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Officer aboard the Stromos and father to Keenin. Pharrin was able to take one family member aboard the sleeper ship to avoid destruction from his planet Talthus' sun. His wife made him chose their son. Pharrin promised Keenin he'd awake in orbit of Ardena, their new home.

Some time into the journey, however, the Stromos crashed on P2A-347, and Pharrin was revived to solve the problem. In the process, a significant number of cryogenic sleep chambers in his compartment lost power, and he was forced to transfer the consciousnesses of their occupants into his own mind to maintain their existence, as their bodies died.

For 12 years Pharrin worked to maintain the systems of the ship, traveling beyond the vessel to find little more than rock. It wasn't until SG-1 arrived that he gained an opportunity to save more individuals and route power to more of the major systems. He successfully transferred approximately a dozen consciousnesses, including that of his son, into the body of Daniel Jackson. It was not long before he was captured and brought to Stargate Command.

Striking a bargain with the S.G.C., Pharrin chose to transfer all of Daniel's new personalities into himself in exchange for their help in locating a new home world, perhaps even finding Ardena. Now with perhaps 30 souls residing within him, including his son, he was left in the care of the rest of the crew when they revived.


PLAYED BY - James Parks


Lifeboat - When SG-1 arrives on the crashed Stromos, Pharrin realizes he has a chance to restore more power to the ship by transferring several souls into the bodies of the team. He must ultimately sacrifice the life of his son.