N.I.D. headquarters

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Facility located in Washington D.C., serving as the central command for the N.I.D., a civilian oversight agency that makes up a part of the U.S. intelligence community.

Near the base of the facility is an outdoor café called the Old Bailiff.


Within the Serpent's Grasp - Hammond tells O'Neill he traveled to Senator Kinsey's office at N.I.D. Headquarters twice, pleading to him to rethink his decision to restore the Stargate program. The second time he was forcibly removed.
Foothold - Carter asks Maybourne to meet her at an outdoor café, the Old Bailiff, just outside N.I.D. Headquarters.
Desperate Measures - O'Neill goes to N.I.D. Headquarters in hopes of getting information from Colonel Simmons, who is more than resistant.
Nightwalkers - The Goa'uld that have commandeered the citizens of Steveston, Oregon, plan to take several symbiotes to N.I.D. Headquarters to soon overrun the organization.
Smoke and Mirrors - Carter seeks out Agent Barrett at N.I.D. Headquarters to gain intelligence regarding O'Neill's apparent assassination of Senator Kinsey.