#WeWantStargate Trends On Twitter, Stargate Cast Joins The Campaign

Fans rallied on Friday for a new Stargate series, making waves on social media -- with a little help from the cast and crew of the three series.

Serpent Guard walks into a bar ... (Gatecon 2018)

The “Stargate Superdrive” fan campaign reached at least two of its goals on Friday night.

Under the direction of former Stargate writer and producer Joseph Mallozzi, the social media campaign drew Stargate fans from around the world to a concentrated Twitter storm using a single hashtag: #WeWantStargate.

The campaign aimed at getting the hashtag trending, and in so doing demonstrating to franchise owner MGM that there is still an active fan base hungry for a new show — and, in particular, ready to support a new entry in the established canon from creator Brad Wright.

The Superdrive succeeded on both accounts — getting the hashtag trending, and making noise to demonstrate that this fan base is alive and well.

According to campaign organizers (@StargateNow) the campaign hashtag trended to #1 worldwide during the hour (fighting it out with the K-pop boy band BTS). Thousands of fans participated — tweeting favorite memories from Stargate’s history, interacting with cast and crew members from the franchise’s 14-year production history, and calling on MGM to re-open the gate with a new production.

#WeWantStargate trends to #1 worldwide

#WeWantStargate trends to #1 in the U.S. (and also worldwide) on December 6.

The hashtag also hit #1 in Canada, France, and Australia, organizers said.


The entertainment industry trade publication Deadline.com picked up the story the same night. Within two hours of the campaign the site ran the banner headline “#WeWantStargate Trends In Worldwide Campaign To Bring Forth New ‘Stargate’ Series.”

“Fans felt the final TV series was prematurely ended with its story half-told,” author Bruce Haring wrote. “MGM has since dithered about bringing back the franchise to TV, although it did allow a prequel web series in 2018, Stargate: Origins, and several graphic novels that picked up new stories from the universe and attempted closure. That left fans with 17 seasons of programming, but still hungry for more.”

ComicBook.com also ran a story, noting that the campaign’s hashtag trended worldwide.

A second tweet storm is planned for Europe and other countries, with an hour of the day more friendly to those time zones. Stay tuned for further details and follow @StargateNow for a date announcement.


Finally, numerous former Stargate cast and crew members participated in the campaign — including Brad Wright himself!

Here are just a few of the highlights from the night:

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4 years ago

I participted in this event… Sort of cuz i only woke up at 7 am. But still it was great!

4 years ago

That tweet from Brad Wright can be the turning point. This is the first time he clarifies that he wants to do more.

Those few words from a few months ago sounded like “yeah, we are talking, but not doing anything”.

4 years ago

Fingers crossed! As someone remarked in the tweets, this has so many possibilities. Our originals would of course probably be retired at this point, but it would be good to see them counseling another team, and periodically participating to give continuity. Where was Christopher Judge in all of this???

4 years ago

Brasil diz: #WeWantStargate

Rui Rosenthal
Rui Rosenthal
4 years ago

Hey guys we need the 4th series!!!
ake it happen!!!Stargate 4 ever

4 years ago

I wish I could say I was apart of this amazing event…just found out about it too late. Interesting the next morning and I woke up to find out what happened. My exact words…not exactly PG rated.

So allow me to simply say this…

Bring back Stargate!

See you on the other side.

4 years ago

I hope this movement gains traction, I would love to at least have regular season length miniseries to wrap things up properly with all three franchises if they’re not going to continue with a regular series.