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6 years ago

Thank you very much Gateworld(and MGM) for the great news about Stargate’s comeback to San Diego Comic-Con(and hopefully to TV/Movies). I hope the exclusive news are about the continuation of Stargate. Stargate deserves a sequel and it certainly doesn’t deserve the reboot that Devlin/Emmerich were planning to do. I hope they continue SGA or SGU or create a new series(or series of movies) that combines elements of the three series. Please MGM/Syfy/Netflix/anyone bring back Stargate.

Steve B
6 years ago

I also would like to see fresh Stargate material. However, my first priority would be to give some kind of ending to SGA and SGU. I’m so angry they left them on cliffhangers.

I’m not necessarily opposed to reboots but, don’t do it before finishing or closing up the cliffhangers from the original stuff.

6 years ago

Well there’s little to go on here, but I hope it means there will be a future for Stargate. There a lot of Stargate fans out there, but I feel like we get so little love or attention. It’s slowly fading away. Very curious to see what this about!

6 years ago

It may not be new, but the El Ray network is now broadcasting(starting 7/5/17) SG-1 in sequence M-F, 3 episodes a day. This is in conjunction with Comet TV network(Sinclair/MGM)
is also broadcasting SG-1, for the second round full series. I assume it is being syndicated again, which stopped a year after SG-1 ended. Since SGU stopped being syndicated only MGM network affiliates (THIS and Comet ) aired Stargate Franchise shows. Maybe this will help reinvigorate the interest in Stargate and something new will eventually come of this.

6 years ago

I about guarantee its going to be a disappointing announcement.

The only way it wouldn’t be disappointing is if its a new show, but the odds of that happening are slim to none.

6 years ago

I’d love to hear about a new show in the SG-1 canon universe, but I’d still be happy if we get the SG-1 blu ray complete series.

6 years ago

SG1 on Blu Ray would be great. Doubt a new series will come up

6 years ago

A new series or a mini-series about an end to SGA are the only two options that would make me happy…everything else will be disappointing. I must say with so much time passing I have slowly been losing all interest in Stargate. I have rewatched SG1/SGA so many times that even they aren’t interesting anymore.

6 years ago

After the reboot fiasco it is really interesting try…