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SGU Season Two Awards: Vote Now!

Thursday - December 20, 2012
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It’s time to vote!

Here we are, just days away from the end of the epic Stargate Rewatch. All this month we’re enjoying a return to the second (and final) season of Stargate Universe, and fans have nominated the best episodes, character moments, technology, and more from the show’s freshman season. The top nominees are on the ballot below.

You don’t have to be a participant in the Stargate Rewatch to vote, but please vote only once! Voting will close on December 31, and we’ll announce the winners for the final month of the Rewatch.

Thanks for voting … and stay tuned for new weekly Stargate features on GateWorld in 2013!


Vote for one per category.

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  • A LOT of tough decisions in this one.
    Season 2 of SGU is without a doubt my favourite season of Stargate ever.

    Only a couple of filler episodes nearly every story advanced the plot or the characters in some way.

    The Drone ships were great blocking off Stars, Stargates and tracking any Star gates that activate.

  • I have the same issue as last month: after submitting my choices I get the message saying “There was a problem with your submission. Errors are marked below.
    Ballot Submitted. Thanks for your vote!”
    I hope it went through.

    @SilenceOz: I agree, choosing just 1 option was extremely hard. Season 2 rocked!

  • Same issues as last month, as Petra said. This was a great season and the actors were allowed to shine. Really tough to narrow things down.

  • I won’t say it was the best season of Stargate ever. That honor goes to Season 8 SG-1. I would put Season 2 SGU behind Season 10 SG-1 and Season 5 SGA.

    Still, it’s a darn shame that they cut down SGU as it just kept getting better and better.

  • I completely agree. Stargate Universe had shaken out all the bugs – that often happen in the first and even second season of a series and every episode of the 2nd year built on the previous and each was excellent taken alone. Cancelling that series at that point was an incredible blunder by SYFY, – plus if my recollection is correct, they moved it around suddenly at one point without much publicity – or was that just Sanctuary. It was going exactly where I hoped it would and its cancellation was a huge disappointment – and caused me to cancel my cable subscription to SYFy.

  • No issue but one its no longer on the air and that is way to sad. I think somehow it will come back, and yes it is still the best Star-gate one could want! SYFY Is nuts.

  • Difficult to make a single choice in many questions. I place SGU S2 just behind SG-1 S8 in terms of quality. It’s a shame that SyFy pulled the plug on SGU just as it was hitting its stride.

    A made-for-TV Stargate movie combining elements of SG-1, SGA, and SGU would do a lot to satisfy the pent up demand for more Stargate.

  • Where is “Blockade” for Best Episode? It should be up there as well.

  • Season 2 of SGU is some of the best tv ive ever seen. Great story, effects and acting. Could easily watch it again. Syfy really dropped the ball when they canceled SGU.

  • Wishing they never shut the Gate Down !
    I am now basically Re-Watching every episode of all Stargates.
    I love the Gate !
    And I did love SGU Season Two.

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