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Stargate‘s ratings hold steady for Atlantis crossover

Tuesday - April 5, 2011
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The much-awaited Stargate Atlantis / Stargate Universe crossover event may have wowed long-time fans of Stargate, but it didn’t pull in any more viewers.  SGU held steady in the ratings with Monday’s premiere of “Seizure” on Syfy Channel.

Universe drew an estimated 823,000 viewers (Live + Same Day), down 6 percent from last week.  The Adults 18 to 49 demographic also lost a tenth of a point.

Being Human, on the other hand, rose in viewers in the 9 p.m. hour, widening the gap between Syfy’s Monday night originals with 1.442 million viewers.  This is an uptick of 11 percent.  This means that Stargate lost a whopping 43 percent from its lead-in.

The NCAA Basketball Championship Game won the night on the broadcast networks, bringing in over 20 million viewers to CBS during the primetime period. Castle drew 11.45 million on ABC, and 7.75 million tuned in to Harry’s Law on NBC.

On USA, WWE Raw earned 5.78 million viewers against SGU in the 10 p.m. hour.

New episodes of Stargate Universe continue next Monday at 10/9c on Syfy!  Learn more about “The Hunt” in GateWorld’s episode guide.

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  • I was hoping for a ratings spike for this ep, but guess the fans who looked forward to seeing McKay don’t really make a difference in the ratings game. :(

    I’ve been reading around the net, this ep is not receiving the positive reviews I would have anticipated. Sad.

  • ^^^^I didn’t like the milkyway part of it. I wanted to see something phenomenal, but instead I got a boring SG1 rehash. The Amanda/Rush G/Eli bit was different, and interesting. But the milky way clandestine boring **** **** killed the episode.

  • I want to save the show, but guys, you’re on the other side of the Universe, and we’re still dealing with story ideas that got addressed in SG1 and Atlantis. God, you’re on the other side of the universe—think THIRDSPACE Babylon 5, or the God Hand Babylon 5 legend of the rangers, or Lexx the end of the light universe and the beginning of the dark universe. Startrek search for god—Startrek Voyager, Fluid space.

  • Nah, I didn’t enjoy the episode at all. There was no real purpose in it, we didn’t gain anything from it at all. I think it’d of been far better if they’d gotten rid of the stones completely. Ah well, what’s done is done.
    Can’t see any conclusion gonna happen in the form of a movie or whatever with these ratings, not to sound all ‘doom and gloom’ :P

  • @colin15watt MGM knows that Stargate Universe has a worldwide fan base not just who watches it on syfy. So I think that will go into they’re calculations on wether a direct to dvd movie would make money not the ratings.

  • Held steady? Down 6 percent from last week? That puts it at 1 percent above the week before’s franchise low.

  • Ratings this season will have no effect what so ever on the movies. So lets all keep that in mind. However ratings, will go a long way if another network decided to pick this show up. Its also very obvious that syfy put sgu on the worst time slot imaginable to make their decision to cancel the show right. The facts are right up in this article. It would also make more sense to put a rerun show(terminator scc)on this time slot and SGU on thursday’s instead. Syfy said it themselves…their not looking to renew terminator.

  • Seizure was a great episode, it doesnt suprise me tho that half the viewers of being human tuned out for SGU. Seriously if your a being human fan u probably have horrible taste in tv and wouldt like a quality show like SGU

  • I thought this was a great episode. Yes, it had two pretty much completely separate storylines, and given the content of the plot, the Langara half really should’ve been granted the full attention of the episode.

    But it was serious, had all the risks and whatnot of Universe, had a flavor of humor due to the awesome that is Hewlett, and had the political stuff from SG-1 which was always an interesting touch as well. This was like a little half-an-episode tidbit of what the show could’ve been if the heads of the franchise didn’t obsess about going SO far different than any previous Stargate.

  • puddlekumper_1 : Joseph Mallozzi has made it clear that another network picking up the show is not an option at this point. Also, SGU was on Friday night teamed with the Syfys best rated show WWE and still had the same ratings. We really can’t blame the network for its timeslot hurting the show.

  • You know what this episode did for me… Reminded me how much most of the characters on Stargate universe are total A-holes.

    Seriously.. Rodney and woolsy are going on like normal episodes of stargate and then you got the universe cast

    (except for ELI and that other dude in the chair I always forget everybody else on the shows name.)
    Trying to take over the goverment by being backstabbing jerks and woolsy saying he will have no part in most of what they are planning but ends up having to stop them from going to far by the end of the episode with rodney.

    Oh and then there is that one dude trying to get Rodney to join him and use him for his own personal back stabbing ways…

    I mean god the cast of universe is slime even the most slimeish backstabbing guy on SG1 or atlantis was no where even near the level of slime the cast of universe is and you could still like most of them on SG1 or SGA.

  • That episode was awesome. Just when SGU is getting really good, they cancel it. I want more stargate! :-(

  • @Cube I agree with you that it was wrong for us to jeapordize Langara, but they thought Langara was working with the Lucian Alliance. They had to act and do something, Destiny doesnt have a shield or iris system so if the Lucian Aliance delievered a bomb then what? Also sending supplies to Destiny would have been a great outcome, and Telford wasn’t being “slime”. He just asked Mckay if he would join their expedition. The crew of Destiny are all the wrong people, they dont have men with off world experience, a doctor, and proper scientists.

  • There would have been a ratings spike if any of the people with Nielson boxes were Stargate fans. This is yet more evidence that the Nielson system cannot represent a niche like the sci-fi audience.

  • Perhaps it’s a misunderstanding regarding the definition of ‘hold steady’. Where does ‘Dip’ come in? 7%; 10?

    Anyhoo, obviously I’m still not being counted; although, as far as syfy and affiliates are concerned, I never have been, hence cancellation of both Farscape (you guys were obviously never taught not to tease the dog) and Atlantis.

    Here is a tip: You can also save money by not airing anything. There, no charge.

    No love,


  • I can’t believe I’m actually chiming here in, but I did watch the episode, so… Plot Hole Alert: All the worried discussion about cutting losses before ‘going too far’ at the end of the episode? Dude. You ‘went too far’ when you kidnapped two government officials. Kidnapping… let’s see, that’s a … felony offense right? Well, at least it is the the United States. I guess not in the Stargate Universe; which, come to think of, explains alot.


  • This entire ratings discussion is beating a dead horse…and considering what @Xyla says,pointless to begin with(even while the proverbial horse was still alive,lol!).

  • i still don’t get why it got cancelled,you don’t determine a show on its first season,everyone experienced in show business knows that, Almost,i said ALMOST all shows start out with a first season, or shall we say cheezy and badly produced,so, syfy was being retarded when they cancelled SGU,its getting better,and way better,because this is how its supposed to be, but i guess its the fan’s fault since they were stupid enough to determine SGU to get cancelled or not on its first season and first half of its 2nd season….Good job! (Sarcasim)

  • @Xyla—I agree, we’re never told who these nielson people are; and what they like or dislike. We need to know what other shows they watch since; if they’re true fans of science fiction shows, then there would be particular shows they’d watch. Sure this demographic (reportedly) watches Warehouse 13 (an X-files esque show) and Eureka (billed as an American Apple Pie eating seemingly simplistic community with a twist— and it’s relatively comedic, with glow in the dark sun bright characterization—with guaranteed Weird Science Themed Leit Motiffs) But Neilson has become the camera in the lonely one stop mart, in the middle of nowhere, that doesn’t work, but still retains the red dot laser shooting from it’s side, in the hope it’ll convince any would be villain that they’re being constantly observed, even if they’re not.

  • What people need to do if they have multiple Cable Boxes in their house, is set up at least one of them to the SyFy channel so that it’s registered as being active, then they can watch whatever they want Live on the other Box. This way it at least counts the vote from the Active box, even if it’s not actually being viewed on the TV……that’s what I’ve been doing since I haven’t been home. I tune in before I leave the house and it just runs all day.

  • Getting ratings like this on the same night as the NCAA championship game, which draws WAY more viewers than any of the typical monday night shows, is very impressive. The typical Nielsen viewers are way more likely to watch it than SGU even for those that regularly watch SGU. Even with McKay in it, I was really expecting the numbers to be half of what they were. By not even getting their worst ratings of the season, it shows just how much interest there was in McKay and Woolsey being on it.

    @puddlejumper_1 – There’s no third season to be had. Mallozzi has already said more than once on his blog that it’s not being considered at this point. Much of the key cast and crew has already moved on to other projects. While it’s not entirely impossible that another show may not rise based on the idea, SGU, as it is, is over as a show. Even if some crazy suit at one of the big networks decided to throw a bunch of money at it, the cast and crew have signed contracts on other projects that make it impossible for them to pull it off. There was a time when enough money could make it happen. But even that time has passed now. As has been mentioned in more than one place, the main focus right now seems to be a movie that would involve cast members from the various stargate shows, likely to fill the holes left by those whose new contractual obligations wouldn’t give them the opportunity to be in it in the near term.

    @Cube – My biggest issue with the episode was what they did with McKay and Woolsey’s characters. There was a time where they would have been involved in such a thing, but their characters evolved too much by the end of SGA. They would never have gone along with a plan to risk another planet’s entire population and to use force to do so. And I also called BS when Woolsey suddenly just stopped protesting and went along with it. SG1 Woolsey may have caved, SGA Woolsey wouldn’t have.

    @Coremae – You can easily find out what shows the people with Nielsen boxes watch. They’re called ratings. :P As for who the Nielsen people are, they do very large surveys and go with whomever fits into the most typical results. ie The Average American.

    @Tazhyngarth – You’re kidding, right? You’re wasting energy and time. Unless you have a Nielsen box, which you don’t because if you did you’d know you had to punch in a code intermittently to verify that you were actually watching the show that you’re watching, then doing what you’re doing accomplishes nothing but wasting energy and time.

  • I wouldnt call it much of an “Atlantis Crossover” There was not one mention of Atlantis

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