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The young son of Pharrin, and one of over a thousand passengers and crew members of the Talthun cryogenic sleeper ship Stromos. Keenin was born after his people knew his world was going to be destroyed, as a dark star would pass through the solar system and make his sun flare, engulfing his home world of Talthus.

Because his father was a crew member, Keenin's mother forced Pharrin to choose him. Keenin regretted not remaining with his mother, and was saddened with the knowledge that no one he knew was chosen in the planetary lottery that decided who would escape destruction.

After SG-1 arrived aboard the crashed ship on planet P2A-347, Pharrin decided to sacrifice his son's body and place Keenin's conscious mind in that of Daniel Jackson so that Keenin could survive. Distressed and confused, the boy awoke to an S.G.C. holding cell. As a fair exchange, Keenin and the other consciousnesses within Daniel's body were transferred into Pharrin before the S.G.C. would aid the crew of the Stromos in locating a new homeworld, or even their destination world of Ardena, if the planet possessed a gate.


PLAYED BY - Ryan Drescher


Lifeboat - Keenin finds himself within the body of Daniel Jackson inside an S.G.C. holding area, and not in orbit of Ardena.