Aschen defense drone

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Small, unassuming black domes attached to the walls of security-enforced rooms. Several moments are required for the drones to energize. Once they are charged they launch a concert of needle-pricking energy bolts against aggressors, leaving small burns on the body of individuals.

Disabling or killing a target does not take a considerable amount of time for this technology. However, the defense drones are easily susceptible to Goa'uld weaponry including zat'ni'katels and staff weapons.

It is unclear if the defense drone technology was made solely by the Aschen or in conjunction with Earth scientists. If the latter is the case, the defense drones winked out of history after the alternate 2010 timeline was eliminated by SG-1.


2010 - Aschen defense drones launch an automated assault on "terrorists" in the J.R. Reed Space Terminal, killing all four members of the old SG-1 team while they are attempting to send a message into the past.