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GateWorld Podcast: New Stargate Movie Trilogy

Thursday - June 5, 2014
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The Stargate is spinning up again, with original creators Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich confirmed to be producing a new trilogy for MGM and Warner Bros. It’s huge news for long-time Stargate fans, especially considering the fact that the creators are likely to disregard the three television series we know so well and love so much.

After a year in dry dock the GateWorld Podcast returns with a special episode! David, Darren, and Diana discuss last week’s big news and its implications, consider what a modern Stargate movie might look like, and look at the fan responses so far. Will Devlin and Emmerich be able to “wow” us back into the theater? Can Stargate have a life beyond the TV continuity?

Hear our thoughts, and then sound off below!

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  • I’m optimistic but cautious. On the one hand, the Stargate movie is their strongest work, but all their other films have been poorly written (bad dialogue, dumb plot holes). Most likely this means we won’t get to see a resolution to Stargate: Atlantis or Stargate: Universe, which is not surprising at this point, but it feels like a mistake to ignore all the mythology that was created for the three Stargate TV shows. At the very least, I’ll give the first (new) Stargate movie a chance. We’ll see where it goes from there.

  • This is great news in my opinion, I know there will be plenty of fans wanting something from the previous show to arise but it’s best to let it lye for now. I for one will be keeping them in the back of mind for this. Bring it on I say!

  • Can’t wait to see the stargate spinning again, but I’m still not liking the news that they will be ignoring 17 seasons of continuity.

    I had hoped for a startrek-like treatment. Like how TNG was placed in a future years after TOS.

    They could place the new Stargate movies in the future, years after the series. Acknowledging the continuity in small ways by mentioning the series characters or showing them in pictures (or holograms).

    That way they could get a fresh start to draw in a fresh audience and still keeping fans of the series happy.
    What do you think?

    Still, I will probably go see it one way or the other. Time will tell how it turns out.

  • I think people need to realize that they want to draw in an audience who hasn’t seen the 17 years of TV series as we have. It may well be that they will leave us some Easter eggs, but I believe that a lot of what they will do will be new to appeal to people who haven’t been watching. I t only makes financial sense. However, at least, as Diane said, the main character never goes away!!

  • Great news I Am happy as can all who think it’s a bad idea you must be nuts just look at star trek.

  • Devlin and Emmerich should give themselves a chance at success and at least not completely shun the mythology of the TV shows. They could easily side step it altogether by setting it in the future. Why volunteer to alienate such a massive fan base? Even a little imagination could produce a proverbial nod of the head to the series and easily appease the fans.

  • The news that there’s goin to be a new Stargate movie (possibly even a trilogy!!) has literally made my YEAR! (I know that’s pretty sad but but who cares! Stargate is awesome!!!)

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