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8 years ago

I’m a little surprised by these results. I a lot of options that didn’t win were nominated far many more times than those that did win. I definitely did not pick the top choice in most scenarios. In fact, the only one i think i did was best episode, where actually i was pretty certain Reckoning would take the cake…

8 years ago

I don’t remember what I voted for, but several of my choices that I do remember did win, so overall I am happy. I haven’t finished watching this season yet, but I’m in denial that it is the end of an era and that there actually was a 9th and 10th season. I haven’t seen many episodes from those seasons yet. I think if it all ended after Mobeius, it would have been perfect…it just wrapped up so nicely. I actually saw this behind the scenes clip from Mobeius at showed Richard Dean Anderson getting different headdresses, and everytime he… Read more »

8 years ago

Oh… wow…

Good choices– besides the fact that a lot of those above choices weren’t mine…


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8 years ago

Yes, these were all excellent choices. I had to laugh at the best team moment choice. “ya sure, you betcha” I am somewhat confident that Richard Dean Anderson’s Canadian humor thought of this line and no screen writer was responsible. Truly one of many examples of what made the franchise so great! Down to earth humor, personal characters and superb acting and the whole staff really enjoyed what they did.