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Daughter of the Lord Protector, sister to Tavius, member of the royal house within the tower. Mara was fully aware of the fading Ancient gene in her family's bloodline, and made her physical body available to John Sheppard in the hopes that he may wed her and take her father's place, restoring the strength of the gene and ensuring the position of Lord Protector to her family.

Prior to his arrival, the chamberlain, Otho, and Tavius had conspired to poison and kill Tavius and Mara's father. When Tavius ascended to the throne, he would ensure Otho would be granted the right to wed Mara.

Mara pleaded with Colonel Sheppard to depart the tower, but Otho had already taken the Ancient gene therapy Sheppard had recently provided. Now Otho would wed Mara and take the throne chair for himself. In a duel with Sheppard, the Colonel snatched Otho's knife and cut him with it. The knife, also laced with poison, killed Otho moments later, leaving Mara to wed who she wished.

With the tower drained of any power from the Zero Point Module, power was taken from the hands of the royal family and returned to Eldred's people below.


PLAYED BY - Chelan Simmons


The Tower - Mara, realizing the scarcity of the Ancient gene in her family line, approaches Colonel Sheppard with the hopes that he will wed her and restore the full strength of the gene to the royals.