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Host to Anise, a Tok'ra archaeologist. Freya is attracted to Colonel Jack O'Neill, and once tried to seduce him -- explaining that the people of her world do not share the same inhibitions as the people of Earth.

Freya is more sympathetic and relatable than her stern, scientist symbiote. She enjoys the tactile sensation of writing in a physical journal -- rather unusual for the technologically advanced Tok'ra.

While Anise has made the discovery and research of the Atoniek civilization her life's work, Freya has worked to prove the existence of za'tarc technology -- a process by which the Goa'uld rapidly program victims to become unwitting assassins. She has developed a means by which she believes they can be detected using Tok'ra technology, though the Tok'ra High Council has not yet acknowledged that her research has any merit.


PLAYED BY - Vanessa Angel


Upgrades - Anise/Freya arrive on Earth to invite SG-1 to become subjects in an experiment, testing the effectiveness of Atoniek armband technology.
Crossroads - Freya and Anise welcome the Goa'uld spy Tanith into the Tok'ra ranks, with the intention of using him to disseminate false information to Apophis.
Divide and Conquer - Freya makes a pass at Colonel O'Neill after he saves her life, although her za'tarc screening methods have indicated him to be a Goa'uld sleeper assassin.