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Also known as "hazmat" (short for "hazardous materials"), the original S.G.C. hazard suit was mainly yellow with a clear face plate. Lightweight and durable, the suits are easily stored in an S.G. team's off-world gear, and are not difficult to work or run in.

Mark 2 Hazard suit

In recent years the early model suits have been replaced with Stargate mission-tailored suits. This new protective gear is red with a gold face shield, capable of protecting against various kinds of radiation, among other dangerous atmospheric issues. At the back of the head gear is a tube connecting down to an oxygen unit carried like a back pack. The new hazard suits are capable of carrying at least a day's supply of oxygen.


Singularity - After discovering the population of Hanka has been wiped out by a virulent plague, Stargate personnel wear hazard suits to return to the planet in safety.
Frozen - The Air Force and C.D.C. evacuates a U.S. research base in Antarctica with hazmat suits, since the discovery of the Ancient Ayiana has unleashed a deadly virus.
Revisions - SG-1 use hazard suits to safety journey into a soupy, toxic atmosphere on P3X-289, where they find the remnants of a civilization living in a bio-dome.
Hot Zone - Beckett and his medical team don mark 1 hazard suits to deal with an infection on Atlantis that has caused a lockdown of the city.