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Atlantis Season Five Awards: Vote Now!

Wednesday - October 24, 2012
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Ready to pick your favorites from the final year of Stargate Atlantis? It’s voting time!

Earlier this month Stargate fans nominated their favorite episodes, character moments, aliens, tech, and more. Those with the most nominations in each category have made it onto the official ballot below.

You don’t have to be a Rewatch participant to vote, but please vote only once! Voting will close on October 31, and we’ll announce the winners for the month before the Stargate Rewatch continues onward to the first season of Stargate Universe in November.

Thanks for voting!

Thank you for voting! The polls are now closed.

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  • You’re telling me The Shrine is in the running for best episode, and Enemy at the Gate isn’t?

    I picked Vegas for that one, but still, series finale isn’t in the running?

  • the final episode was horrible. ronin should have died. not that fake out death crap they pulled. the space battle with atlantis and the superhive ship was lame. the super hive ship itself is a joke and a ridiculous idea that was never needed. seriously. who thought for one second that ship would make it to earth. this was the last season and they knew it. then they blew it.

  • Darren

    Anyone having difficulty with the form, you can e-mail me your votes: webmaster -at-

  • This was hard, because season 5 wasn’t that good. There were a few gems, but Universe was a saving grace after season 5 of Atlantis.

  • Season 5 was uneven but it had some of my very favorite episodes ever in it. Vegas was truly brilliant. It should have gotten a 6th season to wrap things up in a proper fashion. It was a sad, sad day when Universe was greenlit in its’ place – and thus the franchise died for good. They should have run the two series together for one season to introduce SGU to the fans without the bitterness that then occured.

  • errors? The security questions are getting harder and harder to read, so not surprising there are errors. not sure vote submitted, but Michael Shanks all the way!! um. :0)

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