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Husband of Evalla, Pallan maintained the underground systems that supported both The Link and the Bio-dome on P3X-289. He maintained 400 years of dome system deviations. Like the rest of the town's citizens, Pallan was unaware that the Link regularly updated his memories each and every time there was a variance, making it impossible for him to recognize that the dome was slowly collapsing due to a failing power supply.

After the computer system ordered Evalla to leave the dome and be killed by the toxic environment outside in order to control the shrinking dome's population, the Link updated Pallan's memories so that he forgot all about his wife.

Pallan was shocked to find that, when Samantha Carter disconnected him from the Link, he was still alive -- contrary to what the computer told him would happen. He then worked diligently with her to fix the Link so that the rest of the townspeople would be able to recognize the truth as well. Upon learning that the dome was failing, Pallan and the rest of his people agreed to be relocated to another world. He also asked Carter to tell him about the wife he had lost, whom he could not remember.


PLAYED BY - Christopher Heyerdahl


Revisions - Freed from the Link, Palan helps to free the rest of his people and escape their shrinking bio-dome for relocation on another planet.