R75 insects

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Fast-reproducing insects unleashed in the Milky Way Galaxy by Ori Priors, responsible for the devastation of numerous off-world crops. While herbivorous their life cycles can increase when they are deprived of food. When feeding on plants they die in a matter of hours. (It is likely the reverse for the meat-eating variety.) When they are starved they have been known to live for three days.

R75 are asexual, and operate in groups capable of quickly swarming a target. While they can function during the day they prefer the darkness of subterranean spaces, consuming crops at the roots. They see via echolocation, detecting their enemies and hunting their prey. When exposed to the taste of meat their reproductive cycle spirals out of control at an exponential rate. Soon hoards emerge, and their craving for food is insatiable.


The creatures can lay eggs in the bodies of living victims. When the creatures emerge they use the internal organs as a food source until the host is dead. Once born they make for shelter under ground, where they are highly aware of sound and vibration.

R75 was to be the solution to the destruction of the addictive kassa plant grown by the Lucian Alliance, but it is clear that they would not have a sufficient interest -- and would likely eat everyone in the process.


The Scourge - Dr. Myers' top-priority experiments on R75 are thrown into chaos when he feeds them a sample of meatloaf, turning the creatures into carnivores.