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Lieutenant serving with the Atlantis expedition. He has served in a variety of posts, at one point as a reconnaissance team leader and later under Major Lorne's command.

Edison may have been a part of John Sheppard's strike force dispatched to M6R-867 to steal a Zero Point Module from Ladon Radim. Some years later he was on the mission with Sheppard and Lorne's teams to try and rescue Teyla from Michael, and managed to report back to Atlantis after the building imploded with the teams inside.

Note: "Edison" is only mentioned in "Coup D'etat." This entry presumes that the character who later appeared in "Search and Rescue" is indeed the same officer.


PLAYED BY - Jeremy Jones
FIRST APPEARED - Search and Rescue


Coup D'etat - Dr. Weir explains to Ronon and Teyla that the only member of Edison's team who does not possess the Ancient gene is Toriel.
Search and Rescue - Having been posted at the entrance Edison survives the collapse of Michael's facility, and reports back to Atlantis.