Send Us A Voicemail!

Teal'c on the phone ("The Curse")

The GateWorld Podcast invites you to record a brief voicemail message and send it in the show. We might include it in a future episode! We welcome any message (up to 1 minute) about this week’s discussion topic, or the breaking news on GateWorld, or anything else Stargate-related.

Please include:

  • your first name
  • where you are from (city and state or country)

We’re working on a way for you to make your recording right here through your Web browser. In the meantime, just record your message using your phone or computer and e-mail the audio file (MP3 or WAV format preferred) to: [email protected].

Thanks for participating in the show, and for listening to the GateWorld Podcast!


We’d love to have your voice help us to kick off an episode of the GateWorld Podcast! In this case we’ll ask you to follow the script below to record a short bumper. (You can tweak or embellish a little bit if you wish — just keep it brief.)

“This is [_your name_] from [_your city_], and you’re listening to the GateWorld Podcast — the show where two nerds talk about Stargate!”

Send in your recorded file to [email protected]. Thanks!

* Needless to say, by sending in an audio recording you consent to GateWorld using it on the podcast, everywhere and in all formats it is distributed.