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Scientist who worked with the rogue N.I.D., Keffler led a secret project at a Los Angeles facility to create a Goa'uld-human hybrid. The result was Anna, a girl who retained the genetic memories and dark personality of the Goa'uld Sekhmet. Believing he was working in the best interests of Earth, Keffler was cool under pressure, controlled, and unscrupulous.

The son of a convicted Nazi war criminal, Keffler spent more than three years perfecting a process by which he could extract DNA from the preserved Goa'uld symbiote Sekhmet, found in a stasis jar. After 45 failed attempts, he finally succeeded in creating Anna. Keffler used Argos's nanite technology from Area 51 to accelerate her into an adult in less than one year, in the hopes of extracting the information about the Goa'uld stored within the genetic memory she has inherited.

Keffler's previous attempts either did not blend properly or grew too fast and died. His technology had to be modified so that Anna could slowly gain access to the genetic knowledge buried deep within her DNA. He built a torture device in the appearance of an electronic car door opener, one that was capable of torturing Anna until the Sekhmet personality surfaced. Another button released a capsule of biotoxin implanted at the base of her brain, preventing any undue suffering when it was finally time for her to perish.

His operation went awry when Sekhmet surfaced and successfully escaped, killing 32 personnel. The operation was exposed, and N.I.D. Agent Malcolm Barrett and his team arrived, later summoning the aid of SG-1 to investigate the operation and interrogate Keffler. When Anna again escaped her cell Keffler managed to escape his. While attempting to escape the facility he encountered Anna, armed with a gun. Keffler was unsuccessful in talking her out of taking her revenge on him; Anna told him that the darkness within her paled to that she saw in him. Keffler was shot multiple times in the chest, and died before Anna used the remote device to kill herself.


PLAYED BY - Brad Greenquist
FIRST APPEARED - Resurrection


Resurrection - Agent Barrett, Major Carter, and Dr. Jackson confront Keffler with evidence that he has created a Goa'uld-human hybrid in the form of a young woman named Anna.