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Atlantis Season Four Awards: Vote Now!

Wednesday - September 26, 2012
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With the Replicators threatening to destroy the galaxy, the Atlantis team joins forces with the most unlikely of allies … the Wraith! With a new commanding officer, new allies, and the return of an old friend, Season Four of Stargate Atlantis took the show to new heights. Now it’s time to vote on the best episode, character moments, guest stars, and more!

Stargate fans have already nominated their favorites in each category, and the most-nominated appear on the official ballot below. Once again this month, the SG-1 guest stars have their very own category of “Best SG-1 Crossover.”

If you don’t see your favorites on the ballot, come back early next month to help us nominate the best of Season Five! If someone doesn’t nominate it, it can’t appear on next month’s ballot.

You don’t have to be a Rewatch participant to vote, but please vote only once! Voting will close on September 30, and we’ll announce the winners for the month before the Stargate Rewatch continues into the final season of Atlantis in October.

Thank you for voting! The polls are now closed.

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  • Season 4 was the best season in my opinion. It just has so many goodies. The best space battle in Stargate, advanced humans, working together with the Wraith, Michael’s revenge, TEAL’C VS RONON, Colonel Carter took over. It was all so good.

    Well, almost all of it. I would withdraw Ancient mini-drones from consideration for Coolest Ancient Technology just because I’d rather pretend Harmony doesn’t exist.

  • Season 4 had many of the best episodes in all five seasons, but also the worst. Example Harmony and Trio. Best s4 episode is imo The last man.

  • Best episodes….. I like the Midseason 3 way. Moral Coil, Be all my sins Remember’d and Spoils of war. I liked seeing Weir return, even though she was a clone. Remember’d was a great Ep. I enjoyed seeing the Lantians, Wraith and Travelers work together, and that wonderful sexual teasing between Laren and Shepard and the drone innuendo that Laren Made and Carter rolled her eyes at. Todd is ALWAYS a welcome addition to a episode. And one last thing. I loved the way Fran said hello and pretty much killed all the Replicators. Talk about a innocent Sadism. Midway was straight up AWESOME! Nothing like a Teal’c/Ronan battle. People have been wanting that since Season 2 of Atlantis. The Last man is a great AU episode. And Trio was a great McKay/Carter/Keller episode. Loved seening the underlying sexual tension between Cater and McKay with Keller as a viewer. And I loved the bet between Keller and McKay.

  • I very much liked Season 4, some excellent episodes. (And Harmony was one of my favotites, strangely enough.)
    Really, REALLY did not appreciate Keller. Trio one of the worst episodes, how they trashed Zelenka was a crime.

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