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Claudia Black guest starring on Syfy’s Haven

Sunday - November 4, 2012
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If you didn’t catch Stargate SG-1 actress Claudia Black on last Friday’s new episode of Haven, don’t worry — she’ll be back.

Black (Stargate‘s Vala Mal Doran) plays Moira on the Syfy Channel series, a character the network calls “a woman whose bitterness makes her capable of murder.”

She appeared first in the November 2 episode “Magic Hour, Part 1.” “In the episode, Audrey and Duke follow a lead to Colorado which results in a life-changing discovery, while Nathan and Tommy are forced to deal with the latest ‘trouble’ on their own when they discover a murderer who has the ability to raise the dead,” Syfy said.

Black will also appear in this week’s second half of the two-parter (November 9), and return in the December 6 episode.  In the latter, “Audrey awakes one day only to discover that everyone in Haven, except the charismatic and witty Will (Nolan North), has fallen into a mysterious sleep with potentially deadly consequences.”

Since SG-1 ended the actress has been keeping herself busy mostly with voiceover work, including the role of Cheetah on the animated Justice League: Doom, and video game franchises from Uncharted and Gears of War to Mass Effect and Diablo.

Haven airs Fridays at 10/9c on Syfy, and is based on the Stephen King novella The Colorado Kid.  Visit the series guide at our sister site, SciFi Stream!

(Thanks to Aurore for the tip)

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  • I can’t believe this horrid show is still on and there is no new Stargate to watch.

  • It’s not horrid. “SGU” Season 1 was worse than this. (Although “SGU” Season 2 wasn’t as bad … and this show is about as good as that season.)

    BTW, Claudia Black’s character is way different in these episodes than she was in both “Farscape” and “SG-1”. Of course, her characters in “Farscape” and “SG-1” were way different too.

  • I really truly like the contrast of her acting skills compared to the way we know Claudia.. but, think the version we love is from Frascape and SG1. She sure was totally different than what I was expecting.. in fact if I wasn’t told she was goign to be on, it would ahve taking me a while to figure out it was really Claudi in Haven. I get emtionally invested in a short amount of time and am happy she wasn’t evil, like we all thought she was duing the first 50 minutes..


  • I just can’t get into Haven and only think about SGU And will it come back, But Claudia Black is great in anything she appears in.

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