need to be so overtly hostile in your post towards me?

  51. Jim
    April 8, 2011 at 1:26 am |

    @Gatefan1976 Influence,or not..yes,there’ve been,what..3,4 eps involving alliance in any significant way and every time,I had a problem with viewing them as a real threat.I was always quite critical of those eps and I don’t even like the pilot that much.
    But my main point was focus on the ship,exploration,moving forward.Since you agree with that,I apologize if I came across as overtly,or covertly hostile.
    But talking about “fringe” terrorist organisations for real,first of all you should know much more about that story in order to call them fringe.That turned out the way it did not because those orgs were considered as fringe ones,but because of much deeper,political and organisational-structural issues.I repeat,not cause of a wrong perception of ’em.And I’m not talking about public,but people who’s job was to monitor threats appropriately.But that is a matter for another discussion.Respect,man!No hostile intentions at all.

  52. Gatefan1976
    April 8, 2011 at 2:07 am |

    @ Jim
    Well yes, we do agree that the LA was a “questionable choice” of opponent :)

    I must admit to “loading” my statement slightly as IIRC, you are a military man yourself and I was fairly certain I’d get a response. All I was trying to point out however is *if the LA could* do something along the lines I suggested, they could quite easily all but wipe us out barring “offworld” resources, and to point out that if someone is determined enough to commit such an act, it can (and unfortunately has) been done before.


  53. trinium
    April 8, 2011 at 4:31 am |

    Woolsey is not a slimy backstabber. Even though we may not have liked allot of his choices, but The dude has a very strong Moral Compass, and has ALWAYS been true to that, above all else.

  54. Tazhyngarth
    April 8, 2011 at 10:01 am |

    @mythos – Thanks for the info and the explanation, here I thought I was getting one over on them…dang it. >_<

  55. Jim
    April 8, 2011 at 12:16 pm |

    @Gatefan1976 Agreed.Unfortunately.Especially reg.your last point.Someone determined enough,with no regard for their own life to begin with..picking soft,non-military target..man,virtually impossible to stop and even if stopped,leaves a nightmarish souvenir to whomever stops him on a gut feeling.

    But Stargate,yeah poor choice of an adversary,although they had no one else left in a Milky Way.I was also quite disappointed with Seizure,after a several good,solid epiodes.Even with McKay,who,unlike some other people’e opinions is actually one of my favorite characters,lol!

  56. captainawesome
    April 8, 2011 at 7:23 pm |

    Is it just me or have the recent spate of episodes felt like they’re ripping off Star Trek Voyager? Twin Destinies is way too similar to Deadlock for my tastes, and this episode smacked of all those episodes with Barclay trying to get the Voyager back and being able to talk to them via hologram. The show is getting the ratings it deserves, while the acting and characters are top notch the plotting has been poor from day 1. Bemoaning the Nielson system for the millionth time is changing anything.

    However, I’m baffled by the second lowest ratings for the show are “holding steady.”

  57. Chevron Atlantis
    Chevron Atlantis
    April 9, 2011 at 1:03 am |

    @xandder I don’t know how you can describe Mckay and sga as that type? I personally didn’t enjoy this episode because it was poorly written and directed.

    Nice to see the stargate maybe the producers forgot this show is called “Stargate” Universe
    Mckay – But he played a very small role but I didn’t like the fact that they used the stones again but that was pretty smart what they did

    Boring affair stuff with Rush and Amanda. God the whole episode concentrated on that very point of him having virtual relationship with Amanda. What was the point of that? Seriously I couldn’t believe it. I think this was a wasted opportunity for TPTB people they could’ve made something a lot better. It was a boring episode but it wasn’t the most boring that title goes to “Life” :)

    @everyone it’s a nice way of putting that Stargate SGU is dead

    Just my 2 cents

  58. Browncoat1984
    April 10, 2011 at 6:09 pm |

    I enjoyed the episode, but the problem I have is that the producers billed it as being like The Pegasus Project – something had to happen over here in order for it to happen over there, they billed it like something big was going to happen, but nothing at all did…

  59. danny2010
    April 10, 2011 at 9:10 pm |

    theres not a lot of rating aswell because they havent aired stargate universe in the uk yet if the had release them everywhere at the same time they would be a wack of rating and a message for the producers and syfy dont cancell the show if u do use will lose a lot of viewers to every other shows use make why should anyone watch them if aw use are going to do is canccell the best show ever

  60. Dachannien
    April 10, 2011 at 11:21 pm |

    Hate. The. Stones.

    I was really hoping that the stones would be lost forever in the building explosion the other week, but of course, that was just silliness on my part. Those stupid things have caused nothing but trouble, and their continued reliance upon them (both in terms of the Destiny crew and the show’s writers) has been incredibly frustrating to watch. It’s probably too late now, of course, but ditching the stones a long time ago might have kept more people interested.

  61. Crayg
    April 11, 2011 at 7:06 am |

    SGU just squanders it guest stars. They brought in Daniel just to take snapshots from a rooftop, brought Daniel back to do nothing in a dream sequence, and then had McKay look at boobs and accomplish nothing. If they had used Teal’c, it would just be a slow motion shot of him getting hit in the groin by a football.

  62. Jim
    April 11, 2011 at 11:39 am |

    @Dachannien LOL!! Trust me,you weren’t the only one hoping the stones would be permanently destroyed in that explosion!And you sure as hell aren’t the only one who hates those stupid things.I thought they were silly when they’d first appeared in SG1 and then SGA,but in SGU I’ve really grown to despise them as a concept,plot device,deus ex machina,the frequency of their usage and so on..

  63. daedalus_x304
    April 12, 2011 at 9:24 am |

    I too was hoping for a bit more from this. I am sad that SGU is over soon as this, I believe, will be the end of Stargate. The ratings may be low but there are a lot of fans that may watch SGU online through Hulu or the like.

  64. Supertrinko
    April 12, 2011 at 10:19 am |

    All that waiting… and nothing happened. McKay had an idea, they only tested it enough to know that it ‘would’ work, then had to stop.

    No way would the Langarans have attacked people of Earth, come on, a 1950’s tech planet taking on the most powerful force in 2, perhaps more galaxies?

    After all their work, they achieved nothing.

  65. danawhitaker
    April 12, 2011 at 5:43 pm |

    I was bothered, ethically, by the tone of this episode. I can understand wanting to see if the Langarans were involved with the Lucian Alliance, but the way in which they did it left me feeling upset.

    I saw a comment somewhere on here about Nielsen and science fiction fans. While I’m not a Nielsen panel member, I watch Stargate. But liking Stargate doesn’t mean I like all sci-fi. Stargate Universe is actually the last bit of science fiction I watch (in terms of currently airing shows). Not all sci-fi fans equally like all shows. So even though other programs on SyFy might rate well, it doesn’t mean the people watching those watch SGU – and vice versa. When SGU is over, I will cease watching the network entirely, and sink back into my realm of crime and medical dramas.

    SG-1, when I originally started watching, had a quality that ultimately drew me in, and it had little to do with the sci-fi aspect. It was more about the characters, and the stories. SGA was the same. SGU is what I consider to be the younger sibling I got stuck with because it’s part of the Stargate family. I watch it, I occasionally enjoy it, but I’m ultimately rather ambivalent about it and only spend time with it because of how much I loved its older siblings. Over the years, I have shifted from Stargate SG1 nights where I made a specific effort to sit down and watch the show live (or occasionally the second SyFy airing). With SGA, that continued until Season 4, at which point I settled for watching it within a few days. Now, with SGU, sometimes I’ll go a week or two without watching the new episodes when they air, depending on what else aired that week.

    I would like to see real, worthy resolutions to all three shows once SGU is finished airing, but I don’t have much hope of that at this point.

  66. cesare
    April 14, 2011 at 10:13 pm |

    I’m surprised no one’s floated the theory that SGU fans deliberately didn’t watch this episode live just to prevent a ratings spike for the SGA characters’ appearance.

    It makes about as much sense as those conspiracy theories about how fans of SGA and SG-1 talked down SGU and influenced the downward spiral of the ratings.

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