Garan (II)

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Member of Arkhan's people and resident of his planet. Though she knows him as Arkhan the First, Garan has been fiercely loyal to Harry Maybourne since the Tok'ra placed him on their planet.

After Maybourne confessed to being a prophet only by because he could interpret words on a slab of stone anyone with the proper training could read, Garan pressed the villagers that his prophecies were not only what made him a leader. He alone was responsible for the configuration of the community watermill, the introduction of several medicines, even the people's legal code, among other feats. Whatever he had been at the beginning, what he had done since truly made him their king.

Garan was an expert with the crossbow and used the weapon to help retake her planet from the Jaffa forces of the Goa'uld Ares, who once ruled there.


PLAYED BY - Nancy Sorel
FIRST APPEARED - It's Good To Be King


It's Good To Be King - Garan watches over the throne of King Arkhan the First, opposing anyone who attempts to remove him from power.