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Book Review: Stargate Atlantis – Death Game

Tuesday - July 23, 2013
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Trouble in paradise all starts with a Wraith cruiser shooting John Sheppard’s Puddle Jumper out of the sky. Sheppard awakes in his crashed air craft with no memory of how he and Teyla came to be there. Himself concussed, Teyla with a dislocated shoulder, Ronon and Radek Zelenka stuck on an island a half an ocean away, and Rodney McKay off at the Stargate trying to fix the D.H.D. (all the while wishing for some jackal repellent) makes the situation far from ideal. Things go from bad to worse when Sheppard and Teyla are taken captive by a group of natives who don’t quite know what to make of the strange visitors.

Death Game is an appropriate title for this Stargate Atlantis novel from author Jo Graham. And it is conveniently ironic, considering the story revolves around a mysterious competition called the “Games of Life.”

The book starts off with a promising beginning but unfortunately loses some of its momentum through the middle — for instance, with the simultaneous stories in which the team constantly engages. While it’s always nice to see a little more background of and insight into the characters from the television series, at times the stories became a bit monotonous.

And in John’s case, it’s not quite believable. It’s hard to picture the man who defies orders, risks Leavenworth, and ignores Generals now having sucked up to his dad for money. Also, considering how passionate Sheppard is about doing the right thing, protecting people, and never leaving a man behind, I would think he would have had a deeper reason for joining the U.S. Air Force than the scenario that was depicted in the book. Perhaps some of what wasn’t touched on in the show might be best left to each individual’s imagination. After all, sometimes it’s the mystery that keeps us intrigued.

A few other things felt a little out of place in the novel, such as the Puddle Jumper’s rear hatch being constantly referred to as the “back gate.” And Ronon — who had trouble understanding the concept of a TV in the Season Two episode “The Long Goodbye” — had such a good grasp of video cameras and the like. A bit odd seeing as the story seems to take place just a few short weeks after Ronon joined the team. It’s also hard to picture Teyla taking a copy of the book “Watership Down” with her in her BDU pants pocket on an off-world mission. This just doesn’t seem like something our practical Athosian would do. (And then there was McKay wearing SPF 50 instead of his own sunscreen concoction that he so proudly prattled on about to Major Lorne in the Season Two episode “Runner.”)

Rodney’s part in the story is rather minimal and Dr. Weir is almost nonexistent. In contrast, Radek Zelenka is practically the star of the show — so to speak.

On the plus side we get to see a brief glimpse at the awkward relationship between Lieutenant Cadman and Dr. McKay after the events of “Duet,” Ronon and Radek sail a boat upside down, Sheppard and Teyla briefly mistaken as husband and wife, and a memorable scene reinvented from The Lord of the Rings where Ronon and Zelenka must get across a dangerous trap set into the floor of the underground labyrinth:

Ronon grinned wolfishly. “You know that movie Sheppard had us watching last weekend on DVD? The really good one?”

“I do not.” Radek said. He tended to avoid movie night unless something he particularly liked was playing, as two hours of watching cars blow up bored him senseless.

“Where the guy says, ‘Never toss a dwarf’ and the other guy just picks him up and flings him?”

“Oh, that movie,” Radek said with a sinking heart. “You are not seriously considering …”

And there you have a classic example of Satedan resourcefulness. If you can’t shoot it, throw it.

The book has a lot of potential and the story does pick up again towards the end, as the Games of Life get under way. Although its not the best of the Stargate Atlantis novels to date, “Death Game” isn’t a bad read. A couple of the conversations seemed a bit incongruous with dialogue and topics of discussion found in the show. And I can’t help but be curious why a power source capable of producing an energy shield around an entire planet didn’t have McKay all but foaming at the mouth from excitement.

Though action and suspense are not the primary focus of the book the team still learns that “sometimes the nightmare starts when you wake up.”

“Stargate Atlantis: Death Game”
Author: Jo Graham
Paperback: 300 pages
ISBN: 978-1-905586-47-9
Publish Date: October 2010
Publisher: Fandemonium Ltd.

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Reviews represent the opinion of the author, and not necessarily that of GateWorld or its owner.

Donna M. Monnig is a published poet, an aspiring novelist, and a GateWorld contributor.

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  • Thank you for the review.
    and to Donna for writing the book.

    I might check this one out, SG1 books would bore me as we have been on endless adventures with the characters, but SGA didnt feel as done to death.

    Still would like a SGU book trilogy to close off the series though..ay ay authors??

  • SilenceOz:

    I’m glad you enjoyed my review.

    The SGA books are good, but some of the SG-1 books are very interesting as well. Especially the first novels: “Trial By Fire” and “Survival of the Fittest” by Sabine C Bauer, and “Sacrifice Moon,” “A Matter of Honor,” and “The Cost of Honor” by Sally Malcolm are all exceptional SG-1 novels with great stories.

    I agree, it would be nice if someone would take up the gauntlet and close the SGU storyline with the novels.

    Thanks & God Bless,

  • Nice review. Thanks for pointing out the books weakness’ as well as its strengths. I hate when reviewers just praise, praise, praise, and then you read the book thinking it will be good and then it totally sucks. Thanks for being honest. I think I might give this book a chance. At least I know what to expect now.

  • GateMate88:

    I’m glad my review was helpful for you. I always try to be fair to the author of a book as well as to the readers – I don’t know if I always succeed, but I try.

    Thanks & God Bless,

  • SilenceOz:

    Regarding my comment to you, I mistakenly wrote that the Stargate SG-1 novel “Sacrifice Moon” was written by Sally Malcolm. It is in fact by Julie Fortune, my apologies for the mistake. (It’s still a great book!)

    God Bless,

  • I read all the books from SGA Legacy Series, because after so long time after SG-1 and SGA cancellation i wanted something more of Stargate, and i don’t have a good opinion about that series, is regular quality, there are many things wrong like F-302 with shields, daedalus-class ships losing shields easily in one book and in the other not that easy, losing asgard beam weapons easily and unrepairable, some weird history about Teyla’s DNA and it’s relation with Wraith origin, some of the sub plots are good, but many things simply are not that possible like the Genii fixing an Ancient Vessel, it was difficult for the travelers even if they had their own ships, now for the genii simply it’s not a way to do it. As i read your review seems like this is also a regular book.

  • Nomendil:

    I have read many of the Stargate novels, both SG-1 and Atlantis, but I have not read all of the SGA Legacy series, yet. I did start the series some time back, but I was not overly impressed by it, so I have yet to finish it. I agree, they weren’t overly consistent with their facts and some things could have been depicted better.

    In my opinion, the first Stargate novels that were published, particularly those written by Sally Malcolm, Sonny Whitelaw, Elizabeth Christenson, Sabine C. Bauer, and Julie Fortune, were the best, and few since then have been able to replicate their level of successful storytelling.

    God Bless,

  • Donna:
    Hi, I will have to read those novels, if you have a good opinion about them, they must be very good. Sorry if my opinion seem very negative, it was that i got dissapointed with Legacy Novels, as you write before: “they weren’t overly consistent with their facts”.

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